HostPro Review App Lets You Host Unlimited Websites.


Are you looking out for a good hosting deal but can’t seem to get one? This HostPro review; app by Uddhab Pramanik, may hold your answer.

If you have a website already or looking to start one, you need a hosting solution that’s not only reliable and fast but also pocket-friendly, whilst not compromising on quality.

If so, you might want to check out what HostPro is offering you today.

And in this HostPro review; I’ll cover what it is (if the name and intro haven’t yet let out the answer), the opportunity it’s presenting to you, what you can expect working with it, its cost, upgrades, bonuses, and my honest thoughts.

So if you’re excited to start, let’s jump in.

HostPro Review: What Is It?

HostPro is a cloud-based hosting solution that comes with all the features you’ve come to expect with any hosting provider.

Unlimited hosting, bandwidth, personalized email accounts, control panel, WordPress installer, End-to-End SSL encryption, fast load times with zero downtimes, inbuilt malware protection, basically all the bells and whistles of a high-end hosting solution.

Now if you’re wondering, why you need it now, in the next section I’ll go over some of the things you might want to consider.

HostPro Review: The Opportunity.

If you’re already happy with your hosting provider; paying the huge recurring fees, then HostPro might not be the solution for you.

But if those pesky recurring bills are weighing you down; eating into your monthly budget you might find HostPro just the solution for you.

On the other side, if you’ve been using the free hosting solutions found online and you’re tired of their forced ads on your site, HostPro could be the way to go. Be in control of what’s displayed on your site.

Plus trusting these free hosting sites could cost you months of hard work. Your site could be taken down with no proper explanation, has happened to me.

Another reason is that your hosting provider may not be willing to accept some of the content you might want to host on their platform; dating sites, adult sites, storage sites, etc.

In that case, HostPro could be your fallback solution.

And in the case your current hosting is limited, meaning you can only host a couple of sites, HostPro’s unlimited option could prove a worthwhile investment.

Check this out, HostPro comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. That’s 30 days for you to give the hosting a try and ascertain its effectiveness in delivering to you, your hosting needs.

That’s not all; included with your HostPro copy, you’ll also get access to premium (paid for) bonuses, both from the Vendor and me, to help you take your online business to the next level.

All in all, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck than you’d foresee.

But how does it work?

Let’s find out.

How Does HostPro Work?

Being a Hosting solution, it’s more of a tool, with which to use to get your online business up and running.

And what you can expect to see on the inside, and the ease of usage can be best shown with the walkthrough video below.

As you’ve seen everything has been laid out rather conveniently for user-friendliness.

Make sure to check out their official page for the full list of all included HostPro features.

But how much would HostPro cost you to get?

Let’s see in the following section.

How Much Does HostPro Cost?

To get your hands on this hosting app, it will cost you a one-time $19.

The good thing is that currently there’s a $5 discount

However, with discounts, you can never tell how long they’ll keep being active. So if HostPro appeals to you, grabbing it early with the discount would be the way to go.

This means paying a one-time $14 rather than the original $19.

Keep in mind that these prices are for the launch period. When the launch is over, it might turn into a monthly/yearly subscription.

So lock in your one-time deal while it’s still possible.

Are There Any Upgrades?


Several actually.

#1: HostPro Premium ($27-$37).

This upgrade unlocks all the premium features of HostPro. Plus also comes with commercial license.

#2: DFY+ Website Builder ($67-$97).

With this upgrade, they'll migrate your site for you, and get you access to 500 website templates complete with Live Editor.

#3: Host Pro Cloud Drive ($37-$47).

Backup and access your data (files, docs, music, photos, videos, etc) from anywhere in the world with this upgrade.

#4: PRO SEO Unlimited ($37-$47).

This upgrade gets you access to all premium SEO features; URL shortener, link, keyword, website, and visitor analyzers.

#5: Agency ($197).

Get Agency license for 197 client accounts with this upgrade. 

#6: Reseller ($97).

Get to resell HostPro as your own, and keep 100% commissions across the entire funnel.

This is just a summary of what each Upgrade entails. Make sure to check out each of their pages for the full feature list, and pick up those you need.

HostPro Review: Conclusion.

Hosting is indispensable to any online marketer for their business.

And while everyone is trying to get ahead with their business, part of the success is making sure your running expenses are on the low end.

HostPro serves to help you cut out one of those expenses; Hosting fees.

Better yet, with a 30-day moneyback guarantee, you can comfortably give it a try and see if it’s a fit.

You can also take advantage of all the premium bonuses included for you, and take your business to the next level.

There’s more to gain and nothing to lose.

And with the active $5 discount currently in place, makes this an easy decision.

Make sure to see what else is included for you on their official page.

Thanks for reading through this HostPro review; app by Uddhab Pramanik. 

God bless you and until the next post…

Happy Hosting!