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Welcome to my Madsense Profits Review; a product by Brendan Mace that promises to help you make passive AdSense income through content blogs.

You'll not only learn how it will help you do this but also know the problem it's solving for you today, to help you make an informed decision.

My goal is not to fill this review with what the product is promising to give you; the sales page does that just fine. My aim is to help you see if it's something you need to help you make money.

So are you ready?

Let's jump in!

Madsense Profits Review: What Is It?

Madsense Profits is a web-based software that helps you create niche-targeted, and automated content blogs, that attract free organic traffic from Google and also from social media sites, to help you earn from AdSense/Amazon/Other ads and from affiliate products.

But how exactly does this work?

How Does Madsense Profits Work?

After you've bought your copy of Madsense Profits, you'll be required to register and login into the members' dashboard.


You'll immediately get a welcome video that shows you how to use the software to create the niche blogs you'll be earning with.

So the first thing will be to decide on the niche you'd want your blog to be based on.

And once you have this niche in mind; say Affiliate Marketing, you'll want to navigate to the left menu, and under the Blogs section, choose the Create New Blog option.


This will open the niche-blog creation wizard page, with different settings to configure first, before launching your desired blog. In our case, an Affiliate Marketing blog.

The first setting will be to either Add-In Articles from their database and create your blog with those or Add in your own custom Articles.

In this example, we will choose the former.

Now, when you click on the green Add Article button, it'll launch a window with a bunch of articles on their database, that you'll have to sort out for those related to your niche of choice.

And to do this, you'll have to search your niche keyword, on the search field.


Then once you've sorted for the articles related to your niche. You can click on their corresponding Add Article buttons to add them to your blog or Preview them first to see how they read before adding them.


Once you've gone through this process and added all the articles you want on your new niche-blog, more settings will be presented to you, to further customize your blog.

Note: You can edit your newly added blog posts, to read as you want or delete those you don't like.


Moving on, the new blog settings will be your blog's name, your author name, the color of your blog's header and footer, the affiliate link you want to be promoted at the end of the blog posts, and the Anchor text that'll mask/contain the link.

madsense profits blog settings

Other settings will be the Adsense codes for both the header and the sidebar of the blog, header script location for verifying you own the web property, and a choice to enable/disable the About and Contact us pages (don't disable these, they're good for trust).

madsense profits additional blog settings

Once you're done with all the settings click on the Save & Publish button, to save your blog settings and create your niche blog.

To visit your blog, simply navigate to the Blogs section and click on the Manage Your Blogs options.

All the blogs you create will be listed here with full autonomy to view or to copy them, and to either edit or delete them.

madsense profits managing blogs

Lastly, will be getting traffic to these niche blogs you've created.

And to do this, you'll need to navigate to the Instant Traffic section.

From there, you'll be able to choose the specific niche blog you want to market and blast it to several social media outlets for free social traffic.

madsense profits instant traffic

And don't worry, since these will be content blogs, they'll stand to attract free organic traffic from Google.

Even so, I've included my own premium traffic bonus bundle with your copy of Madsense Profits, to help you get even more free traffic to your niche blogs without having to wait on Google.

You've now seen how the software operates and what you can expect with it. Now let's see the problem, it's trying to solve for you.

This is what might make or break your decision.

So pay close attention. 🙂

What Problem Is Madsense Profits Solving For You?

Look, if there's one money-making method you can absolutely follow blindly, without knowing anything, and still see results with it, it's blogging.

Sure it can take a while before the gears start spinning, but once they're spinning that's it.

You won't be able to stop people from coming to your blog and making you money, nothing short of deleting the blog.

And even if you don't want the blog anymore there will always be people ready to buy it off you.

Personally, I like to create blogs in my free time, let them sit there and mature, and when it's time, I just flip them for easy money.

Simply because it works. And it'll keep on working. But there's a problem…

Creating blogs or websites can be a headache. And a serious nightmare if it's your first time and don't know what you're doing.

It'll also be very costly, hosting alone is $100/yr. A good theme will run you $50+.

Pro security, backup, and SEO, plugins will wipe another $50+ each from your pocket.

Designers; if you don't want to spend a month on the damn thing, can cost you from $200+.

Content writing is also another issue. If you're not comfortable or able to write your own articles for the niche you've chosen, and looking to outsource, count another $30 for each post.

You need at least 50 – 70 blog posts before your free organic traffic from Google starts to really pick up steam. That's $1,500$2,100.

But hey, you can cut corners with all of these and keep things really, really cheap. Even then, you'll still be out $100+.

And comparing that to the $17 Madsense Profits is asking for, which option do you think would be better if making money quickly while still saving was your aim?

This is who I think should buy Madsense Profits.

Who Should Buy Madsense Profits?

Not everything is meant for everyone. That much is true about a lot of things in life.

Softwares and money-making methods are no exception.

Not every money-making method should be done by everyone. So blogging, even though a proven money-making system, isn't for everyone.

But if you're among those who would like to earn with a blog, don't know how to set one up yourself, you have limited funds, and you want a blog now; ready to promote and earn you money, Madsense Profits could be it.

And you can even get it with 20 already done-for-you blogs; with their upgrade option, to simply swap your affiliate links and adverts and be ready to promote and earn.

Whatsmore this is a risk-free deal because you're covered with their 30-day moneyback guarantee. So if you buy Madsense Profits, and it doesn't work for you, they'll give you your money back.

So this is hardly a question of who should buy, but one of finding out yourself if it works for you.

In Conclusion: Take Action.

Nothing works unless you do.

We can sit here and discuss all the ins and outs of Madsense Profits, but it will never work for you if you don't take action and actually work it.

Almost anything online will make you money with enough traffic and proper monetization in place. And the place where many people seem to fail is at the traffic level.

And that's why I've added some insane paid-for products for you as free bonuses to help you force Madsense Profits to work for you.

Madsense Profits will work for you, yes, but with my bonuses, you can almost guarantee it.

Traffic is what determines if you'll succeed online with any given system or software. That's why I keep saying if there's anything you need to master to ensure your online income, is how to drive traffic.

And my premium traffic bonuses will cover this for you perfectly and I'm always adding more premium traffic bonuses.

If you take action on Madsense Profits and apply yourself with all you'll learn in my bonuses, you'll see results.

That's it for my Madsense Profits review, and I hope you've found it helpful in making up your mind. Until next time, happy earnings!