How To Make Money Writing Articles Online ($100+ Per Day)


Do you want to make money writing articles online; more than $100 per day, without having to do the work?

Look, not everyone making money online is doing it the hard way.

And if you are, I’m sorry. But it ought not to be the case.

After all, isn’t it always advised to work smart and not hard?

Good news though. Today, I will share a particular method you can employ to actually cut through the hard work, and smartly walk into easy money whether you’re an article writer or not.

But first, before I share with you the simple strategy, let me first share with you how I got started online with this, and how things have changed for the better.

How I First Started Making Money Online Writing Articles.

2013 is when I really got into making money online. That’s 9 years to date and still going strong.

And the first method I employed was writing articles online.

But the way I did it, was by signing up to content writing sites and then sourcing for eager writers to do the work for a small fee, and I kept the difference.

Basically arbitrage.

Middlemen seem to be the ones profiting the easy way. But like I said, it’s not about working hard, but smartly.

I did my best with this and profited well. But the hassle was always getting things done on time.

And if you’ve done this yourself, you know taking up orders and canceling them, then retaking them again to give yourself an undeserved time extension, doesn’t work well and puts your account at risk.

Another issue was that the writers had their own personalities, writing styles, and some beginners just learning on the job.

This obviously would mean some work revisions here and there and even rejections, and all that meant lost profits.

If it were today, though, the method I’m about to share with you, is what I would have opted for instead.

Lucky you!

But before we get into that, let me first share with you how this is working out for others.

This way, you don’t shrug it off, but actually, hunker down and get that money.

Examples Of How To Make $100+ Per Day Online Writing Articles.

Now, the best way to know how well a method is working before attempting it is to check other people’s income reports.

This is what I do so that I don’t waste my time with a dead money-making method.

But when it comes to writing articles, there’s no need for that.

This is because there are so many ways I’ve earned with it, and still do, but for your sake, I’ll list a few current examples.

And for this, we’ll look at my favorite freelance marketplace; Fiverr, to get a sense of what customers are saying (with their wallets).

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Gig Example 1:


As you can see, this guy is a beginner. Yet, even with a starting price of $75, he’s got 2 orders in queue worth $120 for him.

This assumes those two orders are starters. But who knows?

His pricing for the other options; Standard at $150 for 1,000 words and Premium at $250 for 2,000 words.

If you check how many reviews have been left by satisfied customers; keeping in mind most people don’t leave a review, that’s 88, and going with the Basic pricing, that’s $5,280 for him.

The figures have been adjusted accounting for the 20% Fiverr keeps.

Even if, the pricing hasn’t always been so from the beginning. You still can’t argue, the guy’s getting paid. And paid well to write those articles.

I’ve gone ahead and added a few more examples so it doesn’t look like it’s an isolated case.

Plus you’re welcome to visit Fiverr and do your own research on this.

Take note of all the points discussed above, with every example.

Gig Example 2.


Pricing: Basic $45 (150 words), Standard $90 (300 words), Premium $125 (500 words).

Gig Example 3.


Pricing: Basic $50 (500 words), Standard $100 (1,000 words), Premium $145 (1,500 words).

Gig Example 4.


Pricing: Basic $100 (500 words), Standard $200 (1,000 words), Premium $400 (2,000 words).

Awesome, right?

And if you’ve not yet noticed, that’s over $100 in profit for each writer whether you’re considering their entry prices or not.

But if you’re now starting to wonder if you have the writing skill to give them a run for their money, don’t worry. This is the reason for this post.

So that even if you’ve never done this before, you actually get started and take your own fair share of the pie. 🙂

If this sounds nice to you, let’s go straight to the method. Shall we?

How To Make Money Writing Articles Online: The Method.

Earlier, I told you how I started out online by outsourcing this article writing work to others, and some of the challenges I had to deal with.

Nowadays, all this can be avoided by simply using article-writing AIs.

Specifically, built and trained to help all content writers do their work not only efficiently, fast, but at the highest quality without comprise when quantity is required.

It's a challenge for any writer, to produce several high-quality articles a day. At some point, that quality declines.

Popular bloggers, take days crafting out their perfect post masterpieces. You can’t expect to produce 10, 2,000-worded posts at the same quality standard at a go, back to back, on different topics.

But for an AI, this is nothing. Meaning, even if the article orders in the queue are 100 and for different topics, you can deliver on the same day at satisfactory quality, and consistently so, every day.

Better yet, you get to keep all the profits to yourself. There’s no splitting of profits with writers.

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And today I will share with you one such article writing AI to aid you in making money online by writing articles for you.

Top Article Writing AI To Consider.

Jasper is the name of the article writing software that has the potential to make you money consistently online by writing articles.

Jasper is able to help you create awesome articles that can be used as blog posts, website copy, or for press releases, posted on social media sites, sold independently, and for many other uses; 50+.

All these are types of gig services you can offer to prospective clients and earn very well from.

A great advantage with Jasper is that you can create content in over 25 languages. This takes competition with other writers out of the equation.

Another advantage to Jasper is that it takes out writer's block, which can be seriously frustrating; lead to stress, failure to meet delivery deadlines, among other inconveniences.

There’s no article type that Jasper cannot write it out for you. And do so expertly, like a native.

Simply put Jasper is the Future of writing. And can prove to be a serious money-making tool for you, if you embrace it.

Even so, with these super tools, they always have a team behind them; that is making it possible and as such have a price.

They are making it easy for you to earn money online. It’s only fair for them to earn as well to continue helping you make even more money writing articles for others, the easy way. Don’t you agree?


Jasper’s pricing model is rather direct and fair. It’s split into two; Starter and Boss Mode, on monthly or yearly pay cycles.

How much you pay depends on the words you want Jasper to write for you.

However, the default Starter pricing option is $29/month or $24/mo (paid yearly) for 20,000 words.

Boss Mode pricing option; $59/month or $49/mo if paid yearly for 50,000 words.

Paying yearly attracts a 16% discount and as such pocket friendly.

But you can start with the monthly option first to see its effectiveness in earning you money, before committing to the yearly option.

Even so, let me explain Jasper’s pricing fairness to see if it’s worth the investment.

As you saw in earlier examples you can command way more for a 500-word post. More than the amount Jasper is asking for, and for even more words.

Let’s assume you’re looking to sell a 500-word article at $5, a 1,000-word article at $10, and a 2,000-word article at $15.

This is bare minimum pricing. But assuming you’re a beginner and need those reviews to come in first before bumping up your prices.

You’ll need 8 orders of 500-worded articles or 4 orders of 1,000-worded articles, or 2 orders of 2,000-worded articles to make back your investment.

This means you only need to sell, 4,000 words to recoup your investment. And even with the starter package, you’ll have 16,000 more words to sell.

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This means a profit potential of $120 minimum from your $29 investment. Or $340+ in profit from your $59/mo investment if you go for the Boss Mode package.

Note: This is mostly with the minimum pricing in mind.

And in 30 days, you can get way more article orders than these.

As you can see, the software can more than pay for itself.

This however doesn’t mean Jasper is only meant for Freelance writers. If you’re a blogger, you can just as easily publish all those 20,000 words or 50,000 words on your blog or website.

I don’t have to tell you the traffic and revenue benefits from the SEO boost.

In either case, Jasper will get you that money.

And of course, there’s a free trial period with Jasper, within which to test out the software and see if it’s something you want to work with.

There’s more to Jasper than I’ve shared. So do visit their official page and see all it has got to offer.

Want an extra bonus method with which to use Jasper?

Keep reading.

Bonus Method For Making Money Online Writing Articles.

Look, I told you there are so many ways you can make money writing articles.

I will even write out a few more posts on this so that you are acquainted with all of them.

In the meantime, though, did you know you can sell pre-written articles?

As in you come up with a topic you want to write on, write it out, and sell it?

There are advantages to this method, chief among them writing on topics you love rather than struggling with alien topics.

And if you think such a method doesn’t exist, it might please you to know it does.

Better yet, you can be paid for the same article over and over and over again or simply sell it for a one-time payment, but at a higher price.

Examples of these content marketplaces to sell articles that get produced by Jasper include, but are not limited to, Constant Content, DotWriter, and Partica.

I’ll be listing out other content marketplaces to sell all your unpublished, rejected or new articles in a future post. So keep an eye out for that.

And just so we’re clear, this method can easily net you more than $500+ per article, depending on the topic, the client, purpose of use, among other reasons. 🙂

Always remember, Content is still king online. And if you can produce it, Money will follow.

So will you let Jasper handle this for you?

Conclusion: Take Action!

Nothing works until you do.

Information is power only if you can take action with it. Then, and only then, does it represent knowledge and, consequently, power. — Daniel Burrus.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Need I say more?

You can always check my other make-money posts, in the make money section, if this hasn’t piqued your fancy.

That’s it for this post; how to make money writing articles online; $100+ per day.

I hope it was insightful and eye-opening.

God bless you and until next time…

Happy Earning!