Fiverr Review – Can You Make Money On Fiverr?

Fiverr Review

Can you make money on Fiverr?


Fiverr is one of the easiest places you can start with little to no experience and still make money.

Even so, like with all make money platforms, some individuals win while others fail.

But it's those who fail in their execution, who go thinking and calling a platform or a method a scam.

And if you're wondering whether Fiverr is a scam, well, it isn’t.

Fiverr is not a scam.

But how do you make sure you won't fail, trying to make money on Fiverr?

What are some of the gigs you can set up to ensure you succeed?

Do you need to learn new skills, and if so where?

When will you get paid on Fiverr?

These and many more questions will get answered in this Fiverr Review.

So, are you ready?

Let's jump in!

Fiverr Review And How To Make Money On Fiverr For Complete Beginners.

In this Fiverr review, we shall first look at what it is, who it's meant for, what you can sell, how you get paid, and whether it's worth it.

So let's get started!

What Is Fiverr And How Does It Work?

Fiverr Review Site Homepage

Fiverr is an online marketplace for buying and selling freelance services and products.

Anyone can buy or sell their services and products on this platform without worrying about job experience or paying an entry fee.

How it works is usually the expected norm for both the buyer and the seller.

For buyers, you purchase a gig and once the gig's delivered to your expectation, you accept, and the money is credited to the freelancer.

You can also Tip them if their work was incredible and leave your honest review for other buyers considering to purchase the same gig.

For freelancers, it's the reverse. You get an order and do your best to deliver as promised, and once the buyer accepts the work, you get credited with 80% of the gig's price.

Note: A Fiverr Gig is a service or a product listing on Fiverr usually starting from $5.

Does Fiverr Pay?

I can't tell you how many times I've seen money credited on a website account that one can’t withdraw.

And I can understand your need to be sure about Fiverr seeing as how 80% of every successful gig sold is credited on your Fiverr account.

To begin with Fiverr isn't like affiliate networks such as Warrior+ or JVZoo where you get instant payments as they happen.

You'll need to wait for 14 days to elapse before you can withdraw your 80% instantly to your Paypal/Payoneer/Fiverr revenue card account.

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The best thing though is that if you keep getting orders daily, after the 14 days you'll be withdrawing daily since every day, 14 days would have elapsed for certain completed Gigs.

But rest assured Fiverr is legit and you'll indeed get your money immediately after the 14 days are over for any completed Gig as evidenced by the payment proofs below.

Fiverr Review Payment Proof

Note: You'll need to request payment manually by clicking on the – NOW Active – respective withdraw account buttons.

Who Can Work On Fiverr?

Now that you know how Fiverr works and that they do pay, also know that anyone can work on Fiverr starting with zero investment.

This means that regardless of wherever or whoever you are; student, doctor, engineer, entrepreneur, blogger, vlogger, programmer, teacher, designer, etc. You can freelance on Fiverr and make some money.

Heck! Many have scaled their freelance businesses on Fiverr to full-time income earners.

So this takes away the need for excuses, leaving laziness as the only consensus.

Bottom line, even if all other make money methods have failed you, I'm hard-pressed for reasons you'd fail on Fiverr, given all you can test to/or do.

How Do You Make Money On Fiverr?

You can make money on Fiverr through the usual freelancing.

This means, decide on what services or products you'll be offering and list the service or product up as a Gig for interested buyers to buy.

Another method is through Arbitrage.

With this method, you find a buyer for a service and outsource the work on Fiverr, keeping the difference. Essentially, brokering between the buyer and the seller.

You can do this through your own website/blog or even on or through the same or different micro-job sites.

And when done correctly, digital arbitrage is super profitable. Making you more money using your awesome brain without doing the actual work.

Through Affiliate marketing.

If you don't want to sell services or products on Fiverr nor desire doing digital arbitrage with them, Fiverr can also be profitable through their referral program.

You simply sign up as their affiliate through their affiliate program and start sending new customers to them for referral commissions.

The more you send them new customers the more you stand to earn.

As you can see, there are several ways you can make money with Fiverr.

The only thing is for you to pick one or a combination of them and dominate Fiverr for massive paydays.

How Can I Make $100 A Day On Fiverr?

As you've seen above there are several ways, you can make money on Fiverr. But how exactly can you make $100 a day on this platform?

Truth be told, it will depend on a variety of factors. Which Gigs you’ll be selling and How many customers per day you’ll be getting.

For example, selling PLR products is super easy, but these don't usually get daily customers nor can you price them highly to increase the markup.

On the other hand high on demand Gigs such as Video, Design, Programming, etc can easily get you, daily customers, for top dollar making you $100 a day easily with one or two Gigs.

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If you’re looking to succeed on Fiverr try finding a high on demand service or product with proven and willing hungry buyers to provide.

If you set up a Gig that not that many people are looking for, you may get a few orders if you’re lucky or not at all. And I don’t have to say it but it can demoralize you.

Another option at your disposal is to thoughtfully add meaningful Gig Extras to earn more per order.

Make sure to always do your best work to attract Tips, referrals, and repeat orders from your customers for even more money.

How Do I List My First Gig On Fiverr?

Before you can list your Gigs on Fiverr, you must sign up with them and set up your seller's profile according to the services you'll be offering.

Bear in mind there will be a few mandatory verifications needed before you're given the okay.

But this is necessary to prevent fraudulent sellers looking to exploit and impact the platform negatively ruining the experience for others.

Note: Make sure you choose a proper username in the beginning. It's hard to change it afterward.

Once you've completed all the above account setups. You'll be prompted to create a new Gig.

If not, click on the Gigs section, on the navigation menu, and then on the “CREATE A NEW GIG” green button to begin the listing process.

Fiverr Gig Section

This will take you to the “Overview” stage from where you'll Title your Gig, choose its category, and add up to 5 relevant Gig descriptive tags.

Fiverr Gig Overview

Click on the “Save & Continue” button to save your settings and progress you on to the next stage.

Note: You must do this for each of the stages until your Gig goes live for buyers.

On the “Scope & Pricing” stage, you'll be able to set up up to 3 packages (Basic, Standard, & Premium) per Gig complete with all their expected details.

Fiverr Gig Pricing

You'll also be able to add relevant Gig extras to extend your Gig and make you more money.

So fill in your Gig's pricing, delivery, and other necessary details. When done, save and continue on to the next stage.

The next section will be the Gig's Description and its FAQ.

Fiverr Gig Description

This is where you'll need to sell the Gig to your prospective buyers to get orders. So take your time to write up a convincing copy.

Note: Don't forget to optimize your description with relevant keywords to rank up high on Fiverr.

And if you think your Gig begs more questions, answer them as FAQs.

The next stage will be the Gig's Requirements.

Gig Requirements

This is where you'll request your customers to provide any extra information you deem necessary to complete their order.

Once done, save and continue on to the Gallery section.

GIg's Feature Gallery

The Gallery section is where you'll upload all the necessary Gig graphics; examples, proofs, covers, recent work, etc. To help the customer see what they'll be getting up front.

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You can also add in a 75 seconds Gig promotional video and also attach Gig PDFs if any further Gig clarification is needed.

The last part is Publishing the Gig to the marketplace, and being ready to start taking in orders.

Publishing a Fiverr gig

So do so and you'll have listed your service or product Gig on Fiverr successfully.

Note: Every Gig listing section is self-explanatory and complete with sticky tooltips to ensure you get it right.

How Do I Stand Out, Get My First Gig, And Become Successful On Fiverr?

Now listing your Gig on Fiverr is usually the easiest part.

It's in getting the first Gig sale and keeping on to being successful on Fiverr where the difficult is.

But worry not for if you can do the following bits properly this won't be a problem assuming you picked the right niche with hungry buyers.

And these bits are Gig optimization and Gig promotion.

You'll need to take the time to carefully craft a nice description copy that prompts buyers to purchase immediately.

And also have it optimized properly to rank the Gig high on Fiverr for more orders.

Now, even though the above can suffice, when just starting out with no buyer reviews, you might have to do a lot of social promotions to kick-start your Fiverr business.

But once you start getting orders, do your best to overdeliver and even throw in bonuses to attract and keep positive 5-star reviews.

Not only will this help you get repeat orders and referrals but also motivate potential buyers to order.

By the way, you can find relevant bonuses to give away for free on sites like Resell-Rights-Weekly, PLR Assassins, and other similar PLR sites.

Another thing is to always try to be online on the platform. This is because even though not necessary, it will bring you more business from buyers who prefer and filter by this criteria.

As well as improve your response time for when interested clients request for further Gig clarifications before they can place their order.

Is Freelancing On Fiverr Worth It?

This is relative to everyone.

For some, it's earning a full-time income from the platform, for others it's earning a side income that makes it all worth it.

Personally, I have a few Gigs running that take about 5 minutes to complete and as such don't feel the need to pull them down, even though their sales are irregular.

What I did was to increase their selling price to make their irregular sales worth the effort.

The truth is Fiverr is an awesome platform for freelancing and making money and you can find lots of ways to make it worth your while.

And if you're lacking or want to up your game on some high-in-demand skills, SkillShare and Udemy are always there to help.

Fiverr Review Conclusion.

I hope this Fiverr review was helpful and hopefully you learned a few things.

Even so, I encourage you to start your own blog or YouTube channel to not only promote your Gigs but also create another source of income for when your freelance business is low.

And you can also learn affiliate marketing from scratch to monetize your blog and YouTube channel.

If you have any more questions about Fiverr, you can leave them in the comments below and I will be sure to answer them.

That's it from me today on Fiverr and whether indeed you can make money on their platform.

And as always my friend.

Stay Blessed!

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  1. Vivien says:

    Hello, Mr. James I really appreciate your good work and the write up was self explanatory, I give u a thumbs up on that. Pls am very new on Fiverr, have create my accts and am on the gig section which was a bit confusing but u have shed more light.I have tutored/teach students for over 14 years in ICT firm so how do I write my gigs or teach buys who are interested on my services. Pls kindly assist. Am grateful God bless u.

    • James Mulatya says:

      Hi Vivien, thanks a lot, I do appreciate it. I didn’t get exactly what you want because I have several answers with me. What I would advise you to do, is start your own YouTube channel and share your expertise, then create a paid course so that you can monetize your expertise properly. YouTube will be driving traffic to your paid course and you’ll earn in more ways than just that. This is one way you can go about it. The other way is to create a paid course and host it on Udemy or SkillShare, it might cut a few steps from the first answer. Another simple way would be list building and email marketing, where you get prospects and show them how you can help them with your expertise, you can build a very powerful business that way. Now if you’re simply looking for a way to make money online and not necessarily with your expertise, there are so many directions you can go. I hope this has given you some ideas. If you want more help, or these answers didn’t help, don’t hesitate to reach out. God bless you too.

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