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ImagePush Review

Hi and welcome to my ImagePush review; a software that helps you monetize any image you have on your website/blog.

And in this short review, I'll explain what opportunity it's helping you tap into so that you can decide if it's something you might want to include in your online earning arsenal.

Below is a short ImagePush review video and demo. But make sure to read the entire post, it'll give you a better understanding of the opportunity being presented.

So, without further ado,

Let's jump in.

ImagePush Review: What Is It?

ImagePush is a WordPress plugin; to be specific, that overlays any image on your website, blog posts, and pages, with goal-oriented elements, that generate for you revenue from your audience's interaction.

These goal-oriented elements are such as sign-up forms to collect leads that you can follow up with later to earn, affiliate offer pitches with buy buttons, display videos, ads, and more.


It'll in essence monetize your audience in a unique manner, increasing your conversions is a way you never thought possible.

The Opportunity.

If you have a website/blog somewhere online, you'll most likely find you're using images that aren't netting you any income.

I know, I know, it's for SEO purposes. But killing two birds with one stone sure would be a nice welcome, don't you agree?

And this is exactly what ImagePush is all about. Patching those leaking revenue angles, that we bloggers have grown to say “wharever” to.

But in all seriousness, think about it.

Your website/blog has got say thousands of images already up, ranking on Google, bringing you traffic.

The posts and pages they're in are also ranking and bringing in that sweet search traffic.

Your audience has also been sharing your posts like crazy on their social media pages, and traffic sure is coming back to your site.

But, here's the thing, you'll find you're only relying on say links, buttons, and banners as the only take-action points.

And guess what your audience knows this. And they know where they are and can ignore them because they're used to seeing them.

To fix this, you actually want something that stops them to actually listen to/read and digest your offer.

Most people reading a blog or looking around a website will ignore things until one suddenly jumps out, gets their attention and they actually take the time to care what it is.

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It's why readers hate pop-ups, yet they are quite effective in actually getting the lead. They simply just jump out.

And when they do, they force you to actually see what it's all about.

But guess how many beautiful pictures you've taken the time to make appealing with the intention of drawing your audience to them, yet they don't earn you a dime.

Don't get me wrong, your images are amazing. You sure know how to design or source the right image for your posts, but that's not where your efforts should stop.

You know your audience is seeing and appreciating them. So why not show them what you have for sale, while their appreciation of your images is at its peak?

Have you watched those videos on YouTube where when you're anticipating something amazing next; since it's been building to that, suddenly you're interrupted with an Ad?

Guess what, that's the sweet spot for advertising on their videos since they'll earn MORE. The audience is at their most engaged at that point.

So the next time this happens don't be annoyed, it's smart marketing. 🙂

And you now have the chance and opportunity with ImagePush to use the same clever advertising principle within your website and blogs to earn MORE.

Better yet, I've also included for you some amazing WordPress plugins that will help you do some ninja stuff on your sites to earn way more.

And not just that, but also, included other premium courses, trainings, and softwares on several other subjects important to your online growth like traffic and money.

To be honest with you, the bonuses I've included for you aren't premium for nothing, they cost money, and as such worth more than what you'll be paying for ImagePush.

Even so, I believe ImagePush's overlay technology by itself is a smart marketing tactic you should consider deploying on your sites.

And below is a summary of its features.

ImagePush Features.

Despite being a very simple WordPress plugin, ImagePush does offer compelling advantages.

  1. Image Hover Technology.

This feature helps you keep your site looking as fresh as always, but at the same time, monetized without any clutter.

It sure beats struggling to add more visible buttons and opt-in forms without ruining your website's aesthetics.

  1. Autoresponder Integration.

The number one asset for every online business is its email list, and if you can build it without compromising your current site's layout, it would be a plus, right?

ImagePush helps you do this and with several autoresponder services.

  1. In-built Image Curator.
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ImagePush has the ability to curate images from several stock photo sites, saving you the hassle. Need I say more?

  1. Fully-fledged image editor.

It'll do you no good if you can pull images from online sources, then have to export them to a different software to edit them to your liking, then back for further fixing.

ImagePush gives you this convenience straight within the plugin itself. So that you can pull, edit, resize, crop, and have your image campaigns looking as you want without looking anywhere else.

  1. Done-for-You Image Campaigns.

ImagePush comes with done-for-you image campaigns complete with buy buttons, call to actions, and opt-in setups to help you hit the ground running.

All you have to do is edit them a little to match your chosen offer and you're ready to launch.

  1. Drag-And-Drop Offer Creation.

While you've got done-for-you offer templates you can use, you also have the ability to create yours from scratch and do so without any technical skills like coding required.

The editor is drag and drop based, so as to move things easily into position and create the right feel you're looking for in your image campaigns.

  1. 30-Day Risk-Free Policy.

ImagePush comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee to help you take advantage of the software without any worries.

This removes any hesitation you might have since it's a risk-free, no-brainer deal, and on something that's actually ingenious with the potential to make you more money.

And now, let's see if there are any upsells to amp up its effectiveness.

ImagePush Review: Any Upsells?


ImagePush comes with two optional upgrades that you can decide to pick and extend the software's functionality and opportunities.

Upgrade #1: ImagePush Pro.

The pro version will get you 50+ premium image templates, a developer license to install in as many sites as you want even as a service, and also access the image campaigns analytics to know which campaigns are working best and which aren't.

Upgrade #2: Reseller Rights.

With this upgrade, you'll be able to sell ImagePush as if it were your very own product and get to keep 100% of the profits.

And all without having to upload, host, configure, or even offer support; all the things you'd expect with selling your own products online.

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Now, the above upgrades while optional do offer both an advantage and opportunity to consider.

For instance, the pro version of ImagePush will help you access the campaigns' insights and analytics. This is super valuable to know which direction you need to push your marketing for even greater success.

The second upgrade is an opportunity to have your own product to sell without sharing any profits with anyone.

So it'll depend on you and what you're looking for. But the first upgrade sure makes itself considerable.

Concerns You Should Know.

Now, I don't like bashing other people's products that they've genuinely created with love to help you make more money online.

Something we can all appreciate by the way.

Even so, I would like to tell you that if you're currently using an autoresponder service that isn't Aweber, GetResponse, or MailChimp, collecting leads with ImagePush will be a challenge.

You'll be limited to other income generation tactics but that of list building won't be possible.

With that said, if you sign up to Aweber on their free option, you'll be able to still build your list without having to incur any extra cost.

The only challenge at this point might be managing two lists in separate autoresponder services.

But what's that compared to the extra revenue you stand to get, right?

Lastly, the plugin's look and feel isn't the most aesthetically pleasing in it's design. But it's a little trade off for the technology it's availing for you.

Because in the end it's not how something looks, as long as it can achieve your goal of making you money.

ImagePush Review: Conclusion.

In conclusion, to stay ahead in the online marketing game, you need clever ways to promote and ImagePush sure is giving that edge.

So if you've been creating amazing Infographics that people just love to see, read and that's it. It's time to actually earn from your efforts.

And irrespective of what images you're using on your site, you can take advantage of them to get you leads and sales.

And the good thing is that this is actually new, when everyone's doing it, its effectiveness might go down.

So it pays to be among the first to use the latest marketing strategy to earn even more before others catch up to you and it becomes a competition.

You can learn more about ImagePush on their official page below.

That's it for this ImagePush review, I hope you loved it. And until next time, my friend, happy earning!