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DeepLink Review

Hi and welcome to my DeepLink review; a product by Branson Tay that promises to make you money online by promoting your products in front of 300 million hungry buyers.

Branson Tay is a successful YouTuber and a competent affiliate marketer in the online space; with thousands of followers and DeepLink is his latest product.

With his online clout, DeepLink better be awesome and it's what we'll be looking into in this review, to see if it is.

We shall see exactly what it is, what opportunities it's helping you tap into, and what else is included with your copy.

So, without further ado,

Let's jump in!

DeepLink Review: What Is It?

DeepLink is a web-based software that makes you money by creating and ranking amazing simple ebooks and funnels for you on Google and other search engines.

And the ranking is done through several ebook submission sites that have a high authority on Google and are already ranking.

That way, your ebooks rank and drive that free SEO traffic to them, to your funnels, and back to the offers you're promoting, in turn making you that sweet passive income for days, weeks, and months to come.

And while this is traffic and money getting method is doable the manual way, there's a reason why DeepLink exists as you're about to see.

DeepLink Review: The Opportunity.

You now know, what traffic and money-making concept DeepLink is based on. And you can absolutely do it without DeepLink.

Even so, I would caution against that since the sheer amount of work involved to achieve the same results won't be worth the money you'd save from not buying it.

Remember, DeepLink helps you in three core ways; from getting you the buyer traffic to the money itself.

It builds you the ebook, its funnel, and ranks them on Google, the SEO way, by leveraging relevant and highly ranking ebook submission sites.

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All of these three things done from one software cheaply, but expensive when done individually.

For example:

  1. It'll cost you about $30+ if you outsource, to get a good ebook created for you.
  1. Funnel creation; because it's super important if you're to sell online, it will cost you from $10$300 depending on how well it's created.
  1. Ranking anything on Google calls for SEO prowess. And assuming you don't know anything about it, you'll also look to outsource the task. So count another $50+ (if you go cheap) right there.

And ooh! Lest I forget, with the funnel, you'll still need a software for that too, so some $$$ out again.

So however you slice and dice this, doing it the regular way is going to be expensive and more so when you consider DeepLink only costs a one-time payment of just $16.93 (when you act now).

And not just that, but you'll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure the software works while your investment is protected.

Making it a risk-free, no-brainer deal, do you agree?

Just remember, the only thing that is actually stopping a lot of people online from making money is buyer traffic.

It's very expensive to buy, and super slow to build the free one.

To enjoy the daily free buyer traffic to this blog, I have waited for 3 years. Do you have three years to wait?

Do you have 1000s of dollars to spend on buying the traffic you want so that you can make money?

So what is a one-time $16.93 really, for a shortcut to the money-making stage, right?

What's more, I've also included for you some amazing, paid-for, premium courses to teach you everything you need to know to build free online traffic.

Better yet, another awesome bonus that'll show you how to earn with the ebooks that you will be getting created for you, in a secret unique way.

And I tell you, it's so unique you won't need to drive traffic to make money. Huh! Yes!

I kid you not.

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So my premium bonuses are worth getting to truly boost your online results.

DeepLink Review: How DeepLink Works?

Below is a short video explaining what you can expect with DeepLink.

Amazing! Right?

And now…

The features.

DeepLink Review: Features.

Below are some of the features that DeepLink avails to you.

I will explain a little about what each means for you.

  1. DeepLink Web App.

This is the main software with which you'll be using to make money.

  1. DeepLink Training.

You'll learn everything you need to know about using DeepLink the right way.

  1. Mastermind Community Group.

You will get access to like-minded individuals to help you with any questions.

  1. $247 In 24 Hours Real Life Case Study.

See real results got from using DeepLink, and what you can expect for yourself.

  1. Commercial License.

Let's you sell DeepLink as a service to clients as a side hustle.

  1. 5 Ways to make $500 daily with DeepLink.

You'll learn of other ways to leverage DeepLink to earn more money online.

  1. World-class Support Team.

If you run into any issues while using DeepLink you can be sure to get help straight from them.

  1. 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

If for some reason DeepLink doesn't get you any results, you are covered.

As you can see DeepLink does in fact offer quite a compelling case for itself to be tried.

Even better, below are some optional upgrades you can pick up to increase its effectiveness in delivering you insane results.

Are There Any Upgrades?


Several, actually, as follows.

  1. DeepLink Unlimited.

This upgrade unlocks all premium features within DeepLink and supercharges your DeepLink account to get you twice as fast results.

  1. DeepLink Done For You.

With this upgrade, their team of experts will work 1-on-1 with you and do all the work for you so that you enjoy a hands-free income experience.

  1. DeepLink Monetization.

This upgrade will help you generate high-ticket commission ($1k+) paydays with their done-for-you campaign, funnel, proven offers, and bonuses.

  1. DeepLink Limitless Traffic.
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With this upsell you'll get access to more advanced training and real case studies whilst tapping into their pool of automated viral buyer traffic sources for unlimited sales and commissions.

  1. DeepLink Franchise.

This upgrade will help you get paid up to $640 per visitor by selling DeepLink as your very own product and keeping 100% of the profits while using their sales materials and without having to upload, host, or handle customer support.

You'll also get reseller license rights as a bonus to sell all of their past successful products as your very own keeping 100% of the profits as well.

  1. DeepLink Accidental Discovery.

Boost your DeepLink income results by an extra $100 to $200 a day with this upgrade method that was accidentally discovered by one of their users.

You'll also get access to more advanced training and tutorials as a bonus.

These are the 6 upsells you can decide to pick up with your standard copy of DeepLink to get even bigger leverage for even bigger results faster.

And while this is optional, if you do decide to pick some upgrades, #2 and #5 will offer you the biggest bang for your buck. And especially the #5 upgrade.

DeepLink Review: Conclusion.

At this point, I know you already have your mind set on what to do about DeepLink.

And as such, I won't keep you long.

The premium bonuses I've included with your copy of DeepLink are sure worth the purchase, as they cover way more than just earning with ebooks.

And even better, you'll also discover another way to earn with ebooks that you'd not have thought of. This by itself is golden and has been proven to work personally by me.

So when you combine the power of DeepLink with the secret ebook method, you're sure to make your money back 100x.

The way I see it, you stand to earn more both in value and in results from your $16.93 investment than you would otherwise.

To learn more about DeepLink, simply click on the button below.

That's it for this DeepLink review by Branson Tay, I hope you loved it, and until next time, happy earning!