The Best Antidote For Not Making Money Online

The Best Antidote For Not Making Money Online

If you're looking to start making money online. You'll either find yourself Googling for ways or buying what's already researched to save yourself the research headache.

It can get super overwhelming pretty quickly if you decide to research for yourself just to save a few bucks.

I will tell you right now it's not worth it.

Better to spend a few bucks but in return, get a working blueprint to follow and without hesitation, take action and start earning.

Someone out there already did the research, implemented what they learned, tried, failed, tweaked until they got results from it.

Then refined it into a simple blueprint to follow, and you want to do the same all because of a few bucks?

What's the guarantee you'll even get past the trying, and failing part to tweaking?

I'll tell you right now, I started this blog from a course. Methods I've implemented and worked successfully for me, I got the information condensed from a course.

But wait…

I've tried before to do it my own way through research and I can tell you it's a headache and very confusing due to conflicting information.

And even the working methods you'll find for free will be even harder to implement because you got them for free. I mean, how valuable really could they be, Right?

It's not because they don't work or to some degree incomplete, but it's because of the mentality of the reader.

People tend to value more information they buy than that which is given for free.

I myself started blogging about working methods on this blog to help people find working methods to do.

But I will tell you right now, people just don't want to do them.

I myself; when I was starting, after I dropped a few other things I was doing due to third-party frustrations. I found that I couldn't fully throw my weight behind free information.

So I wondered how then I was expecting others to.

Someone who is serious about taking action fully and sticking with the process is more likely the one who paid for the information.

With free information, one tends to jump from method to method to method. I mean it's free, why not test all of them and find out which one you like best, right?

But that's where the problem of shiny-object-syndrome starts developing.

And before long you've got so many unfinished money-making methods that you start thinking it's all a very big lie.

And what happens is that after a while you start buying courses to find out the information you want.

Good move!


Because you had already polluted your mindset, skipping from one free money-making method to the next, you start doing it again with information you've actually paid for.

And the money you're spending on these blueprints you're not taking action on starts being a waste.

At this point, your mindset becomes so corrupted that you can't tell what it is you should do. You won't even be able to decide.

You might even get laughed at by people you told about your online dreams. They will even taunt you to get a “real” job so that you can be “Just Over Broke” like them.

I mean, it's working for them right, it should be what's right for you in their understanding.

They won't be able to see your genius in the whole matter.

And this genius mind of yours will keep whispering “It's Possible To Make This Work.” “You Can Do It“.

And yes you can but HOW, becomes the problem. You've tried it all. And at this point, you know it all, you'll tell yourself?

But I will tell you right now if you're in this position. Be careful not to give in to people who don't get your dream.

All you have to do is quiet your mind down.

First, forget everything you've learned, where you've failed, what didn't work, and reboot. Heck! do Yoga if you have to.

And when you're all okay, promise yourself this.

I will stick to one method, and overcome all hurdles that will arise with and in it until success, no matter what.

You might even try some mantra to keep you feeling all nice, motivated, and ready to commit to the method you'll choose to do.

I Am A Winner” “I Am A Success“, whatever you come up with. As long as it helps you feel like a champion or a warrior already.

Now earlier I used to say go back to what you've already bought and see what you can make work.

But after realizing it will be among the things you forgot or by now outdated. Going back to such a method might trigger your past behavior with it.

And that which made you quit it in the first place might make you quit it all over again.

So, that's why I will start a post-round-up of Warrior Plus courses, methods, and softwares that are fresh, just launched, new, or improved that can actually help you.

So it's easy for you to select what you know you can do. Not start with. Do.

I will have this series in a new section within the blog, with easy navigation, placed conveniently on the menu above.

This will help you find courses that will answer what you did wrong in the past and fix it this time.

And on the off chance, you made something work a little in your past trials and feel draw to 10X your efforts on it. By all means, do it. But remember it has to be the only thing you'll commit to.

This means you'll need to stick to it and only it until you've succeeded in it. Then 10X it.

And this also goes for the course method you'll decide to pick in my round-ups. In fact, you can start with my #1 recommended way to make money online even as a beginner.

I don't want you to keep buying course-method after another. I want you to buy one and stick to it until you're the success you've always wanted.

Look, you won't be doing this because you can't multi-task.


But because your mindset has been affected and this will be the antidote. Stick-to-itiveness.

All the products, and method-courses I will be rounding up on every given post issue will have their accompanying review to help you learn more about it.

And if you feel you've been corrupted so much in your mind with shiny object syndrome and need my help to overcome, refresh, and reconfigure your mind for success. Reach me at

I will try and help you start crawling, walking, running, flying, and even teleporting if it's possible. 🙂

Your online success matters to me. And I believe in you. You have all it takes to make it. And if you don't, I will help you see it.

That's it from me today. And until next time my friend.

Stay Blessed!