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Welcome to my Crytomate review; a product of Dan Green; an Elite affiliate and superstar vendor on WarriorPlus.

Cryptomate is his latest software out of many other successful ones he's launched in the past such as Gamerpay and Instant Guru.

In this Cryptomate review, we shall see what it is, what problem the software is solving for you, how the software works, its features, who should buy it, and the bonuses I've included for you with your copy if you take action today.

My aim is to help you make an informed decision by sharing my thoughts on the software, not explaining what the sales page promises.

And if this is okay with you, let's get started.

Cryptomate Review: What Is It?

Cryptomate is a web-based software that helps you earn recurring affiliate commissions from crypto exchanges, by automatically creating a done-for-you, self-updating, cryptocurrency news, and tips website for you to promote and earn.

Cryptocurrencies have been booming of late, minting money for those already in, and making those who missed out feel like they just got kicked in the teeth.

Cryptomate By Dan Green Review | Get Paid In Bitcoin 1

And if you somehow are among those who missed out, but now want to get your own fair share of the market, Cryptomate could be your way in.

But only if you yield.

So will you?

Anyway, what problem other than you missing out is Cryptomate promising to solve for you?

Let's see.

What Cryptomate Is Solving For You Today?

Look, when you've missed your chance to ride a wave and badly looking for a way in, you don't just do it the usual way alone, No! You have people, as many as you can get, help you do it.

But how, you might ask?

By helping enough people get in the game. You get what you want, when you help enough others get what they want first.

Remember this rule. It's the key to success in business and generating wealth.

And in terms of an online business, you refer others looking to start buying, selling, and trading these cryptocurrencies, find reputable sources to do this from.

As, an affiliate.

So that when they go register and start trading their cryptocurrencies you keep earning every time.

Cryptomate By Dan Green Review | Get Paid In Bitcoin 2

This is what's called RevShare and this is what will help you earn a sizable income dealing with cryptocurrencies but without the headache or risk associated with cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

And how you do this, is what Cryptomate is here to help you with.

Because you don't just ask people to join, you share enough helpful material with them, to help them know more about it, to actually want to join.

But creating all this useful material; information, tips, news, etc, is not as easy, and more so when you know little to nothing about cryptocurrencies.

Cryptomate solves all this for you by creating a site full of helpful content that would otherwise take you months, in just minutes.

Best of all, it will keep updating all the information with new ones, regularly, keeping your site fresh but without the headache or hassle of doing this yourself.

To recap you need a way to get users to register in these crypto exchange sites so that you can make money. But to do this, you'll need to offer helpful advice, news, and cryptocurrency tips upfront.

Now, creating this helpful information isn't easy and if you don't know a lot about the subject it will be difficult.

Lastly creating your own site from scratch isn't easy, it comes with its own learning curve.

But cryptomate is doing all of these for you with literally one CLICK. Creates you a site with all the helpful content to go, and updates that content on your behalf.

So if you want to start earning bitcoins in commissions, while still safe from any market price fluctuations, Cryptomate can help.

Cryptomate By Dan Green Review | Get Paid In Bitcoin 3

Now, I know this is all good to hear.

But seeing is believing, right?

How Does Cryptomate Work?

Below is a video demo of how Cryptomate works and what you can expect to get with the Software.

Amazing, right?

Let's see in brief, some of the features it comes with.

Cryptomate Review: Features.

Below are some of the Cryptomate features.

And I will try to show you how advantageous they are by showing you what it means to be without them.

1. 100% Fully Hosted.

Before you start your own website, you'll first have to look for a place to house it, and in this case, it's usually hosting.

Fast reliable cloud hosting doesn't come cheap. You'd look to spend about $100/month just to have a decent one with all the bells and whistles. Or $100/year for the regular shared hosting.

With Cryptomate your site is fully hosted for you at no extra cost.

2. 100% Newbie Friendly.

Starting your own site isn't as easy as it sounds, there's a reason why people pay others to create one for them.

It's time-consuming, full of headaches, and comes with a big learning curve to set one up properly.

But Cryptomate creates you, your own money-making crypto affiliate site, completely filled with information, with one CLICK! (Did you check out the demo above?)

Does it get any easier/beginner-friendly than that?

3. 100% Done-For-You, Original Content.

I told you writing about a topic you don't or know little about can be a serious challenge. Paying others to do it for you, isn't cheap either.

Cryptomate does all this for you, every single day, automatically. Gets the information needed, and posts it for you on your site.

The software does all the hard work for you; writes and posts for you, gets you the traffic, and your work is to just collect the money.

Does this sound like a worthy investment or what?

4. Fully Integrated Unlimited Autoresponder.

The money is in the list is a phrase all too well known in the affiliate marketing space, and for a good reason, it works.

But paying for a good autoresponder tool can be quite expensive, and more so when your list grows big.

Cryptomate gives you all the bells and whistles that top autoresponder services offer, unlimitedly, for you to use, for free.

5. Freedom To Use Your Own Domain.

If you've tried to create your own website using free website creators, adding your own domain is always a premium feature.

What's more, some of these affiliate site builders won't even give you the option. You'll be stuck using a subdomain of their own domain. Building authority for them.

Cryptomate isn't like that. You have the freedom to use your own professional domain name to go well and uniquely with your new website.

6. 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

Buying a software isn't the same as buying a car. They both break down, but with one, you can be guaranteed your money back if it happens soon after. 30-days soon.

So this makes buying Cryptomate at its full price of $17, totally risk-free for you.

Given some of the above features that Cryptomate makes available to you, and with the full knowledge, this isn't an exhaustive list. Is its asking price of $17 together with its 30-day moneyback guarantee policy, compel you to give it a try today?

I should hope so because money loves speed. Speed not safety; and it's still included.

Conclusion: Who Should Buy Cryptomate?

At this point, you might have already made up your mind whether to buy Cryptomate or not.

So I won't keep you long.

Just to recap, if you've missed the opportunity to ride the cryptocurrency wave, and now want a way to still profit from this boom, but safely, it doesn't get any safer and easier than with Cryptomate.

Better yet, you can try the software risk-free for 30-days and see how well you like it.

Remember, you mostly regret what you didn't do. And leaving money on the table is as much a bigger regret as any.

And to ensure you actually succeed with Cryptomate, since you're dealing with a site, you'll need more traffic to it than what Google will send you.

And as such, I've also included for you some amazing premium traffic bonuses featuring traffic apps and courses that will help you automate and get more free traffic to your site.

More traffic = More money.

Note: You'll get my bonuses included for you immediately with your copy of Cryptomate.

I hope this Cryptomate review helped you make up your mind about it. And until next time, happy earning!