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Gyphio Review

Welcome to my Gyphio Review; a product by James Renouf and Shane Nathan that promises to help you make money from YouTube even if you're a beginner and clueless.

And in this review, you'll see why you should definitely consider giving this software a try. And not just that, but also way more to help you make an informed decision.

I've also prepared a short Gyphio review video if you prefer watching to reading.

And so, with no further delays,

Let's get started.

Gyphio Review: What Is It?

Gyphio is a cloud-based software that creates highly in-demand relaxation videos, complete with royalty-free music and a static or animated background image(GIF), in just 3 steps.

Then you can use these highly trafficked videos to create your very own successful relaxation YouTube channel, that gets millions of views and as a result, tons of money.

But before you roll your eyes, just know that this is actually a practical thing on YouTube and not just with one but 100s of these channels to prove it.

And if this still doesn't get you, how about the fact that I actually do this, and not to keep the channels, but to flip them for quick paydays? Has it piqued your interest, even if just a little? 🙂

Good! Because there's money to be made on YouTube, and tons of it.

But if you think this is what spawned the Gyphio idea for the creator, you'd be half-right.


Because Gyphio does in fact solve a problem as well, as I will explain to you in the next section.


What Problem Is Gyphio Solving For You?

You see, creating simple but profitable YouTube channels, looks easy on paper but on the ground, things tend to be a little different.

How different, you ask?

Time-consuming, resource-demanding, hard work kind of different.

But let me elaborate for you some more, on the amount of work you'll need to put in, to create similar videos to Gyphio's.

Since it's a relaxation YouTube channel, you'd need nice copyright-free soothing music to use in your video, or else it's a copyright strike sure prediction on this.

Here's the thing, getting these soothing copyright-free music can be hard work and costly if you want to create an amazing channel with fresh music.

But with Gyphio, they're all there for you to use without having to buy them.

Problem #1 Solved.

Next, you'd need a nice background image and preferably one that's animate or a GIF to go with your music. Remember, people aren't watching but just listening.

Even so, those who want to focus might find it useful in drawing their awareness to the present.

The good thing is getting a hold of these GIFs ain't a problem, a little search on the good ol' Google and you'll find several sites for this. From where you can search and download those you want.

Again, with Gyphio all these Gifs are integrated, which means you need not search for, nor download anything. One-click and they're (you can select multiple GIFs at once) added to your video slide.

Problem #2 Solved.

And now to the mother of all problems, putting it all together.

You know, to do this you'd have to download a good software like Hitfilm Express or Pro. Make sure you have a good internet plan in place as it's quite heavy.

And Ooh! Lest I forget, a good laptop/computer to run the damn thing! And render the final output.

I hope you do know that you'll have to sit a few minutes to hours in front of your personal computer, pouring over the tutorial videos to know how to put this whole thing together?

Now, this might look like hard work, and frankly, it is, but Gyphio deals with all the above issues in literally 3 steps.

Step 1: You choose an animated Background.

Step 2: You choose copyright-free music to use.

Step 3: Export your creation in one click, and download your video.

Step 4: Crickets…(there's no step 4. Simply do what you want with the video.)

Best of all, it won't matter what laptop/computer you have since it's cloud-based. You'll be able to do this from even your tablet device or treasured phone.

Convenient, eh!

Problem #3 solved. 🙂

I know, I know, you're excited to try it out, but before you go, how will you make that sweet money to begin with?

Let's find out.

How You'll Make Money With Gyphio.

It's easy to complain, you can't seem to find something that works for you online. And I bet it would be if you're using your own power than taking advantage of softwares to help you do it.

Personally, I don't skimp on softwares. I know their usefulness in making my work easy.

And Gyphio is one such software, I know I'm getting. Because of the make money method point 4 below.

Let's see them in summary, real quick.

  1. Through YouTube's Revenue Share Program.

The first and most obvious way is to build your channel up and get enrolled into YouTube's partner program to earn from Advertisements shown on your videos.

Building a channel this way will ensure you earn a lot using method 4 below.

  1. Earn From Affiliate Marketing.

Another way to monetize these simple YouTube channels you'll be creating with Gyphio will be through selling helpful and relevant affiliate products to the audience.

And Gyphio even helps you integrate a call-to-action button straight within the video itself. But the usual way would be through dropping your link in the description box of these videos.

  1. Video Creation as A Service.

The number 1 problem for most online businesses is scaling. And this is because we all know it's always a numbers game online.

The more content/value you can push out the more money you stand to bring in.

But you cannot scale on your own, you'll have to outsource to others, and the owners of these YouTube channels know it.

And it's precisely where you'll come in offering to create these videos for them for a fair price (for repeat work, duh!) and for quick regular profits for you.

  1. Build and Flip For Swift Profits.

This is by far my favorite method because I don't have to wait for subscribers or insane views to sell the channels.

You'll simply start a simple YouTube channel, pump it with at least 20 – 30 extremely awesome videos, and the channel is ready to be sold.

If you want it to fetch a good chunk of change, simply build it a simple website, and you can do that with this software.

And to 10x its value, even more, do some light organic promotion of the channel and try to get it monetized. Then sell it for $1,000+ on this website here.

I've also included for you my own custom bonus explaining how I go about building these channels and flipping them easily for swift no-brainer profits.

And not just that, but I've also added for you even more premium bonuses when you buy Gyphio from any of the buttons within this post.

Remember, if you don't want to fail online, don't be stubborn or trust what you think, pick one thing and pour your all into it. Just it, until you breakthrough persistently and patiently like water.

And now to conclude.

Gyphio Review: Conclusion.

At this point, you know, have seen, and learned both how Gyphio works and how you can make money with it.

So, I know you've already made up your mind about it. And as such won't keep you long.

But just to conclude, YouTube works 100%. There's no question or any convincing I have to do, to get you to trust me. I know you already know.

And if starting your own YouTube channel was and has always been the problem as to why you aren't earning from YouTube. Either because of the headache involved in creating videos, or lack of a better computer, Gyphio is giving you a way in.

I know everyone likes easy stuff, no one wants to get tired. And Gyphio does tick this box for you.

Personally, I would recommend building and flipping these channels, it's what I do, and I know the fun of it. The quick money will hook you real fast.

Better yet, my custom bonus shows you how I do it.

You can also see how much YouTube channels sell on the link I left for you on point #4 above. To see the potential you're about to step in.

I just don't see how Gyphio won't help you earn money online, if you take action on it, and also implement all you'll learn in my custom and premium bonuses.

Plus with the ever-changing “C-19” waves, staying at home isn't about to go away for good. And if it does, who's to say another isn't around the corner?

So a permanent, or a better solution is of the utmost urgency, than a physical hustle. And it doesn't get any better or easier than working online.

It might just be the time to start or diversify your sources of income.

And one of them could be with Gyphio; a stepping stone to others.

That's it for my Gyphio review and I hope it has helped you make up your mind about it.

Thanks for reading through, and until next time, happy earning!