How To Get Paid On Instagram – $100+ An Hour


Get paid on Instagram consistently even if you’re just a beginner, without a following, and clueless about it.

Making money on Instagram is not something new. And in fact, every day new methods are discovered; through trial and error, and perfected to a science.

But before we talk about making money on Instagram with or without a following. Let’s first see why you should care.

What You Need To Make Money Online.

The only thing you need to make money online consistently is the skill to drive targeted traffic to your business; affiliate or own offers, services, products, etc.

Everything hangs on your ability to drive traffic. Not on what you have to sell.

If you can get the right traffic and match it to the right offer, you’re sure to make money.

So traffic is the most important and profitable thing online. If you have traffic, you practically have access to money.

For the majority of people struggling online, traffic is usually the only thing standing in their way.

Getting access to an affiliate link is nothing. Creating a product to sell is also nothing. Being knowledgeable enough to teach others is nothing.

But being able to get targeted traffic to your affiliate or own product/service/course, etc. That’s everything.

And if you can’t get that traffic, it really doesn’t matter what you have to offer. You won’t make any money. Nada!

This is why most people are willing to pay Google, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, etc. To get that traffic.

It’s worth it to them, because for every $1 invested in buying traffic, they can get a decent income out of it.

Plus one doesn’t have to wait for days on end for that traffic as with the case with free traffic. You buy traffic right now, you get it flowing in a few minutes to hours.

But not all paid traffic is the same. That’s why you ought to know where to get the right paid traffic that will best convert for your business.

And best of all, be within your financial ability and more so if you’re new to all this, don’t have much to spend, and you need time to test things out and find out what works best for your business.

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In this post, I will share such a place with you and also a software that will help you not only get free targeted traffic but also help you get paid on Instagram.

Without any further delays, let’s jump in.

Getting Traffic From Instagram.

There are mainly two ways to get targeted traffic from Instagram; free and paid.


With the free method, you’ll need to build a following, create valuable engaging content for them regularly, find products that best match their needs, promote these products/services to them, and bank.

It’s an easy process, but a time-consuming, and consistency-seeking way to go about things.

And if you’re inclined to go this route, then you’d best let InstaPayz help you with it.

InstaPayz is a software that does all the heavy lifting for you; content, consistency, resources, etc basically everything that’s needed to get paid on Instagram.

The good thing is that you’ll get access to premium training that will show you how the creators and others are using it to make making money on Instagram an easy process.

It’s an optional tool, but one that can cut weeks and months of headaches and hard work, trying to get paid on Instagram, and more so if you’re a beginner and clueless about it.

The other way; the fast way, is to pay for that traffic. But not to Facebook (Owns Instagram), rather to influencers.

There are many Instagram influencers with highly engaging followers, that you can approach, to market your business, affiliate product, service, etc for a reasonable price.

The good thing about this is that you can start making money on Instagram faster (within 24hours) than you would otherwise.

Plus you needn’t worry about account or ads compliances, risking account suspensions, and other pesky inconveniences associated with ad accounts.

You simply come to an understanding with an Instagram Influencer, pay them, give them your marketing material and handle the traffic as you wish to bank you the money.

Even so, the best traffic is always the traffic you own. So make sure you first capture this traffic using an autoresponder (Get a Free Forever Autoresponder Account), then push that traffic to wherever you want.

The advantage of this is that you can market your business/product/service over and over again to this captured traffic (optins) without having to pay for them again.

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This is a powerful method that Matt has used to make millions of dollars online every year, and He shows you how to do it.

Now, identifying and approaching the right Instagram influencers can be a challenge, and more so if you don’t exactly know how to negotiate.

It helps to know beforehand how much each influencer is looking to be paid to promote your business.

But looking on Instagram, you won’t get these stats. So how do you go about it?

You take advantage of Influencer marketplaces.

Influencer Marketing Marketplaces.

There are so many influencer marketplaces with the sole aim of connecting top content creators with brands/entrepreneurs looking to promote their businesses/products/services, etc.

Each one of these influencer marketplaces has its own benefits; pricing structure, marketing process, influencer screening, etc.

Even so, an easy one to start with is Shoutcart.

Shoutcart Review.

Shoutcart is a marketplace that helps you buy social media shoutouts from social media influencers.

Shoutouts are quick promotions done from social media accounts linking/pointing to/mentioning others, to their followers.

This quickly creates brand/product/service awareness to the followers of those influencers, who then if interested go on to check out those mentions, and perform the necessary actions intended.

Shoutcart offers Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Telegram marketing services called Gigs.

This means not only can you get instant targetted traffic sent to your business from the above social media sites, but also you can sell shoutouts for others if you have active social media pages with a decent following.

Shoutcart like with every successful business keeps on expanding. And currently, you can not only offer/buy shoutouts to/from others but also other skill-depended services like social media accounts growth and promotion management, social graphic designs, ads setup and management, and more.

The good thing about Shoutcart is that you don’t need much to start promoting your business/product/service, even with a few dollars you can get started.

And even with this; you’ll get all the perks you’d expect for a successful promotion; demographic targeting, analytics, scaling options, friendly customer support, order cancellation, etc.

Getting started with Shourtcart is super simple; once you’ve signed up, find your ideal influencers by filtering to your criteria.

Next add them to your cart and create orders for them; giving them the necessary campaign materials to use, pay, schedule your campaign, and wait to receive your traffic.

And like we discussed earlier, you can either send this traffic directly to your business/service/product and make money that way.

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Usually not the recommended method since you’ll only be wasting your paid traffic.

Wasting because most people don’t buy at first exposure.

What you want to do is capture this traffic, for not only the immediate promotion but also for future ones.

And I wrote a nice guide that shows you all you need, to make this process work, from A to Z.

On top of that, you may consider checking out Matt Bacak's course that shows you how he managed to turn this process into a million-dollar business.

Wrapping Up. Is It Worth It?


Making money on Instagram is a tried and tested process in both free and paid ways. 

And one that InstaPayz also makes apparently easy with its software the Free way.

Getting paid online requires and depends on traffic. And how much of it you can get and its quality, will determine how much you end up earning.

But bear in mind, Instagram’s traffic is Instagram’s. So to truly be in charge of your business, make sure you own your traffic (capture it).

Think of it this way, if traffic is this important and the key determinant on how much you stand to make, doesn’t it make sense to own it?

And when you do own it? Doesn’t it make sense to know what to do with it?

Did you know stored/email traffic can easily grow cold?

Let Matt teach you how to do this properly.

Because as much as getting traffic is important, knowing how to effectively turn it into huge paydays over and over will make the difference between getting a lot of traffic and earning little or getting little/more traffic and earning more.

Anyway, I’ve discussed several things about getting paid on Instagram. InstaPayz will help you see how to actually make it pay you $100+ per hour with Free Instagram traffic.

Shoutcart will help you get targeted Paid traffic even with a few dollars, no need to be pushed into depositing huge minimums like with some ad platforms, in order to play.

Matt Bacak will show you how to go far and beyond, effectively and be able to scale your business to monumental profits, consistently every year.

This brings us to the conclusion of this post; How to get paid on Instagram.

I hope you found it insightful, and are ready to take action on it.

God bless you and until the next post…

Happy Earning!