GooglyPay Review – An All In One Money Making Machine


Hi and welcome to my GooglyPay review; an app by Branson Tay that aims to help you make money online conveniently from scratch without the hassle of learning different tools to do it.

But first, who is Branson Tay? He is a successful YouTuber, affiliate marketer, and thoughtful product creator well known online with thousands of followers and happy customers and GooglyPay is his latest product addition.

There’s no product he’s created that wasn’t an instant help to the countless online users, and with this clout you know GooglyPay won’t be any different if not better.

Even so, we’ll be going through this app together and I’ll share my two cents on it, from the problems it’s solving to its pricing, and any other thing included so that you make a guided decision.

What’s more, I’ve gone ahead to include a few premium bonuses to not only help you discover other ways of making bank online but also get the biggest bang for your buck.

So if you’re ready, let’s do this.

GooglyPay Review:  What Is It?

GooglyPay is a web-based app that conveniently ties together everything you need to make money online from start to income without needing any prior special skills to do it.

So every tool and resource needed to make money online is incorporated within it; affiliate offers, marketing tools, research tools, etc.

GooglyPay is designed to be used by anyone at any skill level to get actual results online from time-tested and proven money-making methods.

If this isn’t clear, let me elaborate further by laying out a path of what it takes to see results online, especially with affiliate marketing; which is one of the fastest and hassle-free ways to bank online.

GooglyPay Review: The Opportunity.

At the very least you’ll need to be well conversant with which products to promote because not all products will earn you money.

GooglyPay takes care of this by listing for you all well-performing affiliate products in the top three affiliate networks. Taking the guesswork out of this process so that all you do is pick one out of the many options and get started with promotion and earning. 

This alone will increase your chances of succeeding with affiliate marketing even if you’re new to it.

Bear in mind, though I’ve explained this in two paragraphs, on the ground, picking the right affiliate product to promote can be quite the challenge. Making appreciating what GooglyPay is doing for you here, priceless.

Now picking the right offer is just one part of the battle, promotion is where profits are made or lost, and as such a tough beast to wrestle, without the right know-how.

For starters, you need to know where to promote, and which tools to use for this.

The easiest route and the less-costly one is social media. Even so, not everyone doing it succeeds because not everyone is fighting fair. Automation is the name of the game, manually doing this is tough.

But riskless automation costs. A good software can set you back a few $$ monthly just to keep it going rather than a one-time payment.

GooglyPay though as you might have guessed makes this possible for you, and convenient right from within the app.

Another difficulty level to this is that if you’re only promoting by directly linking your customers to your affiliate offers you’re wasting traffic.

To play smart you’ll have to store that traffic for when you have another affiliate offer to promote. This will call for another automation software; autoresponder.

You can go ahead and pay for this monthly or take advantage of the one offered within GooglyPay for free.

GooglyPay’s email marketing tool is capable of the task with features such as templates, campaigns, sequences, and more.

Now, let’s check another difficulty level; pre-sale landing pages.

Pre-selling your affiliate offers helps increase your chances for success with affiliate marketing. Leaving all the selling to the sales page can hurt your affiliate business’ conversions.

But how do you pre-sell your affiliate offers effectively? You need to have a landing page for your traffic before they can proceed to your offer.

It’s where you’ll list all the pros and cons of the product you’re asking them to consider buying and explain all they stand to gain with this product.

So by the time they land on the sales page, they’re ready to buy. Easy right?

Now creating effective landing pages can truly be a nightmare if it’s your first time. And if you want an easy drag-and-drop builder it’ll call for you to buy the sales page software to do it. So count a few $$ for a good option.

GooglyPay has already done for you professional ones ready to go. So that all you do is pick out a template, edit it out a little to suit your offer purposes and you’re done.

It beats paying expensively for an external tool to do this.

It might seem as though by now the difficulty levels are done with, right? Wrong? Did I talk of tracking and analysis?

Do these also call for premium tools? You bet! But is it also included with GooglyPay; Yip!

By now you must have gotten my drift. A simple process to make money online can demand several tools that may need to be paid for separately.

So having all of them conveniently packaged in one app for your use is a great advantage.

I won’t even touch on the outsourcing bit of just the above steps because each one will run you $$ out just to have them done for you with an expert from a freelance site.

And while you may need money to make money online, you certainly don’t need that much if you do things the smart way. But like with everything in life, this is an option, though I wouldn’t recommend paying for separate softwares if you're just starting out with this.

So this is what GooglyPay is offering to you today. The convenience to make money online without knowing much.

I haven’t even touched on everything GooglyPay is offering to help you make money online. But it’s extensive and worthwhile more so when you consider its one-time pricing of just $19.

Interestingly, you can get the software with $2 off when you act now plus get my included premium bonuses still.

And if you’re wondering why it’s named GooglyPay, using the software a bit will solve this mystery. Because you might have to search, for it to click. 🙂

Now let’s take a look at how GooglyPay works.

How GooglyPay Works?

Below is a short video tutorial showing what experience you can expect with GooglyPay.

GooglyPlay Leads Search Functionality.
GooglyPlay Using Offer Search Functionality

Amazing right?

You'll find more tutorials inside the member's area on how to use all the features.

And now the features.

GooglyPay Features: Review

Below are some of the features of GooglyPay and I will explain a little about what each means for you.

  1. GooglyPay app.

This is the main app with which you’ll be able to find affiliate products, promote, track, analyze your business progress, plus more.

  1. GooglyPay Training.

GooglyPay also comes with helpful training to help you hit the ground running by explaining how each feature within it can be leveraged for results.

  1. Support Team.

In the unlikely event, you run into some difficulties while using the software you can be sure of timely aid from their support team.

  1. Free Premium Bonuses.

The app also comes with some really amazing worthwhile bonuses that would cost on their own, included for free such as; a private Live online masterclass, commercial license to sell it as a service to others on freelance sites, blueprint to their million-dollar business so that you see clearly how to replicate their success, 30-second affiliate commissions method, and more.

  1. Unrivaled 365-moneyback guarantee.

This means you have 365 days to make GooglyPay pay you for absolutely free. That’s the confidence they have that GooglyPay will give you the ROI you’re hoping for. So nothing to lose.

Branson also promises to give you a free $250 for wasting your time if the software fails to pay for itself after using it as he shows you. A confident challenge if you ask me.

So as you can see GooglyPay does offer a compelling case to give it a try to your surprise.

Even more, listed below are optional upgrades you can consider scoping up to increase the app’s effectiveness in delivering you serious profits this year.

Are There Any Upgrades?

You bet!

Several, actually, and as follows.

  1. GooglyPay Unlimited.

This upgrade unlocks everything to put the software literally on hyperdrive, cranking you more profits than you would otherwise with the initial offer.

  1. GooglyPay Done-For-You.

How do you feel about letting them do everything for you hands-free for guaranteed results? Whether you don’t have the time or you just want sure results without the guesswork, this package will do it.

  1. GooglyPay Hands-Free Automation.

If you love doing nothing but still make money, automation is your go route. Automate everything, let traffic, sales, and profits roll in while you’re busy finishing up that Netflix special in peace.

  1. GooglyPay Income-Multiplier.

Do you love copy-pasting? This package will help you copy-paste your way to profits by using the exact offers, funnels, campaigns, and bonuses they used to generate $30k+ in 30 days. Leaves no dot uncopied.

  1. GooglyPay Limitless Traffic.

I cannot insist enough upon the importance of buyer traffic. If you struggle to drive this kind of traffic, this offer will help you tap into their exact traffic sources, removing any traffic generation hurdles, to tangible, sure, and consistent profit results like a pro.

  1. GooglyPay Franchise License.

Ever wondered why people love creating and selling their own products? It’s because it's a proven business model and one with serious financial gains. But if you struggle with creating your own products, you might as well sell those already proven to sell as your own and keep 100% of the profits without ever doing customer support yourself. This is what this upgrade will do for you.

  1. GooglyPay Emergency Cash.

Leave no money on the table with this upgrade featuring another secret way to bank with this app on top of what it can already do for you. Earn extra, where others see a wall.

They’re quite a bit, but these are what you can add to your standard copy to boost your results even further with this software.

If you’re getting 365 days to test something, you might as well explore every bit of it to ensure indeed it is it. An upgrade might make all the difference with the level of success you can attain. You can succeed and attain what others can only dream of all because you dug a little deeper in investment.

Furthermore, you have 365 days to test and make sure your investment bears you more fruits than you can handle eating alone. Still, wondering where philanthropy comes from?

Even so, remember it’s optional so the decision rests upon you and what you’re looking to attain online.

GooglyPay Review: Conclusion.

At this point, you already have your mind set on what to do about GooglyPay.

And like I said earlier this is not all there is to GooglyPay, so ensure to check out their official page to get the entire feature list and get to see what sort of results others are getting.

You’ll also get access to my premium bonuses included with your copy of GooglyPay. And remember, if you act fast there’s a $2 off discount included.

The premium bonuses I keep on talking about are super worthwhile and unique to any package I’ve offered here before. They’re paid for products, so they cost dollars. All for your extra benefit.

So to put it lightly you stand to gain way more in value and results from your $19 dollars investment (activate the $2 discount and get this for $17 today) than you would otherwise.

Ensure to visit their official page below and learn more about GooglyPay.

That’s it for this GooglyPay review by Branson Tay, I hope it was insightful, may God bless you and until next time.

Happy Earning!