Fameswap Review – Your Shortcut For Making Money Online Fast?

Fameswap Review

Is Fameswap really going to help you fast-track your online social success and make you money fast, if any?

Hi there, and welcome to my FameSwap review where I'll try to answer what FameSwap is, why care, and whether it can help you fast-track your online success today.

Let's begin.

Fameswap Review: Make Money With Social Media Platforms.

In this review, we shall see exactly what FameSwap is, why and how it works, and importantly how you can make money with it in 2023 and beyond.

So, are you ready?

Let’s jump in.

What Is Fameswap?

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Fameswap is one of the top marketplaces for buying and selling established social media properties, currently supporting Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts.

And since its inception in 2013, where they primarily focused on only Facebook fan pages and Instagram accounts, the site has kept seeing massive growth with every passing year and new additions of tradeable virtual properties.

Making it the go-to-place for quickly selling and buying established social media accounts to get a leg up over your competitors fast.

Is Fameswap Legit?


And according to TrustPilot's daily user-generated ratings, the business is currently running smoothly, with people getting their dues paid and bought assets delivered.

Fameswap Reviews on TrustPilot

But it pays to be vigilant since where money is exchanging hands, some unscrupulous individuals will always try to scam others.

And as such, every transaction goes through escrow and properties vetted before being sold to buyers.

This minimizes the chances of getting scammed on the platform and in turn, increases users' trust in the deliverables.

How much trust you might ask?

Well, check out their recently sold virtual properties' amount per transaction below, to get a good glimpse of the trust level in question.

FameSwap Review Recently Sold Virtual Properties

How Does Fameswap Work?

Fameswap connects interested buyers and willing sellers of high in-demand social media properties, who wouldn't have met otherwise, at a small fee.

So, similarly to other marketplaces, sellers list products for sale, in this case, established social media accounts, and buyers buy these virtual properties for varied reasons and use.

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And whenever a transaction takes place through their escrow service (for risk-free experience), FameSwap charges a small facilitation fee of 5%, payable by either the buyer, seller, or split between the two (agreed on before transaction).

A win-win situation for all parties involved; the buyer, seller, and the platform (Fameswap).

The process involved though is as follows.

  1. Escrow is agreeably created between the buyer and the seller. The buyer then funds Fameswap's Escrow account securely through wire transfer.
  2. The seller then releases listing information for verification by the Fameswap team, before being passed over to the buyer.
  3. The buyer confirms that the deliverable is as was advertised, then releases payment from escrow. Or if otherwise, starts a dispute.
  4. If all is well up to this point, the seller receives their payout in their PayPal account, and the transaction is completed.

But this again begs the question, why would anyone buy a social media account for thousands of dollars when they can just create them for free?

Good question.

And one that'll be answered satisfactorily in the next section.

Should I Buy Social Media Accounts?

This really depends on you.

Do you want to fast-track your business results or start uncertainly from scratch?

What's easier, buy an already established property that took its owner months or even years of painstakingly building it, jumping you ahead of the success curve?

Or doing the initial painstaking work, without the know-how, that almost guarantees you'll fail?

The answer really is that open and simple

And the reason why FameSwap only deals with Established social media accounts.

Aged social media accounts have a good reputation on the platforms they’re on and come with a healthy following. 

Making it easier to market your offers with them and get tons of engagement and sales. As opposed to new accounts with no reputation and fewer followers/subscribers that might be flagged as spam, or worse, ghosted.

And if you've tried in the past to grow any social media account on your own from scratch. You know how challenging and tricky it can be, including account suspension if you don't know what you're doing.

Furthermore, it beats paying hefty fees regularly to influencers whenever you want to promote any new products.

If anything, you'll now get paid the same hefty fees as an influencer to market others' products.

Making the account to pay for itself after a short while, without having to deal with the pains of growing a new social media channel from scratch, that may or may not even work out. *cough!*

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I hope this has helped you see why others do it, and why you might want to consider the same.

Sign Up Now On Fameswap And See Accounts Currently On Sale That You Can Buy.

Now, in the next section, we'll see how you can make money with/using Fameswap.

How To Make Money With Social Media Platforms Using Fameswap?

The reason you'd want to sign up on FameSwap in the first place is to make fast money.

But how?

What are some of the best ways you can use to get paid big time on this platform?

Let's find out.

1. Create, Grow, And Sell Social Media Accounts To Others.

If you possess this high paying skill, ie you have the know-how of creating and growing profitable YouTube channels, Instagram, and TikTok accounts fast, then you're all set to profit.

You can even sell social accounts you have, but no longer use, for a quick influx of cash in an emergency or otherwise.

And if you don’t possess this skill already, don't worry, you can learn it real quick and get your own share of the pie.

Social media marketing is where it's at.

And any business or individual that takes their offline/online businesses seriously has no option but to do it, or risk their competitors driving them out of business.

It's really a do or die situation for every business and the reason this skill is worth having. And mind you, why others will pay heavily to get their hands on these well-established social accounts.

So, provide and bank.

2. Buy And Monetize Huge Social Media Accounts For Fast PayDays.

Now, the second option is to buy these YouTube channels, Instagram, and TikTok accounts and monetize their existing audience for fast instant profits, whilst still growing them.

This is one of the best ways for businesses and entrepreneurs to see results quickly, regardless of whether they are pros or newbies.

You can monetize these new virtual properties with affiliate offers, merch, ads, own services, and more.

The beauty of this is that when you're ready to change your audience focus, you can then quickly flip these accounts on FameSwap for even bigger PROFITS (higher than you bought them for).

So it's still an investment that will extend beyond your current marketing needs and plans. 🙂

3. Earn By Helping Others Grow Their Social Media Reach.

Recently, Fameswap introduced an affiliate marketing program for their business.

An extra way for users to earn while helping those struggling with their social media marketing to thrive.

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You get compensated up to 30% recurring of what FameSwap gets at no extra cost to them.

A win-win situation for everyone.

Learn More About Their Affiliate Program Here

Pricing: Do I Have To Pay To Use Fameswap?


No, you don't have to because there is a Free plan in place that you can take full advantage of, but it's limited in terms of what you get.

However, they do have a premium monthly subscription plan of $50, that unlocks everything good Fameswap has to offer including low escrow fees.

Other benefits include, but not limited to, access to full usernames, unlimited messaging, and priority support.

Premium Fameswap Membership

Payments are done through Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. And this subscription can be canceled, at any time, conveniently from within your profile.

Are There Any Drawbacks With Fameswap?

What I've noticed, although justifiable, is that you can't list small YouTube channels for sale on this platform.

So if you have a YouTube channel you were trying to grow but have since lost interest in it, then there's no hope for you to flip it to someone who’s interested in this platform.

But if this is the case for you, there's still an option. Use this method to sell your YouTube channel.

Another thing is that these social media channels being flipped have a risk of being kicked out for violating terms of usage since it's not a practice that’s officially adopted.

Even so, with every business investment, there's always a certain risk involved.

But businesses like Fameswap have been in this business for years and they're well know sites even to these social media sites.

So it's not like there's anything taking place that's being hidden.

However, if you're risk averse, this might disconcert you. But then again, scared money don't make no money, right?

Pro Tip: When you buy social media accounts, minimize your risk by waiting around 3 to 7 days, for your new IP address to register, before changing details. 🙂

Conclusion: Now What?

Fameswap is a legit site that has the potential to make you money fast whether you're selling your social media accounts on the platform or just buying them for promotional usage.

And there's no denying growing any social media channel online can be tricky, confusing, and downright disappointing most times.

But if there's a way for you to somewhat just jump this gruesome step altogether, and go straight to earning, and you can, then why would you not save yourself the time and headache?

Ultimately, though, the decision is still yours. But remember, time is money and only invest what you can comfortably risk.

Personally, I recommend Famewap. And truly believe it to be one way for you to work smart this year and make tons of money with social media, even if you failed before.

That's it from me today and it's my hope you got tones of value from this FameSwap review. And if so, trouble yourself to comment on your thoughts below.

And until next time, my friend.

Stay Blessed!

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