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Welcome to my AutoTube review; the latest product of Rudy Rudra; an affiliate marketer and an up-and-coming vendor on WarriorPlus.

And in this AutoTube review, we shall see what it is all about, the problem it's promising to solve for you today if you can do without it, my concerns, and who should buy it.

Now there's no point to repeat what you'll be reading on the product's sales page otherwise it won't be really a review.

My aim is to help you see if it's something you might want or need, to help you make money online.

And so with no further delay let's get started.

AutoTube Review, By Rudy Rudra: What Is It?

AutoTube is a cloud-based automated traffic app that promises to get you lots of FREE traffic from trending videos on YouTube.

It does this by bulk commenting on these trending YouTube videos on your behalf.

So that when people check the comments section, they can see your soft pitch.

And since the traffic is targeted, you can send it to whatever offer, product, and service you want to sell, and actually make money.

So what does this mean for you?

What AutoTube Is Solving For You?

Now, this is a no-brainer; no traffic, no money. Targeted traffic = money.

So as long as you can get targeted traffic to any offer, product, and service, you will make money, period.

It's really that simple, but that's where the problem interestingly is.

With all the billions of people surfing the internet daily, getting traffic is a pain for most internet marketers just starting out.

I mean, if you want to start blogging you'll have to wait a few months before you can start seeing consistent free organic traffic coming to your blog.

Do you have a few months to waste, sorry I mean wait?

If you want to start a YouTube channel you'll still have to upload at least 33 high-quality, really interesting videos minimum, before your channel can start getting traction.

This is doable and within a month you can have this ready.

But do you have immediate bills waiting on you that can't wait for a month?

This is the challenge AutoTube is trying to solve for you today if you can cooperate (buy it).

You can start getting this trouble-to-get free traffic flowing to your offers, products, and services in just minutes from now and start making money sooner than most of those trying to save a buck.

If you can start realizing similar results to these below, would buying AutoTube today make sense to you?

AutoTube By Rudy Rudra Review Income Proof 1

How about this.

AutoTube By Rudy Rudra Review Income Proof 2

Yes! Right?


How Does AutoTube Work?

Below is a video of what you can expect working with AutoTube.


Can You Do Without AutoTube?


Remember, it's not a do-or-die situation with AutoTube.

What AutoTube is simply doing is making it easy for beginners who don't have weeks, months, and years to waste, I mean wait for free traffic from slow systems to kick in, get that traffic today.

I started this blog about 2+ years back, almost 3. Patience eh!

Do you have the same patience?

If I tell you the story, AutoTube will start getting pretty appealing by the second, if it hasn't already.

But don't let this discourage you. There's Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram's traffic to keep you afloat before everything kicks in.

The point is, it's very doable.

But not as faster as AutoTube can.

Even so, before you rush off to buy, it might be best to first hear out a few of my concerns with it.

This will help you buy the free YouTube traffic app with your eyes wide open.

AutoTube Review: My Concerns.

Look there are pros and cons to everything.

Even cloud-based softwares like AutoTube, no matter how appealing and life-saving they are, have them.

Now I'm not here to bash Rudy Rudra's amazing Traffic app but you need to understand this.

It's amazing software, Yes. It can help you get the traffic you want fast and make you money fast, Yes. But for how long?

This is by no means telling you not to buy it. Because if it means making you a lot of money fast, enough to take care of your bills and also invest in other online opportunities then it's well worth it.

What I'm saying is to take advantage of it fast. If you like procrastinating, this might not be for you.

You just want to make sure before YouTube realizes what's happening and decides to block the app (I'm not saying it will, but you never know with Third-Party websites), you've already got your links out there safely bringing you traffic.

AutoTube deals with YouTube. And I'm sure they've followed all the rules laid out by YouTube to keep the app safe and working for you for a long time.

Even then, YouTube is a third-party website. So act fast, get your copy now, get your traffic rolling in, make money now not tomorrow. Don't buy and go to sleep.

The good thing is that in case of anything, you're covered with their iron-clad 30-day moneyback guarantee.

But what's the point of getting your money back if others who didn't wait, and took action now, are earning?

Will you keep on looking for another traffic app because you let this one slide?

Do you even know when the next one will come around?

Can you even guarantee yourself, you'll jump on it early on than you have this time?

Money loves speed, not patience. So don't be afraid to take risk-free (comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee), risks.

Even so…

Who Should Buy AutoTube?

If you know you're struggling to get free traffic online that actually converts into sales, then you should consider getting AutoTube.

Because if you've been struggling, you'll keep on struggling still until you do something about it.

And the few bucks you can save today, won't be worth the headache lack of traffic and sales will keep on bringing you.

It might be time to stop seeing those ugly zeros on your online business' dashboard.

But if you've got the patience of a few months to start something from the bottom, and hopefully make it work, then you can pass on AutoTube.

If you've got the patience, making money fast might not be an immediate concern for you.

It's your choice in the end. But I recommend AutoTube if you belong to the group I've talked about.

And ooh! Before I forget, I've also included for you amazing premium free traffic bonuses with your copy of AutoTube.

So you'll have more than one way to drive all the free traffic you can ever want.

These premium bonuses, actually cost money, but I've included them for you for absolutely free.

I hope this AutoTube by Rudy Rudra review helped up make up your mind. And until next time, happy earning!