Genius Review App By Billy Darr Gets Your Traffic Game Up


If your online traffic getting game is poor, so follows your online results. But in this Genius review; app by Billy Darr, you’ll get to see there might be hope for you.

Look, if you’re not getting enough online traffic to your products, offers, services, or what have you, you ain’t really making money.

The cure always is more targeted traffic. But sadly that’s where things seem to start going off for people.

The problem could be the tools you’re using and the process by which you’re carrying out your marketing strategies.

You could be bitting more than you can chew with so many tools; each with its own learning curve, creating so many blind spots for your business, in turn leaking out your profits.

But what really could be done, to remedy this situation?

The answer is simple; minimize any profit loopholes, by consolidating your tools and streamlining your marketing process.

Let me introduce you to Genius. And as the name suggests, the cleverness of this app, deserves no other name as you’ll in a short while conclude.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin.

Genius Review: What Is It?

Genius is a smart, cloud-based 400-in-1 free buyer traffic app.

This means you can perform hundreds of marketing tasks for your products, business, services, offers, etc. that you normally have to use several different tools for, from one place.

I’m talking email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook messenger chat-bot, eCommerce solutions, and many more other marketing features.

The app also features fully-customizable marketing materials; personalized, mobile-optimized, and conversion-optimized landing pages, DFY templates, etc.

And not just that; hosting is provided, you won’t need to buy domains, and you can as well compare and research products from top market places like; WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Clickbank.

A comprehensive training on how to use the app is also included so that you hit the ground running with every available feature present.

All in all, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an all-in-one marketing solution like Genius.

And to drive this point home, be sure to check out their official page for the full-feature list.

But first, let’s see why you should care.

Genius Review: The Opportunity.

By now you already know to make any money online, traffic is required.

And if you can’t get enough traffic to your business, it follows your business will struggle to pay you.

To remedy this situation you might try seeking the help of professionals. But let’s face it, none of them comes cheap.


And if you look at the number of reviews (always less than actual orders), you’ll see that people are really struggling with getting traffic to their business, to a point of desperately paying those steep prices.


It doesn’t matter which marketing strategy you choose, it’ll still cost ya!


That’s an average of $.50 – .60 per email click; whether it converts to a sale or not. 🙂

Let’s just face it, the majority of people getting online don’t have that kind of traffic investment monies laying around to use in buying traffic.

Chances are you might not be comfortable with the idea of buying traffic either.

And as such you might want to seek apps that can still get the job done, cheaply.

But when you tally the cost of the different apps for the various marketing channels you’re targeting, their monthly recurring payments won’t sit right with you either.


With Tailwind’s free option you can see a limit of 20 posts/across per month. You can agree you need more posts to drive enough traffic worth reporting? But the cost of this upgrade?


Another social media marketing app; Sked Social pricing structure.

It’s still kind of not sitting right, wouldn’t you agree?

If you’re doing email marketing, a decent autoresponder will still cost you.

Bottom line, however, you look at it, marketing online is darn expensive.

You can’t do without it, but you still can’t pay to play in the big leagues for big results.

And if you compare the above prices for individual features, versus the one-time $17 Genius is asking, for over 400 marketing features, you seriously cannot avoid sitting up and listening.

Get this, if you act today you can even get a $6 discount included. This means getting this software for $11. Still a one-time payment deal. 🙂

And if you’re one of those people who insist that paying more is good because you believe, what-you-pay-for-is-what-you-get, get this, Genius gives you a 365-days money-back guarantee.

Talk about confidence in one’s own product. None of the options above gives you an entire year to test it risk-free. It’s only Genius and for way more features. Genius right?

Now, let’s take a closer look at how this app works and what you can expect to find on the inside.

How Genius Works.

It would seem kinda difficult to use such a one-dashboard app with all the included features. But hold up, the layout itself is genius, you won’t even feel overwhelmed with it.


And using the app, couldn’t be more straightforward as you’re about to see in the short walkthrough video below.

Awesome! Right?

How Much Does Genius Cost?

As I stated earlier, currently you can get your Hands-on Genius for a one-time $17.

There’s also a $6 discount included for fast action takers, but how long this discount will be available is to be seen.

You can also rest assured your money is safe, with a 365 money-back guarantee that’s been thrown in for you.

That’s an entire year to put this app in its paces, and make it work for you and your business.

And that’s not all…

Genius Review: Any Upgrades?


Several actually, that’ll actually help you to truly make the most of this app and in turn, increase your online results for your business.

#1: Genius Unlimited Edition ($39)

Get to unlock all Genius premium features with this upgrade for unlimited everything; templates, usage, traffic, and sales. Plus get additional tutorials.

#2: Genius Done-For-You Edition ($297)

Why not let them drive traffic to your business and get you sales with this upgrade? It's all done-for-you. Sit back and relax. Let them handle it for you.

#3: Genius Automated Edition ($39)

This is the upgrade that will activate all automation tools within Genius and put your marketing on autopilot.

#4: Genius DFY Templates Club ($39)

Boost your marketing reach with 200 customizable video templates usable with Genius and drive even more free traffic to your business.

#5: Genius 50x Click & Go Campaigns ($39)

This upgrade gets you 50 proven TikTok campaigns; that you can simply copy and paste, and make affiliate sales with free TikTok traffic.

Currently, these are the main upgrades you can scoop up with your copy of Genius and get it on overdrive.

And while they’re optional, there’s no telling what the right ones could mean for your business and your online income.

So choose only those that speak to you and are aligned with your financial goals (how much you're looking to earn online).


Are There Any Bonuses?

It would seem unlikely such an app like this one; able to hold its own, would have bonuses, but what do you know, it does.

Not only are you going to get a ton of valuable bonuses straight from the vendors, but I’ve also gone ahead and prepared a nice package of premium bonuses for you.

These premium bonuses are actually paid for products. They do cost money on their own. I’ve included them so that you get the most bang for your buck today.

You’ll gain way more in value, more than what you’ll be investing today.

The good part is that I’ve made it that they’re available for download immediately after you purchase your copy of Genius. 

This means no hassle of emailing me to access them. Neat right?

Genius Review: Conclusion.

I know by now you already have your mind set on what to do about Genius.

But in wrapping up, just know this is not all there is to Genius. So do ensure to check out their official page for the full feature list and also get to see what sort of results others are getting.

Keep in mind there’s a $6 discount in effect currently if you act fast, and also that you’re getting a 365 money-back guarantee included.

Getting tons of online traffic doesn’t have to be a nightmare or a money-pit endeavor. With the right tool in your arsenal, you could do more for your business and bottom line.

So do, ensure to visit their official page below and learn more about Genius.

That’s it for this Genius review by Billy Darr, and I hope you found it insightful.

God bless you and until the next post.

Happy Earning!