How To Make Money On Warrior Plus In 2023


If you’re looking for how to make money on Warrior Plus as a beginner, it’ll please you to know that you only need these two things.

That’s right, two things.

There’s no need to complicate the system when you’re just starting out.

And in this post, I’ll share with you the two things you ought to have and do in order to make money on Warrior Plus in 2023 as a complete beginner.

Granted, this isn’t the only way there is, and I’ve written several posts on this very subject, that you can refer back to and pick up on other powerful ways of getting the same done.

Some of these other ways include; Blogging, YouTube, Email Marketing (Best Course To Learn Making Money On Warrior Plus with Email Marketing), and the like.

But those methods do involve a lot of moving parts, that have to come in together, tying nicely to produce results.

On top of that, they do require you to shell out a few bucks to set up the systems just right.

And a whole lot, that this post is looking to fix. So that you can simply jump straight to cashing in, without having to learn much. Practically, helping you hit the ground running.

But just to get this matter of whether making money on Warrior Plus works or not?


It works!!! 🙂

And now to the things you need for this to work.

How To Make Money On Warrior Plus In 2023: The Two Things You Need.

Now, in order to make money on Warrior Plus in 2023 and beyond; whether you’re a complete beginner or otherwise, there are only two things you need at a bare minimum.

  1. The Right Affiliate Offer.

It goes without saying, but in order to make money with Warrior Plus, you’ll need to first get an affiliate offer from the platform to market and earn from.

There are several ways to go about doing this, depending on your methods of promotion. But as a beginner, I'll share with you the best way, to begin with, with the reasons why.

So I won't bore you going on and on about the other ways, but in case you do want this information, kindly check out other posts on this subject matter on the site.

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Now, to begin this process, head on over to Warrior Plus and sign up for an affiliate account. Shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to do and it’s FREE.

Once, on the platform. Navigate to Affiliate Offers; hover over the Affiliate menu, and from the drop-down list choose Offers.


As you can see, I’ve highlighted some of the things to keep in mind.

All those stats are necessary to help you determine which affiliate product to pick.

  1. Release date – You need something latest to about 5 months old.
  2. Sales – Rough estimate of how many copies of the product have been sold. The actual sales are usually higher.
  3. Conversion Rate – How well the product's sales page copy is in converting traffic to sales.
  4. Visitor Value – The potential worth of every visitor you send to the product's sales page.
  5. Average Sale – How much on average you can expect to earn from every successful buyer.
  6. Refund Rate – How good the product is in satisfying the need it warranted purchasing.

Even so, keep an eye on these things: Sales, Conversion Rate, and Refund Rate.

For the sales; make sure it’s about 1,000 to 3,000. That’s a good indicator of how well the product is being received by the intended market. This will make your marketing effort a bit easier.

With the conversion rate, you want a high conversion rate that attests to the Sales Page copy’s convincing power in converting the traffic you’ll be sending to it.

The refund rate should always be low, in comparison to the sales volume. For example, if a product has 1,000 sales and a 7% refund rate there could be a problem. Whereas a product with 10,000 sales and a 7% refund rate isn’t.

What you don’t want is a refund after you were set on getting paid. Plus too many refunds will hurt your WarriorPlus score (causing mistrust from vendors).

Now, keeping these things in mind, find the right affiliate offers that resonate best with you to promote.

Once you do, simply click on it, and on the product’s affiliate request page, click on the Request button and ask the vendor to accept your affiliation. 


This will unlock a special link for you, with which to use in your promotions in order to be credited for every successful sale.


What you need is like 5 of these approved for affiliate offers. Once you have them, we go on to the final part; of the second thing you need.

  1. The Traffic Source.
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There’s no making money with Warrior Plus or with any affiliate marketing company without the involvement of traffic.

Traffic and not just any traffic, but quality targeted traffic is what separates successful affiliates from struggling ones.

This is why most affiliate marketers hide their traffic sources from the general public, making it harder to know from where exactly they’re getting their traffic so that the competition stays low and revenues high.

In fact, if there’s any skill you need to master online to ensure you always get paid, is the ability to get targeted traffic online.

And while these traffic sources are in plenty from Udimi, Bing, Google Ads, etc; the big boys, there is a rather relatively young traffic source that's been coming up. One that will help you get targeted traffic for absolutely free.

Yes, that's free traffic sent to wherever you want, for 5 days.

And it's this very site, that'll help you start from ground zero for absolutely free as soon as today, without having to wait for ages to get the usual free traffic systems; social media sites, etc set up and running.

This site in question, which will help you get free targeted traffic flowing to your affiliate offers as soon as today, and for 5 days, is SimpleTraffic.

And I will go over quickly, how to get started with it so that you begin making this money already.

First head over to and using one of the affiliate links (from the ones you got after you were accepted to promote the products), use it to open your trial account by inserting it in the field box, and clicking on the start trial button.


This will take you to the account completion page from where you’ll enter your personal details and begin your free trial.


This free trial will last for 5 days. And every day you’ll be receiving 500 unique visitors for free from all over the world (or specific countries according to your preference) to your first affiliate offer of choice.

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You won’t be charged anything before the trial is up. So you’ll be able to cancel your free traffic trial before the 5 days are up or buy their traffic packages to keep the traffic rolling for 30 days.

From within the’s dashboard (You’ll get the sign-in details emailed to the email you used to sign up with), you’ll be able to switch out affiliate link URLs for different ones; depending on how well those products are converting.


You can switch out a Product’s affiliate link for another if after receiving a certain amount of visitors; eg. 250 – 300, it doesn’t convert to sales.

This is because when it comes to marketing affiliate offers online, testing and optimization is the name of the game.

You test out to find which affiliate products are making you bank the most, and you optimize them for better profit results.

Conclusion: How To Make Money On Warrior Plus In 2023

This is all there is to this method my friend.

Keep It Simple Stupid; KISS. Affiliate Offer + Traffic Source.

Any other thing included in that two-step process is all in an effort to Test and Optimize affiliate campaigns to generate the best possible returns.

And while in the beginning, you don’t need to complicate the process, when you start making money, you have to include the complexities (reviews, bonus pages, email list, etc) to ensure you aren’t leaving any money on the table.

But before you complicate something to ensure you aren’t leaving any money on the table, make sure there’s money on the table first, by simplifying the entire money-making process.

This is it for this post; how to make money on Warrior Plus in 2023 and beyond, and it’s my hope you found it insightful and you’re willing to take massive action on it.

And until the next post…

Happy earning and God bless you!