Get Paid To Give Away Things For Free Online In 2023

Get Paid To Give Away Things For Free Online

Would you love earning over $500+ from every person you gave a FREE gift to?

And if all of this was automated, would it be even sweeter for you?

I bet, yeah!

But before we can talk about how you can automate giveaway gifts for profit, let's see how you can do it manually.

To know precisely how this method works.

That way, you can be able to add your own little spin on things and make even more per person.

And even better, come up with your own way to automate this whole process, if the one I'll recommend later on won't be to your liking, though I highly doubt it. 🙂

Even so, value is what I'll aim to give you.

Let's get started, shall we?

How To Make Money Online Giving Away Things For Free.

In this section, we'll look at the method, what you need to make it work, the automation, and lastly the alternative that will 10x your results.

Get Paid To Give Away Things For Free Online For Massive Profits: The Method.

The idea with this method lies in reciprocation.

This means people always feel the urge to reciprocate/giveback when you give them something valuable for free.

And not only does this work offline but online as well.

So your task will be to find relevant valuable gifts to give away to interested people and collecting money on the back end.

This means you’ll need a solid system in place to ensure this works properly.

And the perfect one, that’s proven to work repeatedly, is a Sales Funnel.

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So you'll need to get people to enter your sales funnel (with a free gift aka ethical bribe), and once they do, you mint money then on from follow up emails.

Remember, a sales funnel doesn't have to be complicated to work, in fact, the better ones are usually the simpler ones.

But how will you set up your own sales funnel to make money with free gifts?

Where do you even get these gifts to give away for free?

Read the next section for the answers.

What You Need To Make Money Giving Away Free Gifts Online.

First, you need the right gift to give away to your audience.

And this gift will form the basis of how you'll structure your sales funnel to make it convert highly.

But finding the right giveaway gift can be a challenge.

And while most seek out PLRs, they can be hard to find, and even more so high-quality ones.

But don't worry, because, in the next section, I'll show you how you can get not just one but two softwares you can give away for free.

Helpful softwares are super irresistible and frankly way better than low-quality ebooks that anyone can whip up together.

Second, you need a way to deliver these free gifts to the right person.

So this means you must collect a person's contact details, and preferably their email address, to be able to deliver the gift conveniently to them, straight in their inbox.

And for this, you need a squeeze page/opt-in box to grab these email addresses when they get submitted.

And a thank you page, to either upsell or give them their freebie to download.

Third, you need to store these email addresses, to not only deliver their free gift but also to keep in touch with them for future promos.

And for this one, you'll need an autoresponder.

It'll also act as your source of instant traffic to whatever offer you're selling; from other peoples' products to your very own.

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And the best autoresponder for this job is GetResponse. You will even get a 30-day free trial by clicking this link to test out this method for free. *No credit card required btw.

Note: You'll also get free squeeze pages to test out this method, even during your trial.

Forth, you need a follow-up series to convert these freebie seekers into paying customers.

This follow-up series will help to keep your list (those people who'll opt-in) warm and not go cold, otherwise, you'll struggle to make any penny.

In the last section, I will show you how to get 3 done for you highly converting funnels to speed up your results.

And this is all you really need to set up your very own sales funnel. Not complicated at all to understand or execute.

And once you configure the entire thing, it'll be automated to receive new opt-ins and crank out profits after profits after profits.

But is there a way you can ensure immediate success with this? 

I mean, a way that can shortcut you to profits without having to set this all up and get confused in the process?

Yes! There is.

And in fact it's the exact way that will 10x your results, while others fail trying to do it by themselves.

Is There An Alternative/A Simpler Way To Boost This Method For Fast Results?

Now that you know how this method works, and what you need to make it work, it's now time to see how to do it smartly.

Granted, even though the method above looks simple and truly works like gangbusters, executed poorly will only leave you wondering.

This means everything from the freebie you choose, to the follow-up, needs to be fine-tuned properly.

And while you can do it all on your own, I suggest working smart by taking advantage of experts willing to not only guide you but also give you what's working for them to replicate.

Get Paid To Give Away Things For Free

This way, you don't have to worry about looking for high converting freebies or automation, or even if the thing works, because it is.

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You'll only be replicating the proven success of experts for yourself while using their exact tools, tips, resources, and frankly their own time.

And to make this powerful for you, I took the time to find you one such expert, that will help you with this, and I did.

Even better, he has a cloud-based system that’ll do all of this for you.

He is even ready to give you not one, but two of his highly converting softwares to give away as though they were your own and make money with.

It gets even better, he'll give you a 3-in-1 free traffic system to help you give away your softwares to even more people for more money.

And before I forget, he'll also add in 3 free highly proven sales funnels that he has used personally to make thousands with, so you don't have to and actually achieve similar results.

Truth be told though, there's so much he'll give you to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

But the issue is that not every one of my readers will qualify for this opportunity. But to see if you're eligible go here now because I'm not sure for how long this offer will stay up.

Conclusion: Should I Take Action?

Yes! And right now.

Always remember fortune favors the bold.

There's not much else to say because this method works for everyone who does it properly. And coupled with the booster strategy above (last section) you’ll see results faster than most.

Either way, this method's profits are yours for the taking. But will you trouble yourself to?

Btw, I'm trying out a new way of doing things here on WorkingChronicles, and if you love it, reach out with your thoughts.

That's it from me today on how to get paid giving away things for free online in 2023.

And as always my friend.

Stay Blessed!

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