Get Paid To Type – 5 Sites To Make Money From Home By Typing


Are you looking to make money from home by typing but can’t quite figure out where to start, on which sites to work, what’s required of you, and such?

If so, then you’re in the right place because, in this post, I’ll share with you a few good sites you can start with; to get paid to type online.

Now, we are used to typing in our daily lives whether that be chatting, emailing, Googling, you name it. If it involves interactions online, you’ve got to type in some form.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using voice-to-text softwares to do the typing or not, those characters have to be present.

This means typing is a common thing for almost everyone. But turning common things into money can sometimes be an issue.

This is because different people have different abilities, and resources to either give them an advantage or constrain them.

So that we are on the same page, if your hearing isn’t good, typing from home using the following sites might be hard.

If your typing speed is low, then earning good with this might also be an issue.

The means by which you’re accessing and doing the work; I’m talking gadgets; phone/laptop/tablet, headphone, foot pedal, etc. Mighty also play an issue in how well you can succeed doing this.

Availability of typing jobs matching your linguistic competence. etc.

But don’t worry, I’ll show you other ways to make money typing if for some reason the above points become a stumbling block.

It might, however, require you to rethink what it is you believe getting paid to type is.

For now, I’ll just jump straight to the sites then, later on, give you the failsafe tactic so that no matter what happens, you have a backup plan. 🙂

If this sounds good to you.

Let’s get started.

5 Sites To Get Paid To Type Online From Home. 

Without further, ado, below are the sites that will pay you to type from home.

1. REV.

While some are fearing the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence), other businesses like REV are taking advantage of it to produce better quality services for their clients.

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And if you’re wondering why I’m talking about REV, yet they’ve got an AI on their side. Just know they still value the human touch and rather than phase out all human workers, they’ve deemed it necessary for both to work side-by-side.

This is good news for you BTW.

Now if you don’t know, REV is one of the best speech-to-text translation companies in existence offering transcription and captioning services at competitive rates.

As a worker, you have the flexibility to choose your working hours, how hard you want to work, and what to work on.

Payouts are made every week via PayPal, for all completed work at a rate of up to $1.1 for every audio/video minute.

Now while this pay isn’t huge, it’s a nice pocket change and you can rest assured you’re working for a trusted company, that won’t scam you off your hard-earned money.

The good thing about REV is that you can profit from your multilingual skills if you happen to know an in-demand foreign language. And rightly so at a higher rate of up to $7 per video minute.

2. TranscribeME.

Now it’s one thing to work alongside an AI and completely another to train them. TranscribeME does this, and this means more than enough work for you to type your way to the bank.

With TranscribeME you’ll have options to work on data annotation, transcription, and translation tasks at a rate of up to $22 per hour.

I know you’re starting to see the possibilities here. And even more when you get to know that some crowd-workers on this site, top $2k a month.

Better yet, there are no long projects to transcribe, roughly 2 – 4 minute clips at a time, with unending work availability.

This means after you’re done with one project another’s waiting for you. You might not get the time to sit idle twiddling your toes as would be the case with smaller sites.

TranscribeMe has a large client base, meaning a steady typing job experience, to work and earn as much as you want, and better still at your own pace. So no work pressure.

Payments are done every week, reliably with a $20 threshold.

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3. Scribie.

If getting paid weekly brings a smile to your face, I don’t know what you’ll feel about getting paid daily. That’s Scribie for you.

The site mostly does audio transcription work for its clients and you get paid up to $25 per audio hour.

Add that to the daily pay situation and you’re basically cooking with a rocket engine.

Better yet, 60% of your transcription work will be automatically done for you. Yip!

As if that’s not enough you get a $5 monthly bonus for every 3 hours of work completed, and promotions (Reviewer, Proofreader, and QC) if you do your job right.

Now, while all the above perks are good and all, the following reasons might make you wonder where they’ve been all your life.

You get to choose which projects to work on. Nothing is forced on you that might risk you being ruled out.

Lastly, and you may hug yourself for this one, there are no minimum withdrawal limits. Nada!

So even if you only managed to make enough for a cup of coffee, you get your money. On withdrawal day! Which could very well be today. 🙂

4. SpeechPad.

Speechpad is another audio and video, transcription and translation service company you can consider working for to earn money typing online from home.

They’ve been in existence for over a decade now. And in that time greatly refined their image and trust with both clients and workers.

So you can confidently work with them knowing you’ll always get your pay and on time.

And speaking of pay, you stand to earn up to $2.5 per minute audio/video transcribed and up to $5 for translations.

PayPal payments are made twice a week with no minimum withdrawal limits; every Tuesday and Friday for all completed and reviewed work.

Like a good company, Speechpad offers perks to their workers like working when and for as long as you want, choosing which jobs to work on, promotions to better-paying typing jobs after you’ve proven yourself, fast 24/7 worker support, bonuses, and a whole lot more.

5. Freelance Sites.

Yes, I know right, you didn’t see this coming but for a good reason.

You see, most transcription sites while they’re specialized in typing jobs, have several caveats to them.

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You might fail their entry tests or get your rate pay throttled. As if that’s not enough if the quality of your work (determined at the end of the day with ratings) drops, you might be out altogether (restricted from accessing jobs).

These are just some of the issues you’ll have to deal with. At times you may feel the pay is not commensurate with the amount of work done.

So to get around all of this, and actually hit the ground running you may decide to go the freelance route.

While you’ll have to find your own clients at first, you’ll get to price your transcribing services at the rate you feel you deserve.

Finding your clients, shouldn’t scare you though, since these sites drive thousands of hungry buyers every day, finding a consistent flow of customers shouldn’t be an issue more so when you’re doing a superb job.

Transcription Gigs On Fiverr

Can you see how many completed jobs every profile has and their corresponding starting prices?

You can also check out Branson’s Type4Cash method below to help you out with this.

Another advantage is that you can actually outgrow the site, create your own thing on the side; an asset you can flip later on for even more money.

Freelance sites you can register with if interested in this option, get started with; Fiverr and Upwork.

Later on, you can consider finding other freelance sites with which to scale your typing business.

Now just because I’ve listed five options for you to start making money online typing from home, it doesn’t mean it’s the exhausted list.

But there’s nothing you want to achieve as far as getting paid to type from home that these five options won’t do.

The fifth option is the failsafe BTW.

Even so, if you want to see another way you can earn just by typing simple words online and that works with option 5 above, I invite you to check out Branson’s method: Type4Cash.

It’s super possible to make a comfortable living online typing from home. But it will require you to put your best foot forward.

Nothing works, unless you do. And drip drip drip, the bucket fills.

That’s it from me today, I hope you found this post insightful. May God bless you a lot in your quest for financial freedom, and until the next post…

Happy Earning!