Get Paid To Do Simple Tasks Online $29 Over and Over


If you’re looking to get paid to do simple tasks online this year, and you’re clueless on how to do it without burning out. This post could very well be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Because you can make more than $29 over and over for completing simple online tasks in a few minutes, and the best thing is you don’t even have to do it yourself.

Look, making money online isn’t rocket science. You simply identify an area you can create enough value for others and have a means for accepting payment. That’s it.

But creating value can be a daunting task, and more so if you think you aren’t knowledgeable enough in a certain area.

That’s why Click Home Income exists to help you overcome this challenge and go straight to the profiting stage.

You can check out what Click Home Income is when you’re free. It’s a simple tool that helps you create value in profitable niches so that you earn without having to do the work.

Now, on this blog, I’ve written extensively about making money from home by doing simple things and as such I will only go over some of the things you can deliver/complete to earn online.

Keep in mind, Click Home Income can do all this for you if you don’t know how to do any of them, or don’t want to.

While it’s optional to use it, why sweat doing things the hard way and in the end provide subpar work?

Anway. Let’s get started.

Get Paid To Do Simple Task. 6 Services To Provide.

Now, the best way to start earning upfront without waiting for long is to offer in-demand services to others.

This can be done either on your own site or by using freelance marketplaces with an established customer base (most recommended for beginners).

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And in this post, I’ll share with you 6 simple services you can start providing that are sure to net you a nice profit.

  1. Voice Overs.

Voice overs are and will always be in demand for more than one reason. 

People love being talked to, than having to read. Most people will prefer to listen and watch a video with a voiceover, over one they have to read the subtitles/accompanying text to understand.

The former is easier.

And voiceovers are needed for all languages and accents. Meaning the market is so broad, offering more opportunities for one to make money completing this task.


Look at the sheer volume of orders completed and their corresponding starting prices.

The market is large, with hungry-repeat buyers, making it an ideal service to offer.

  1. Infographics Creation.

Infographics are simply data visualized images. Super effective in communicating complex concepts at a go easily.

This could be research findings, a business’ goals, a topic summarization, etc.

This means every individual or business can find several uses for them and as such their demand, reliable.

Even so, anything that deals with visuals ought to be appealing enough to grab its intended targets’ interest, keep their attention and communicate the idea.

This is why most prefer to hire professionals (you) and pay them well, to do it.


Setting up a service in this niche will be profitable for you. Even as a beginner.

  1. Ebook and Cover Creation.

If there’s one thing that’ll never go out of style is text. And as such books.

Times keep changing but still, books endure. They might change in delivery format, but even then they’ll still need covers. Physical or Digital.

Even better, there are those who want to sell their own books but can’t write themselves. They ghostwrite them. Profits still to the hire.

This means selling this service won’t be a misplaced hope. You’re sure to earn.


The orders and corresponding entry prices; not accounting for extras and orders in the queue, should make the potential clear.

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This skill can also be turned into a nice passive earner for you.

  1. Article Writing.

Another text-based in-demand service to offer, for a sure payday in its completion is Article writing.

Just writing simple posts like this one for people online, will net you decent pay.

People are more than willing to pay you well to write for them.


In fact, this was my very first way of making money online. Writing articles.

And the best thing is that you can make money doing just this in a number of ways; create PLR products from it, create blogs to sell, sell as PLR article bundle, sell unique not-ordered articles, etc.

There are so many uses for articles and a guarantee to make money for completing this simple task.

  1. Logo Creation.

Every business whether offline or online-based, needs a quick way to identify itself visually.

And this is mostly done with the use of Logos.

So this means every new business will be looking for a logo. And any existing business might also be looking to rebrand or update its logo.

Creating Logos can be a fun process, but also one that requires some thought. Hence why individuals and companies decide to hire professionals to do it.

This makes this an in-demand service and one that you can offer easily to customers for decent pay.


The more you become established in this, the more money you can demand for every logo and thus increase your overall income doing it.

I wrote a complete guide for you on this, and also shared a few more extra tips to get this to work for you nicely.

  1. Conversion Services.

Though not as lucrative as the options above, offering conversion services can nicely add to your monthly income.

There are a majority of people who either don't know how to convert different files; MP3, MP4, PDF, Webp, etc to other files they want; Text, MP3, Word, PNG.

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Or that have a lot of these files to convert and their conversion too time-consuming to want to do it themselves.

They'll then seek out others who want to make money completing these simple tasks, to do it.


These are services that you can offer, that aren't that time-consuming, and bank some easy revenue online.

And while I've also gone ahead to list 6 services you can get paid for completing. There are so many you can offer and complete for others for a nice payday.

Keep in mind, you can offer these services in multiple freelance marketplaces to increase your overall profits.

In short, the sky is the limit with this method of making money online.

In Conclusion.

It's a fact you can get paid to do simple tasks online. How you do it might vary, but you're sure to earn from your efforts.

Now, while these 6 services can earn you a decent income individually, consider offering all of them to boost your income potential.

And while you can do them manually, this can prove difficult to keep to delivery times in times of huge orders, which might cause a bad customer experience and hence affect repeat customers, in turn losing out on profits.

To help remedy such an unfortunate situation, consider getting Click Home Income as it does all of the above and more for you. So that you can deliver timely on all orders no matter how many are placed.

It's an optional tool but one that can more than easily pay for itself.

That's it for this post; get paid to do simple tasks online. And it's my hope you found it insightful.

God bless you and until next time.

Happy Earning!