How To Make Money With a Website Without Selling Anything


Hi, in this post you’ll get to see several ways on how to make money with a website without selling anything, even if you’re just starting out online.

By now you already know making money online with a website is possible, even so, most ways seem to involve selling something.

You’re not wrong.

Selling is the best way to make money online because you can not only sell your own products but other people’s products (as an affiliate) and make a nice living out of it.

This is because the amount of money you get at a go with this is usually high compared to the use of no-selling strategies.

Even so, I will share with you how to go about making money with a website without selling anything.

And also a software that can help you get started for a fraction of the cost it would cost you to do things the usual way.

I will discuss this later on, but if you’re quick to find out what this software is and what it entails before going on, feel free to check it out.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started!

How To Make Money With a Website Without Selling Anything: Create A Website.

Now, before we discuss how to go about making money online with a website and without having to sell anything, you’ll first need the said website, don’t you?

How To Start A WordPress Site.

Starting a website isn’t as hard as it seems though it will require your patience, some nice pocket change, zeal, and zest to actually set it up.

You’ll need a hosting plan, to begin with. Good hosting will require about $50+ a year.

Next, you’ll need a domain name. You can get one for about $10; if you’re looking to keep hosting and domain in separate companies.

Otherwise, with your hosting package, you can take advantage of their free domain offer and keep things pocket-friendly.

After this, you’ll have to install WordPress on your domain. This is free to do, with the in-built WordPress app installer in your hosting cpanel.

After installing WordPress, you’ll need a professional theme to represent your Blog/Site. This normally costs about $57 on average.

You will also need some time to familiarize yourself with the WP theme you just bought, in order to get your blog looking the way you want.

Plugins will also be necessary to use, as these ones take the WP power to the next level.

And with plugins, you’ll need ones for; security, links, backup, analytics, SEO, compliance, speed, content, contact, and other miscellaneous ones.

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Most of these plugins are free, but if you need some premium features, you will have to pay to upgrade them.

All in all, at an average minimum, you will be required to have at least $100 for this setup.

This is assuming you have the expertise to get your site looking just right, without the need to hire a professional WordPress designer to do it (will cost extra for this).

All of these steps have been discussed at length and in visual detail; so that you set up your blog without the need to hire anyone.

How To Start A Non-WordPress Site.

Now, not everyone will be looking to spend $100+ and more so if they’re cash strapped.

The good news is that you can also start a website using free website builders like Wix, Weebly, Blogger, and Jimdo.

The caveat with this is that while it’s super easy to do, you will still need to upgrade to premium packages to access premium perks like; removal of their badges, not forcing their ads on your site, access to statistics, and the ability to monetize your site.

Frankly, it can be a nightmare. And in your bid to avoid paying more money, actually, end up spending way more.

Secondly, if a time comes when you want to sell the site for a quick payday, you might find it hard to get customers willing to accept such.

But it's an option nonetheless.

Another route you can go is to find done-for-you softwares that can hook you up with your own ready website, that you can customize, monetize, sell, and do whatever you wish with.

And best of all, for a small fraction of the price.

An example of such software would be Glitched.

It just hit the market, and it’s way simpler to work with since everything is done for you.

All you need do is choose a few options and you’re done.

You won’t have to create any content, since all this is done for you.

The way this works is super simple. In fact, I’ve shared a video of the software below for your consideration.

As you can see there’s not much to it, but it gives you everything you need to make money with a website without selling anything.

Best of all, it’ll cost you a one-time $19 or $17 if you activate the current $2 discount available.

And that’s not all, Glitched comes with a 365-days moneyback guarantee. This means you have an entire year to use the software free of charge.

This to say, if 364 days pass and you haven’t seen its effectiveness (highly unlikely) in making you money online, you can request a refund and actually get your $19/$17 returned to you.

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This is because Glitched is sure to make you more money quickly and consistently than you would otherwise.

And while this is optional, it beats in speed the faster you stand to gain than with the other methods above. So be sure to check out all that’s included with the software.

Now, that you know and can have a website of your own.

Let’s see the methods you can employ to start earning online without selling anything.

Make Money With a Website Without Selling Anything: Monetize.

I will share with you a few ways you can go about actually making money online with a website whilst not depending on a sale.

Some of these methods you know, but they’re effective in getting this done.

  1. Advertisements.

The first of the obvious ways is through advertisements that get shown on your website from third-party websites; Google Adsense, Mediavine, Taboola, etc.

There’s not much to this method, all you have to do is sign up to your preferred ad monetization platform, implement their ad code, and you’re done.

The way you earn with this will be through a dynamic/fixed pricing per a thousand ad impressions, and for clicks generated; by users clicking on them.

You needn’t sell anything with this method. As long as traffic is hitting your website, you’re sure to see results.

The advantage is that unlike with other methods, you can start seeing some results with this method faster.

It might not be much in the beginning but as your website traffic grows, so will your ad revenue.

Another advantage is that there are different ad variations/types (notification, banner, anchor, vignette, etc) to use so that you only use those ad types that best suit your website style.

  1. CPA Marketing.

The difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is that with the latter you don’t have to generate a sale to get paid.

All you need is for your website/blog visitor to submit a few personal details; email, phone number, address, etc, or action like; calling, downloading, etc to get paid.

How much you stand to get paid varies, but you can expect to find offers that pay $2+ per email sign-up and even more for extra details.


This makes it easy since it’s quick to get people to enter their emails than it is to loosen their purse strings. 🙂

Getting accepted to CPA platforms is also easier than it is, being monetized with popular ad platforms, making employing this strategy a nice move.

Another option with this is that you can force people to actually complete these CPA actions; by locking access to some areas of your site, or to certain valuable downloads/links, unlockable with successful completion of these CPA offers.

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In either case, you can be sure to make a decent revenue with this CPA strategy.

  1. Sponsored Posts.

There are a number of companies/brands that are always looking to pay content creators handsomely to create awareness for their products, to their audience.

Though you will need to have a nice stream of visitors to your website, it’s an option you can consider to make money online without necessarily having to sell anything, once your website grows.

To get in touch with these brands and negotiate a certain price for your efforts, you can either reach out to them directly or indirectly through influencer marketing networks (IZEA, Lingia, TapInfluence, etc).

Keep in mind, how much you stand to make per sponsored post will be greatly determined by the size of your audience (traffic).

Unlike with the above methods, with sponsored posts, you want to exercise moderation with them.

Too many and you risk devaluing your content (with conflicting content) and marketing impact (burning out your audience), in turn scaring away potential clients.

Fewer, higher-paying, and relevant sponsored posts, is the sweet spot.

  1. Donations.

Just because you aren’t selling anything, doesn’t mean you cannot appeal to your audience’s generosity and cash in.

You can do this by strategically placing donation (Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee) buttons on different areas of your site.

This is another effective way to go about making money with a website but without selling anything.

You however need to make sure the free value you’re giving to them is top-notch; enough to compel them to donate.

And just to go the extra mile, you can opt to give something extra to donators as a surprise thank you, to make it worth their goodness.

While these four strategies might not look like much, if you incorporate all of them within your site, you can be sure to turn in a nice income, month after month.

Wrapping Up: Sell or Not To Sell?

You really don’t have to beat yourself up with this, simply throw in everything that has the potential to not only be valuable to your audience but also profitable for you.

Always aim for a win-win situation.

Proverbs 16:11.

The Lord demands fairness in every business deal. He established this principle.

And if you’re looking to learn how you can make money with a website, selling, this post has the perfect blueprint.

In closing, remember to check out Glitched and get started with a nice, simple, effective, website that is created for just one purpose; to make you money without selling anything.

This brings us to the end of this post; how to make money with a website without selling anything.

And it’s my hope you found it insightful and are ready to implement what you’ve learned.

God bless you and until the next post…

Happy Earning!