How To Make $100 Per Day Online Selling Logo Designs From Scratch

How To Make $100 Per Day Online Selling Logo Designs From Scratch

If you want to make $100 per day online. All you need is a working method to take massive, determined action with.

And while I've shared with you before the various simple ways you can use to make money online. This will, by far, be skill intensive.

This is because this method involves designing and selling logos for profit as either custom or templates.

Not to worry though as I will show you how to do it both from scratch and while leveraging others’ efforts.

And not only that, I will also share a simple design software to help you create and sell gorgeous designs, logos, banners, and high end creatives perfect for any design need in just 60 seconds.

Details about this software can be found at the end of this article. But don't rush off to see it, first read the entire post.

So you really need not be artistically gifted at all to do this. It's like with this POD method here.

But it wouldn't hurt either if you learned how to do it.

However you decide, you'll make money.

So, with no further ado, let's get started!

Shall we?

What Is A Logo And Why Does It Matter?

A logo put simply, is an imagery representation of a brand. And it can be depicted as either a graphic mark, an emblem, or a symbol.

Other than that, a well-designed logo also carries with it a company's core values: Who they are, what they do, and stand for to name but a few.

Therefore, it matters a lot to have a perfect logo that represents one’s brand positively to the public.

And seeing just how much a logo is tasked to represent, makes getting an expert logo designer to design it sensible for any business.

And this is exactly where you come in. Offering your skills to make them exactly what they're looking for and profit.

But do you have the skills needed to get paid?

Learn How To Design Logos Like a Pro.

Now, before you can design a logo and earn money you first need to have the skills.

Logo design skills - make $100 per day online

But since this post is all about starting from scratch, I'll presume you're a complete beginner.

So, how can you learn logo design for free or otherwise?

You practice determinedly. Period!

You can invest all you want in premium books and training resources but without grit all that will be useless.

When I was learning logo design a while back, I did everything to learn the craft. I learned both from premium materials and free ones.

But where I learned the most was not in these materials per se but in practice.

So, understand if you want to become an expert and a successful logo designer, grit will be everything to you.

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What will you need?

  1. Tutorials.
  2. Tools.

Below I'll list a few resources to help you get started with the above two things.

Top YouTube Channels To Learn Logo Design.

  1. Dansky.
  2. Will Paterson.
  3. Satori Graphics.
  4. Mohamed Achraf.
  5. Adobe illustrator tutorials – How to Design a Logo.

Top Logo Design Tools.

  1. Adobe Illustrator.
  2. CorelDRAW.
  3. Inkscape.
  4. Affinity Designer.
  5. Gravit Designer.

Below are two full courses showing you how to design a logo from scratch courtesy of Dansky and DesignCourse on YouTube.

1. Mastering Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator.

2. How to Design a Logo – Full Identity Design Course.

If you don't want to waste time learning how to create all these creative designs, but still want to create them. There's a software detailed at the end of this post that will help you create any design work you need in minutes.

If You Can't Create Your Own Logos,…


You don't have to learn logo design if you don't want, to make money with this method.

All you can do is outsource the entire logo creation and bank the difference. Digital arbitrage.

But what makes learning logo design of utmost importance, is you'll be able to identify winning designs and designers quiet easily and save money on lost causes!

This is because this method is about selling logo design templates – logos that you can create once and keep selling them over and over –  singly or as a bundle.

And also custom one-off logo designs for interested clients to maximize your skill monetization.

The hardest part of this approach will be the vetting process. You'll have to find excellent designers to work with and it might need some test money.

After all, if you're putting your reputation on the line, what's a few bucks right?

Either way, these two approaches will work and even better for scaling and convenience when done together.

In short, if you can't create your own logo, outsource the logo creation and sell it.

There are a lot of eager buyers looking for amazing logo templates. So whether you're doing it yourself or outsourcing, just get it done and get this paper.

But where exactly will you be selling these awesome logos?

Best Place To Sell Logos Online.

The question isn't about whether there's money in logo design. But how to get it, in the best way possible.

And what's best for any logo designer will be different and thus a subject for experimentation.

And in that light, the best way to sell logos online is to try out different logo selling marketplaces and methods. Until you find the absolute best place to sell logos online for you and how.

Will you be selling these logos singly, as bundles or one-off templates? How much will you be charging and why? How's your competition like? How will you know a marketplace or a method isn't working well for you and what will you do? Which logos sell well and do you have any of them? etc.

All the answers to these questions and many more will be unique to each designer.

And it's only in experimenting will you also know the answers as it pertains to you and your logo business.

Below are some top examples of where and how you can go about selling your amazing logos online.  

1. Sell Your Logo Templates On Logo Selling Marketplaces.

What makes this method awesome is that each of these logo selling marketplaces has got their own well-established buyer traffic.

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This means you won't need to worry about improving your craft and marketing your logo creations at the same time. So more time for you to hone your logo design craft as they’ve already handled your traffic problem.

Sales Statistics

Another thing I like about these sites is the ability to see recent and past sales to get a feel for what certain clients want. This offers invaluable insights that will help you polish up on areas you'll be slacking off in and stay super competitive.

Top Logo Selling Marketplaces To Sell Your Logo Graphic Designs.

  1. Graphic River.
  2. DesignCrowd.
  3. 99designs.
  4. BrandCrowd.
  5. Designhill.
  6. TemplateMonster.
  7. Creative Market (You can save time and buy professionally made logo templates here to edit and sell commercially). 🙂

2. Sell Custom Logos On Freelance Marketplaces.

It can't go without saying this but to better hone your logo design craft practice is essential.

And what better way to practice than to do it in a real situation for an immediate client?

Freelance work - make $100 per day selling logos online

Even though there are a few similarities as it pertains to competing and waiting for sales, with freelance sites it's different. You don’t work for free. The client pays the money upfront to you, so it’s only you who’s left to deliver.

These sites also have an already established traffic and client base that keeps on coming back to buy.

So similarly to the above method, you only need to level up your logo design game as you'll be up against some serious competition.

Another fun thing with this method is that you can list your services for sale on one freelance marketplace. And outsource the logo creation task on the same or another marketplace.

Example: When you find a logo designer you can work with on Fiverr. Go list up the gig on eBay. And when you get a client, you simply outsource to that designer and pocket the difference.

I like this example method above because you not only get paid instantly to PayPal but you start with zero capital.

I enjoy testing concepts out most of the time and so I whipped up a quick logo template and listed it up on eBay.

Somebody bought it. It wasn't much as I was testing the concept out. But got convinced it still works and if you like the business model and work at it, you'll see results.

Volume will be crucial and the pricing. But to find your sweet pricing spot, test things out.

Here’s the concept test result.

Sell Logos On eBay - Sold Logo Template.

Top Freelance Marketplaces To Sell Your Logos Online.

  1. Fiverr.
  2. eBay.
  3. Guru.
  4. PeoplePerHour.
  5. Airtasker.

3. Sell Logos On Your Own Store or Website.

The third option is to open your own store selling your own logo creation services and templates.

Start Your Own Store And Make $100 per day online

The only caveat will be you'll have to bring in the traffic yourself. But on the upside, you'll be in total control.

You'll be able to build your brand safely, gain clients, and make a stable and dependable income. Without having to worry about your account being suspended with money in it for any innocent slip up.

I particularly hate accounts being suspended for I've been in such situations before and in different endeavors. And it ain't pretty.

To do this, you can start with a self-hosted WordPress site (see how you can start one here). Or if you want an alternative, you can use third-party websites to host your ecommerce store for you.

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Top Ecommerce Website Solutions To Start Your Own Logo Selling Business.

  1. Shopify.
  2. Sellfy.
  3. PayHip.
  4. WooCommerce.
  5. Selz.

It'll also be useful if you can start a blog or a YouTube channel sharing your logo design expertise to educate, establish trust, and gain clients.

Another thing you can do since logos are visual is to start and grow your Pinterest business account. You'll get targeted traffic and sales that way.

It goes without saying it, but optimize your ecommerce logo website, services, and templates to be picked up and ranked by search engines for extra buyer traffic.

When you're just starting out from scratch with your logo design business and with no Ad money to spend. The above methods will serve you well in getting your store off the ground.

Another thing, it helps to keep your brand uniform across all channels you market your skills on. This to mean keep your business name uniform across all platforms to avoid building up different but the same brand.

Example: If your brand name is “Got It Logos” get found everywhere that way. On YouTube, blog, social media, Fiverr, etc.

The only time it's okay to keep things different is when you're doing something unrelated to your brand and doesn't help it.  

The Design Software That'll Help You 10X Your Results

Now I've been mentioning to you about a software that can help you do this method in lightening speed.

Unfortunately it's a paid product, but can be worth it if you want to 10x your design output and income results.

I don't want you to buy it if you feel you can take the long route. It's still fine and the method will still work.

The software's name is ImagePanda and is a cloud based software, meaning there's nothing you'll need to download and install.

They also give you materials you can edit and start selling immediately. Plus I've also included my own secret bonuses that will help you earn even more with images and graphics, more than has been discussed in this post.

You can check out how the software works on their official page by clicking on the button below.

You'll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee to protect your money if the software doesn't help you.

So it doesn't hurt to give it a try as it can help you make a lot of money in a very short amount of time than it would take others.

In Wrapping Up: Is It Worth It.

Design isn't for everyone. That much is true. But anyone can learn it and become a pro or still do it with the help of the software above without having to learn a lot.

What's important is that you take action on this.

Remember, everything SEEMS hard until you learn it.

Logo Design Business is a solid business model and will always be to represent businesses and their products.

I've learned skills that after some time where rendered unmarketable because of changes. But rest assured your logo design skills won't go to waste anytime soon if ever.

What you can do is add on to it with other graphic design skills such as business card design, illustrations, icons, flyer, and poster designs. etc.

There is a lot of money to be made in graphic design. And as vast as your graphic design skills set get, so shall the opportunities to turn a profit.

So it'll be totally worth it. And the profits alone will soon do the talking. 🙂

I hope you got value out of this post. And if so, find the time to share it with your friends. And if you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

That's it from me today on how to make $100 per day online selling logo designs from scratch. And if you want to learn how you can create a successful online business from scratch, you'll find this resource here to be of great help. Simply register for free and start learning.

See you in the next post.

Stay blessed!

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