3 Step Guide To Profit From PLR Digital Products


Do you want to learn how you can profit from PLR digital products in only 3 steps?

I bet you do!

But first, if you don't know what PLR products are, read this post.

After all, we will profit from them, so knowing where to get them and what you can and can't do with them will be crucial.

And while I previously, in this post, talked about how I turn PLR digital products into cash online. This is yet another way that's also passive and works tremendously well.

All you have to do is follow along with this guide taking action in each step and to start profiting.

So without wasting any time.

Let's get started!


Profit From PLR Digital Products In 3 Easy Steps.

To start with, let's see the steps you'll be taking to profit from PLR and the summary of the method so you don't waste your time reading what isn't for you.


  1. PLR product customization.
  2. File hosting (Takes out 3 steps at once).
  3. Sending targeted traffic.


Method Summary.

We shall profit from PLR digital products by simply customizing them and then selling them on an e-commerce site like PayHip, using YouTube’s free traffic.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this method, it works. And furthermore, it's perfect for beginners, with little to no money at all, to get started with.

I will also be explaining why we are doing certain things, whenever necessary, to help you understand the method and be able to adapt it into your own.



What Will You Need For This Method To Work?

  1. Internet.
  2. PLR membership.
  3. PayHip account.
  4. YouTube channel.
  5. PayPal account.

You will need a reliable Internet connection to download these PLR products. It's thus crucial to note it here because some premium PLRs can be quite huge requiring a lot of data to download and upload.

These premium PLR products will also need to be downloaded from somewhere. That's why having the right PLR membership is crucial for this method to work.

PayHip will be our file hosting and selling platform. The good thing about PayHip is that it takes away complex steps from this method (How? Will be explained later.)

YouTube channel will be our source of buyer traffic for our products. Without which, like most methods online, nothing works.

You'll also need a PayPal account to receive instant payments from product buyers. If you don't have one, create one fast here.

Now that you know what will be required with this method. Let's see some of the requirements in detail, understanding their “Why” and how to get them set up.


Best PLR Sites To Get Premium Products To Resell.

Like with most things in life, some things aren’t created equal. And with Premium PLR membership sites, it couldn’t be any truer.

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And while you could sign up to any random premium PLR membership site out there, to save you the headache of trial and error, I recommend that you join the following PLR sites.

  1. PLR Assassin.
  2. Resell-Rights-Weekly.
  3. PLR Database.
  4. IDPLR.

And like with all premium PLR memberships, upgrading gets you the best, latest, and exclusive products.

If cash is a concern or just want the best while still saving, Upgrade on PLR Database. You can also read their review here to learn more about them.


But Why Do You Need a Premium PLR Membership?

You see, while you could go about buying single PLR products, having a Premium PLR membership is cheaper.

You get hundreds of premium PLR products monthly, sourced from top quality sellers and in-house writers, for the price of a Pizza. 🙂

And that's not all, these PLRs are usually for different niches, meaning more money for you.

Lastly, even if not to sell. These Premium quality PLR products make excellent bonuses for optins and complimentary for other services and products you're already selling.


PLR Product Customization And Is It Necessary?

The one drawback PLRs have is that they aren't unique.

This to mean you aren't the only one having them. Other savvy marketers have them too.

And therefore customizing your PLRs to make them seem, look, and feel different and unique to prospective buyers, is crucial.

After all, using the same identical looking “stock” sales page and graphics with another marketer. Is a surefire way of getting yourself in a price competition, race to the bottom, diminishing your profits.

And you wouldn't want that, would you?

But how can you customize these PLR products and make them unique?

One of two ways, you either outsource this tedious task to professional freelancers on sites like Fiverr.com or do it yourself using Canva.com.

What you want to change: The graphics, sales letter (headlines, sub-headlines, copy, etc), and the product itself (If the source file is available).

Here's a video walking you through how to use Canva to create an eBook cover.

For the graphics, more so the cover, you want it in 3D. Once you've created a new cover using Canva, turn the 2D cover into a 3D one using a free online tool like DIY book Covers.

The changes don't have to be huge, just minor ones to pass off as unique.

But even so, customization, though, highly recommended isn't a must. Personally, I've sold many PLRs without having to customize them first. But wherever I care, I do.


How To Make Money Selling PLR On PayHip.

Now that you've got the PLR product you want to sell, customized or not. It's time to list it up for sale on PayHip.

Bear in mind, you could also sell your PLR on PayHip alternatives like Gumroad, SendOwl, and Sellfy. Or even on marketplaces like Fiverr, SEOClerk, TradeBit, and Bitify.

The method will still work.

But I prefer PayHip simply for a number of reasons, chief among them, ease of usage.

With PayHip you no longer need to buy a domain name or hosting, for your PLR product.

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Or deal with confusing technicalities like uploading and setting up your PLR's sales files on your hosting.

Or even connecting and verifying that PayPal buy buttons and autoresponder codes are working properly.

With PayHip, hosting, selling, and autoresponder integration is done seamlessly. So that all you have to do is focus all your efforts in marketing your product and profiting instantly.

And while on the subject of profiting instantly, when a buyer purchases one of your products, there's no waiting around for payday like with some marketplaces. Payments are done instantly, making this method perfect for anyone hard up for cash.

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How To List Your PLR And Sell On PayHip?

Now that you’ve got your seller's account registered with PayHip in the previous step, let's list our product.

Listing your PLR digital product for sale on PayHip is rather easy and straightforward.

Here's what you'll need for this step:

  1. The PLR product you want to sell.
  2. Its cover and description (sales page copy).
  3. An Autoresponder (I highly recommend this one).

So go to PayHip.com here and sign up if you haven't done so already.


Once you've done that and chosen your store’s brand name. You'll be taken directly to your dashboard.


Click on Add your first product option under Store essentials section.


A pop-up will then appear with a few details, click on Add a product button to proceed to the product type selection page.

profit from plr adding product on payhip

From the product type selection page, click on the Add Digital Product button option.

product type selection

You'll be taken to the product setup page from where you'll upload your digital product and cover, set its title, pricing, and description, and then lastly connect your mailing list.

Note: On the description bit, you can copy-n-paste the product's sales page copy, or write your own. The cover is the 3D one you downloaded from the previous step. And the pricing set it at $2.99 to sell fast or feel free to experiment.


The last step will be to connect your autoresponder. This will be crucial for building your own buyers list, to market to, later on with relevant helpful offers for more backend profits.

If you don't have an autoresponder yet, get a 30 Days free trial with this one.

To integrate it, so that when buyers purchase, they are automatically added to your buyers' list, click on Advanced Options setting. Just below the Description box.

advanced options setting

More options will appear, from where you'll check Automatically subscribe customers to mailing list checkbox option.

profit from plr product more advanced options

You'll be asked to visit your Marketing Page to set this up.

Click on the link and you'll be taken to your Marketing Page, from where you'll click on Mailing Lists tab.

payhip marketing page

Once there, click on + Setup Mailing Lists button. A pop-up will then appear with different Email Service Providers. Choose GetResponse, the one you got 30 Days trial with above, and then input its API key then Save Details.


To get your GetResponse API key, log in to your GetResponse account then navigate to Menu > Integrations & API > API.

GetResponse API

From there, click on Generate API button, name your API and then simply Generate it.

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generating GetResponse API


Copy the API key and paste it back on PayHip.

Go back to your Product Setup Page and now after checking the Automatically subscribe customers to mailing list option. You'll be able to choose your preferred list to subscribe your buyers to.

PayHip Subscribe Customers to Mailing List

If you don't have any list yet created, go back to GetResponse and create it. It'll then appear on PayHip to choose.

Add Product Button

After you're done with the PLR product setup, click on Add Product button to make it live on your store. A special link to your PLR product's landing page will then be created. It's what you'll use to promote your product with.

To get the link, you can go to your dashboard and click on Share product button associated with it.

PayHip Product Look On Dashboard

This will open a pop-up with your unique product page link. Save it somewhere accessible for use on your videos description box.

PayHip Product Page Link

You can also preview your product by visiting the product page URL.

Note: Make sure your product page looks right with everything intended before starting your promotion.


Marketing Your PLR Products Using YouTube.

Video is a powerful marketing tool, which makes using YouTube to reach our potential audience a no-brainer.

In this step what you'll want to do is start up a new niche channel if you don't have one.

The next step will be to upload videos that will help market your PLR product as a recommendation.

These videos could be pain videos in which your product solves. Or tips/ideas videos in which your product complements or quickens the desired outcome.

Not to mention the good ol' review videos. To get this one, find one that comes with the PLR's sales page or make one fast using a screen capture software like Screencast-o-Matic or an animation software like Explaindio.

Explaindio video creator software is perfect for making any niche high-converting videos, in four in-demand video styles. You can read its review here.

With every video, you'll leave a link in the description box pointing back to the PLR product. This is the PayHip link you got after you published your product.

As you keep doing this, uploading more videos and optimizing them. You'll start to rank on YouTube and get traffic flowing to your product/s sales page/s. And with this traffic, instant daily sales.

Always remember this is a numbers game, don't just upload one video, stop there, and expect to profit from plr. You'll need to build up your channel with lots of niche-relevant valuable content. Not only to promote your current PLR product but also others you find later on.

Below I've got a couple videos to help you get this step dialed in properly.

Start a YouTube channel by Ferdy Korpershoek.

YouTube Optimization by Miles Beckler.


Wrapping Up!

In wrapping up, this method works, and it's simple to get started with.

Perfect for everyone with the need to make some extra daily cash passively, with no need for huge startup capital.

Just the other day, I tested it to make sure it still works. I wasn't even trying, with one video, and still made a sale.


Note: I didn't customize the product and even used its sales page video. 🙂 Got a few views and one sale, priced to work at $2. Niche: Self-Improvement.

payhip payment proof

You can also dabble with this method here, showing you how you can start making money on Fiverr without needing any special skills.

I hope you found value in this post. If so, feel free to comment below with any questions or insights.

That's it from me today on how to profit from PLR digital products in only 3 simple steps.

Stay Blessed!

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