How To Make $1000 A Month From Home Flipping Simple Websites

How To Make $1000 A Month From Home Flipping Simple Websites

Ever wondered how you could make money online flipping websites on the side but didn’t quite know how to?

Either on how to start or even what to do?

If so, then this post could very well be it for you. The push you needed to finally start your website flipping hustle. And what's even better, for as little as $50 if not less.

Now, most of you know I like to test methods out, not exactly doing them full time.

Just enough to see they can work and have got potential. So you can then take them, implement, and tweak them to your advantage if you wanted?

And you should! 🙂

But very few people like taking action.

Only those serious, can an idea be enough or all they really need to take action, implement, and get results. And as such, a dollar results proof or a $10k one becomes immaterial.

So be an action taker, not one of big results proof, but one of a working idea. Knowing, everyone’s results vary, but the idea behind it remains flexible.

I digress!

But you got the point.

So, moving on.

Yes, I also tested this method out and found it to have potential, if not lots of it.

Here is the concept test result.

How To Make $1000 A Month Flipping Websites Payment Proof

So, what did I do?

Keep reading through the guide to find out.

And with no further ado.

Let's get started!


Step 1: Looking For Profitable Websites To Buy.

Now, when I say look for profitable websites to buy. I don't mean go looking for established websites for sale with existing revenue. No!

Although that works, the start-up capital will be way up there. And the goal of this post is to see how you can do it with less than $50.

In continuation, what I mean is looking for $6 – $30+ PHP scripts that can pass off as standalone websites.


Other than being cheap and also super simple to install. And I do mean super simple in like Upload and you're done literally.

Note: Some might need some extra steps. Depends on what you buy. Ideally set and forget is what I recommend.

But also because they are viable businesses. That even if they don't sell, you could turn them into something and cash in perpetuity.

I sold my last example, but here's another $6 one that I'm yet to fix fully. But for now, as an example, will suffice. Website:

And where do you get these types of PHP scripts?

While you can Google for them. Here are some places you could start looking from, that I've used myself.

Where To Buy PHP Scripts. //h3

  1. CodeCanyon.
  2. eBay

Other PHP Scripts Marketplaces. //h3

  1. Codester.
  2. CodeClerks.
  3. Alkanyx.

Personally, the website I sold was a tool script that I had bought from eBay. I bought my example site’s script above on CodeCanyon.

Simply, go to these sites and go through their website and PHP listings. Ideas will start coming to you.


I would advise selecting something you'd be okay keeping for yourself. It's what I did.

But if you want to do it differently, it's totally okay.

My example above is a tool script, now a website, that converts currencies.  It's a set and forget script.

And you can use it as a guide to get a sense for what we are talking about here.

But this is just one part. Coupled with step two below, is what makes you sell a $6 – $30+ PHP Script for more $$$$. 🙂


Step 2: Find And Buy Good Domain Names.

A simple script on its own isn't much. But attached to a valuable domain name, makes things interesting.

Yes! And Yes! The domain name can make all the difference.

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But unlike this method here that I wrote a while back showing you how to sell domain names.

This is its twist.

How so?

Rather than just throwing a for sale sign on a domain. You now get the option to choose either to sell it as a starter website or just a domain name.

But, if on the off chance, you don't sell it. You still get yourself a web property you could build traffic to, and cash in on.

From either ads, affiliate links, or by also flipping it for even more moolah, now as an established website with existing traffic and profits.

Either way, you don't lose. Neat!

That's why I said it's best to look for set and forget scripts. They won't rob lots of your time from any other engagement you got going on. And will be desirable as potential passive moneymakers.

But to make sure the domain is compatible with the script, that's why we look for the script first. 🙂

Now that you know how this whole method plays. And that domains can make a lot of difference.

How then do you go about selecting valuable domain names to register and potentially ensure success?


You find exact match search domains if you can.

Here's an example of a domain name I bought just the other day.

See its estibot valuation below. 🙂 estibot valuation

Granted that number jumps around, from different appraisal tools, either way, the valuation remains high.

740 unique exact match monthly searches on Google alone.

And it's also been around for quite a long time with no spam issues. 18 years according to Wayback Machine.

I'm yet to find the time to build it up, but all the materials are ready. Be sure I will look into it soon.

Back to our question, let's see how you can do it.

How To Find Good Domain Names.

Now that you've got an awesome script, it's time to look for its perfect domain name.

For this one, I will share my process of how I got So you can follow my process. It's quite simple, actually.

You can either go after expired domain names. Or just come up with new ones yourself or with the help of free online domain name generators. For me was a combination of the latter.

I simply visited the free domain name generators listed below and started feeding them different keywords with Games being my main one.

And from the generated list of domain names, I worked their appeal, worth, and availability.

FlameDomain Domain Names Generator
Flame Domain

You'll do the same with your main keyword that you'd want present in your domain name.

How to check a domain's worth and also find good expired domain names to register will be discussed later.

Below are the said domain name generators to help you pick out a good domain name.

6 Best Free Domain Name Generators.

  1. LeanDomainSearch.
  2. FlameDomain.
  3. Nameboy.
  4. NameMesh.
  5. Panabee.
  6. NameSmith.

Now, if you're interested in finding expired domains to register instead. Below is a video showing you how to best do it. Courtesy: Nathan Gotch.

How To Find Good Expired Domains.

And now that you know how to go about finding valuable domains. Let's see how to check out their suggested worth before registering them.


How To Value a Domain Name.

Because you are trying to sell this domain and web property, knowing how to value your domain will be crucial.

Too high and you lose customers, too low and you leave money on the table.

Now while you can list your domain name for sale for any amount of money you want. It's good to heed the above warning.

And the best way to ensure you're being as fair as possible with your domain. Is to check out its assessed market value and base your sale amount around it.

Obviously there will be exceptions but it'll still be up to you and your gut feeling.

To do this, we will rely on free online domain appraisal tools to guide us to a point.

Steps you'll take: Visit a domain appraisal tool, enter your root domain, and search.

Pretty straight forward isn't it?

Below are the best domain appraisal tools to use.

Note: A domain's worth is what a buyer will pay for it.

4 Best Domain Appraisal Tools.

  1. GoDaddy.
  2. estibot.
  4. Free Valuator.
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At this point, you not only know how to value a domain name but also how to find it.

The only thing left, registration.

Best Domain Registrars.

Now that you have your preferred name all picked out.

Register it in one of the following domain registrars or any you're using to manage other domains you have.

  1. Namecheap.
  2. GoDaddy.
  3. Namesilo.
  4. Domain.
  5. Google Domains.

And once you're done with domain registration. Move on to the next step.


Step 3: Get Unlimited Web Hosting.

Your website will have to live somewhere accessible on the internet. And this is where hosting comes in.

Preferably you want to get an Unlimited hosting package because you'll also be setting up other web properties for flipping.

But if you just want to test out the method first, limited shared hosting plans will also suffice.

Note: By unlimited, in this context, I mean unlimited domains and possibly, storage and bandwidth.

Below are the best web hosting companies to get started with.

5 Best Website Hosting Providers.

  1. Bluehost.
  2. HostGator.
  3. GoDaddy
  4. SiteGround.
  5. A2 Hosting.

Once you've bought your hosting, your cPanel login credentials will be sent out to you.

Keep these credentials safe as you'll be needing them to set up your website on the next step. So don't delete the email.


Step 4: Setting Up Your Website Script.

Remember, I told you earlier the good thing with PHP scripts, most don't need complicated setups.

So it’ll just be a matter of uploading your Script to your domain's root folder and you're literally done.

So, login into your cPanel dashboard using the credentials sent to you in the last step.

Note: If you already had hosting in place or the domain is with a different registrar. You must point it to your hosting provider and add it as an addon domain.

Within your cPanel dashboard located the SSL plugin and install an SSL certificate on your domain.

How to do this is straightforward, but if you want to see how it's done. You can quickly refer to this start a blog guide here.

After you've done this, head back to your cPanel dashboard and click on Files Manager.

This will take you to all root folders of all domains and sub-domains you have under that hosting.

Click on the corresponding folder of the domain you just bought and upload the relevant PHP Script files you bought. If it's your primary hosting domain, you'll simply click on Public_html folder and upload the files there.

Below are some pictures to illustrate this step.

Select Files Manager.


cPanel Files Manager


Choose your Domain folder and click on Upload.


Files Manager Root Folders


Select your PHP Script files zip to upload.


Files Manager Upload


Extract your zip file.


extract php script files zip

extract php script files zip popup


Once the files have been extracted, delete the zip file.


Delete PHP Script Files Zip



Note: You'll usually get your PHP files zipped for convenience and organization. But you can unzip them and upload them using a FTP client like FileZilla or do it from within the root folder.

Personally I like doing it like so above.

At this point, once you've extracted the PHP files, the website should be live. So you can now visit your domain and marvel at your creation. 🙂

If for any good reason you need to style your script a little. Jazz it up if you will. But the script doesn't come with any documentation. Here's a resource to help you out

You can also Google what it is you want to do, and you'll get befitting solutions to your problem.

But at the very basic, change up the ads to yours, the favicon, logo, and make sure the legal pages are saying what they ought to.

Note: Your client might have a different vision for the domain, so don't fret. If it's a problem for you, just leave it as is. Keep things stupid simple. 🙂

And speaking of clients, how do you get them?

Let's see how in the next section.


Step 5: Find Clients For Your Business.

With this method, you'll be in the website flipping business. And thus knowing where and how to get clients for your web properties will be crucial for its prosperity.

But how exactly do you do that?

In several ways, actually.

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1. Freelance Sites.

This was my method, and it works.

You basically want to find clients interested in making money online. To offer your related quick fix, set and forget, maintenance-free script website as an alternative solution.

Everyone knows websites make money. And any website can, provided it call pull in traffic. And with your script website, traffic will be the only thing missing.

So essentially your buyer will only need to send traffic to it and earn from display ads and affiliate offers. Done well, and it's a passive moneymaker.

So set up your gig targeting Make Money Online seekers. If your script website is on point, you won't have an issue selling.

Always know most people online want to earn money with the least amount of effort. It's today's world. And this will be the perfect solution.

Sell each website for about $150 or so. Always make the deal sweet and so unreal to pass up.

Note: Make sure you're in alignment with freelance sites' terms. To not get your account suspended.

You can start with Fiverr and SEOClerks.

2. eBay.

Like you've seen in my previous make money posts, I do a lot of testing on eBay

And it's because it outright works. And it's another alternative to find buyers for your website property.

I've bought from eBay severally. So list your website for sale on there.

Make sure to write a nice description of what the buyer should expect to get.

Whether or not there will be after-sale services like installation and such.

When they should expect their website delivered after purchase.

And any other extra requirements you'd need from them after they've bought your website.

I like eBay because sales go quick, there's usually no waiting around if you price you offer right.

But definitely test different sales tactics to see which will convert fast.

These two methods are good if you want to keep your operational costs down.

But if you've got some extra cash to spend say $30+, you can check out Flippa.

3. Flippa.

There's no talking about website flipping without mentioning Flippa.

Flippa, put simply, is a marketplace for buying and selling business properties: Websites, Stores, Apps, Domains, etc.

The good thing with Flippa though is that you can sell your website pretty quickly because of their premium customers. But this comes at a small cost, so there will be listing and sale fees involved.

But it can be worth it and the profit margins great.

Even so, don't get tempted to list your website for thousands of dollars, when it isn't even worth that. Keep things simple and cheap when just starting out.

A $200 profit is better than $10,000 that never comes because of greed.

What I'd advice is if you want to sell your websites for more money. Either make custom PHP scripts or build up valuable content and store sites.

Note: You will need a verified PayPal account to receive your monies and transact with these platforms.

Now that you know how to find clients for your business of website flipping.

What do you do once you've sold a website?

Find out in the next section.

Tip: It's really super simple.


Step 6: Transfer Website Ownership After Selling.

Congratulations! You've just sold your website.

Now what?


Ask the client to give you all the details you needed before to set up the website. This is if you'll be setting it up for them.

If not, simply push the domain to them and send them the PHP script files to do their own installation.

And you're done, my friend!

But if you want to earn even more, upsell your customer on other related services such as; SEO (Optimization, backlinks, etc), Social marketing, etc.

This is because this website will need traffic, and it's their next logical step. So be of service to them and bank. Otherwise, you'll be leaving money behind.

You only need to aim to sell 5 – 10 such script websites a month and you are making a decent side income.


Taking Action.

Every make money online method requires action if results are to be realized.

And with this simple website flipping method, it's no different. It will require action on your part.

Does it work?

Every day, websites are being sold. So what do you think?

Now if you don't want to be flipping websites all the time and want to learn how to create a successful business from scratch from experts. This platform right here will be your greatest ally.

That's it from me today on how to make $1000 a month from home flipping simple websites.

So if you’ve got any question, leave it in the comments below. And if you liked this post, find it in your heart to share it with your awesome friends.

Till next time.

Stay Blessed!

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