Ai Puzzles Review – Endless Royalties With ChatGPT4 [GET IT FOR FREE?]


What Is Ai Puzzles?

This is a cloud-based platform that generates unique and endless puzzles, riddles, and scrambles books for its users using the power of ChatGPT.

Users can then go ahead and monetize these books for endless passive income, on marketplaces such as Amazon’s Kindle Store, Etsy, etc.

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The Opportunity With Ai Puzzles.

With the use of ChatGPT the wonderful world of automation has been opened up wide for the taking by anyone who wants to maximize their profits while reducing the tasking hours.

The world of puzzles, riddles, and scrambles has been one profitable market that is majorly undersaturated due to the competency it takes for one to create them for others.

This means royalties had been left for those who had huge working capital to hire experts, and for a while, it was so. 

But thanks to ChatGPT this world and market has been brought to everyone willing to take their own share of the pie.

Even so, training a ChatGPT model to do this without the know-how, is hard work plus somewhat costly.

And this is why Ai Puzzles, came about.

Its creator Akshat Gupta went forth and did the hard work of training the GPT model and fine-tuning it, so that anyone with the desire to profit from puzzles, riddles, and scramble books over on Amazon KDP, would have an easier time with it.

This is not all, he also went further and generated 100s of done for you, puzzles, riddles, and scrambles, and included full PLR rights to them, so that you can do with them as you wish; change them, sell them, give them away 😂 for free, etc.

For a small fee of course ($17.70). 🙂. A thanks of sorts for the huge save if you ask me.

Because, if you want to profit in this world and market of puzzles, riddles, scrambles, teasers, etc, and decided to hire someone for it, it would cost you a pretty penny.


At first, the numbers would seem small. But when you realize this is a numbers game. The more of these puzzles you generate the more you earn. It means you don’t need a way to generate 100s of these riddles, scrambles, etc you need Unlimited of them.

And hiring someone to generate a few at $10 or even $5, getting unlimited of these puzzles, the cost will add up fast.

And more so when you realize, with Ai Puzzles, you can generate an unlimited number of these, and at a one-time fee of $17.70. It’s not even subscription-based. 

Heck! You could even list a service on Fiverr and be the one to create these puzzles, riddles, and scrambles for others using the power of ChatGPT and cash in those dollars $$$$.

The software will basically be yours to do with as you damn well please.

And before I forget, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, to ensure it actually lives up to the hype risk-free for you.

Key Features And Functionality.

The following are the key features and functionality of Ai Puzzles, that makes it worth considering for this opportunity.

  1. AI Powered.

It is ChatGPT4 powered. ChatGPT4 is the best GPT model advanced over the other versions.

This means you’ll be over to generate puzzles from just keywords. So keyword to puzzle book creation.

  1. Done For You.

Ai Puzzles comes with done-for-you materials; templates and layouts, for easier unique puzzle, scramble, and riddle book creations.

You’ll also get hundreds of these niche-based puzzles, riddles, and scrambles done for you, complete with PLR rights, to do with or sell as you want anywhere.

  1. Unlimited.

With Ai Puzzles, you will be able to create an unlimited number of puzzles, scramble, mazes, and riddles, without any limitations, without any special skills, and in mere minutes.

You will also be free to download all your creations as many times as you want. No download limits.

  1. Commercial License.

Your copy of Ai Puzzles, will also come included with a commercial license so that you can sell all these creations as a service to others on marketplaces like Fiverr, Etsy, or even on Shopify.

  1. Integrated Cover Creator.

A cool this with Ai Puzzles is that it also comes with an inbuilt cover creator for your puzzle, riddle, scramble, and maze creations.

This means you need not opt for expensive third-party graphic tools to do this, but from within the platform, you can create all this from start to finished product ready to sell.

Ai Puzzles In Action.


Up to this point, you already know a thing or two about what Ai Puzzles is all about.

There’s more to this software than meets the eye. And a lot more of what you can do with it to profit beyond what even the creator of it envisioned.

The good thing is that the software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and also a guarantee of $200 refund if it doesn’t work after you’ve given it your all truthfully.

Even so, I believe there are so many profitable opportunities in the world of Puzzles, Riddles, Scrambles, and Mazes that one can explore.

And whether you decide to hire expensive designers or let ChatGPT4 powered Ai Puzzles do it for you, as long as you are taking action, the royalties will be yours.

That’s it for this Ai Puzzles review, I hope you found it helpful.

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