How To Make $100 Per Day Online With Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner

How To Make $100 Per Day Online With Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner 1

One of the most revered ways to make $100 per day online or more is through affiliate marketing.

But as pleasing a method is, making money with affiliate marketing as a beginner can be a daunting task.

Not that it’s impossible or hard by any means, but because one needs to execute it properly or else, it won’t work.

The good news though is that in this post I’ll share with you the best way to make $100 per day online with affiliate marketing as a beginner.
So let’s begin.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner In 2023.

In this post, we’ll see what affiliate marketing is in brief, some of its benefits and the method you must execute to make it work for you.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing, in short, is marketing other peoples’ products for commissions.

So you, the affiliate, will get compensated a predetermined amount of money for every referral/buyer you send to the affiliate product.

Affiliate product/service is the product/service paying you a certain sale/fixed percentage for every sale/customer you bring them.

Affiliate commission is the exact cut you’re to expect to get for every successful conversion (sale/sign up).

make $100 per day online with affiliate marketing commission proof
An affiliate commission example

But what are the advantages of following affiliate marketing as a business model?

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing For Publishers.

  1. 100% Free to start.

No up-front capital necessary, just needs your traffic driving skills.

  1. Performance-based.

The more you refer, the higher your revenue &/cut.

  1. Freedom of choice.

You can change/choose any affiliate product without worrying about the cost of change since it's not a physical product.

  1. 100% zero-risk.

Since you’re just an affiliate, you don’t have to create your own product/s. 

So there’s no capital risk to you should the product flop in the market.

  1. Zero support.

It’s not your product, so the respective affiliate product/program will handle all customers’ queries.

These are just some advantages of affiliate marketing and by no means the exhaustive list.

Just enough to give you a glimpse of why you should consider affiliate marketing for one of your revenue streams this year.

Even so, how do you, as a beginner, make the actual money (affiliate commission)?

Find the answer in the next section.

What You Need To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.

If the first benefit of affiliate marketing for publishers (affiliates), didn’t lead you on already, you need traffic.

Traffic is the most important part of every affiliate marketing success.

Even so, because all traffic isn’t created equal, the traffic will also need to be targeted to make it count.

But how do you get targeted traffic to affiliate offers?

Using one of two ways; paid and free traffic sources.

But to keep this business model 100% free to start, we shall focus only on free traffic sources for now.

Top 5 Best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing.

Below are the absolutely best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing you should create/have for tones of free targeted traffic.

Note: While some might require a small investment, they’ll still have a workaround.

1. YouTube.

The first method you should definitely do for free is starting a focused YouTube channel to push your affiliate products.

The best thing is that you don’t even need to invest any money upfront, but the upside can be super appealing.

And even if you don’t like the sound of your voice or seeing your face in videos, you can still use creative commons videos and make it work.

Pro Tip: Buy an already established YouTube channel with traffic for fast affiliate income.

What’s important with this is that you make sure you have 33 minimum videos uploaded to get crucial traffic insights on what’s working.

And a minimum of 70 videos to start seeing results.

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Even so, aim for at least 200 to 300 videos for a stable daily income.

Other important factors to keep in mind if you go the YouTube route is Click-through rate and watch time.

These two will need to be high, to get a shot at going viral.

So for the click-through rate, make sure your Thumbnails are on point.

Personally I use Canva for this, but you can use any graphic editor you want.

For the watch time, take advantage of b-rolls, high energy, and jump-cuts to keep the viewers’ interest for long.

Lastly, try to upload your videos, 2 hours before, when your channel gets the most interactions (you’ll find this out when you have at least 33 videos uploaded).

But generally, that’s it.

So keep repeating this process for every affiliate product or a bunch of affiliate products you want to promote in any given niche.

Tip: Aim for 10 to 15-minute videos, to help with watch hours and organic YouTube promotions for more $$$$.

2. Blogging.

Though slow at first, blogging is an indispensable method for driving massive passive traffic to affiliate offers and in-turn passive affiliate income.

The only thing though is that it will require a small upfront capital investment (less than $100) for such things as hosting, theme, and the domain.

Other than that, you can do with free resources.

Blogging is really addictive and making money with it can be super fun once you get a hang of it.

And to help you shortcut your learning curve, do this.

Pick one or a bunch of similar affiliate products and create your blog around that/them.

Less is more, believe me.

The idea here is to be niched properly, there won’t be confusion in what you do.

This will make your targeting easier and not confusing.

And as a result, make you money faster because your traffic is highly targeted and super concentrated.

An example would be a blog that talks about logo design and sells logo related affiliate products as opposed to a blog that talks about graphic design in general.

The “logo design” only blog will attract highly targeted but also concentrated subset of designers only interested in the logo stuff.

Making it easier to sell to them logo related software, template kits, courses, etc.

I know it's tempting to talk about a general topic, but it will alienate your audience when targeting, wasting your traffic and conversions. 🙁

So heed my advice and you will start seeing results sooner than most.

The best thing is that you can expand once your blog is well established if you wanted.

And if you don’t know how to set up a WordPress blog properly, simply purchase your hosting using my affiliate link and I’ll do it all for you for free.

Just send me your hosting details afterward on this email: aytalum /@/ gmail /.com ignore the / sign.

If you want to see the exact blueprint of starting a highly focused and profitable blog. Sign up for my simple passive profits ebook from above or on the pop up below.

It will tell you the exact posts to write and even how to structure them for maximum and faster results.

Tip: Most affiliate programs will ask for your website/blog when applying. So you might as well just start one.

3. Social Media.

Social media marketing is a must for any individual or business online or offline.

And as such, also one of the best ways for beginners to start their affiliate marketing businesses.

And while most social media sites frown upon affiliates looking to drive their users away from the site, Pinterest is okay with it.

But only if you do it properly while respecting other users of the platform.

So this means don’t go sharing your affiliate links everywhere aimlessly but strategically while also providing tones of value to others.

This positively impacts the search engine (Pinterest) and adds to its appeal to others.

And one of the best ways to provide value to others is by sharing super helpful information with them.

Either information or resources you’ve found or directly from you using your blog or YouTube channel.

To start, simply visit Pinterest and register a business account for your blog. You’ll need your own domain name for this.

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Next, create at least 10 boards and fill them up with other relevant pins you find within the platform or from other blogger’s sites (recommended).

Tip: Confirm every pin is legit ie redirects to the proper page before pinning it. Avoid looking like a spammer and risk account suspension (once happened to me). 🙁

Afterward, follow the followers of your competitors cleverly, only picking out related/relevant follows who are also actively growing their accounts.

These individuals will be more likely to follow you back than established accounts.

Now, find relevant boards still looking for contributors to join using Pingroupie.

Tip 2: Only email owners of the boards you want to join (how to contact will be given there or via their website). Don’t DM them using Pinterest’s build-in messaging system. You will risk account suspension more so if you include links.

At this point, just simply create amazing pins using Canva and pin them daily to your own boards and to the boards you’re a contributor. Simple.

You can even use TailWind to schedule your pins. And join the tribes within it for collaborations and traffic generation.

Tip 3: Make sure to include #affiliate #afflink or similar whenever you share an affiliate product/service directly on the platform. It’s their requirement. So abide.

Don’t forget other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the rest. They are still powerful massive traffic monsters just not as direct towards affiliate marketers like Pinterest is.

It’s still your choice though, but start with Pinterest on this. 🙂

4. Courses.

Teaching is one, if not the best, way to drive affiliate sales online.

I mean, people taking your course are more willing to sign up to those affiliate programs you’re using during your classes than those being promoted to.

Someone won’t follow you over-the-shoulders while working with a certain tool without wanting to do it themselves using the exact same tool.

So leaving a link strategically where it’s convenient for them to get the tool or join the program or service being used or discussed will work.

And to do this, simply create a course showing people how to use a certain tool/service and host it up on Skillshare or Udemy along with your affiliate link.

Email Marketing For Beginners A to Z” course can promote any email marketing service you want.

And “Create Powerful Marketing Videos Fast,” the same. ie can promote a paid video editor.

Ideas are endless, and only you are limited by your own imagination.

What’s important though with this is to make sure your courses are super valuable and they (students) will, in turn, thank you by buying those products through your affiliate link. 🙂

5. Email Marketing.

Now you can drive traffic to affiliate products and make sales.

But if you don’t capture those buyers’ emails, those will be the only sales you get from them. 🙁

So to avoid this, it’s paramount you capture emails for all the free or paid traffic you’re generating.

And to do this simply sign up for a premium email service like GetResponse or use free to start one's like Mailchimp and MailerLite.

Next, you’ll need an ethical bribe to exchange for their email details. This is so as to increase your email opt-in conversions (will be discussed next).

The best freebies (ethical bribes) are the custom ones you create by targeting your audience. But you can alternatively just customize a related PLR product and use that instead.

PLR products are those premium products in which they have given you the rights to use, sell, or modify, with no legal repercussions.

And you can best find these free to sell premium products in plenty in plr membership sites; Resell-Rights-Weekly, PLRdatabase, IDPLR, BigProductStore, PlrAssassin, etc.

Afterward, simply keep in touch with your list by sending them regular relationship-building emails, as well as affiliate offers to keep on earning.

What you want with this however is to always have fresh people joining your email list daily.

And a set of pre-written emails, both relationship building, and promotional ones, nicely spread throughout the week or months for passive income.

You can watch the following short email marketing crash course video for a better understanding.

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If you want a premium email marketing service, you can get a 30-day free trial of GetResponse here for practice.

Tip: You can cancel after 29 days if you don’t like the service so you won’t get billed. 🙂

But did you know someone can make more money than you with affiliate marketing with even lesser traffic?

If you’re wondering, how so?

Read the next section to see the one determining post-traffic factor that makes this possible.

The Most Important Post-Traffic Factor To Make More Money With Affiliate Marketing.

You see, you can drive all the traffic you want to an affiliate product and still end up making less than someone who just sent a fraction of that.

Not all traffic is equal, of course, but in either case, everything comes down to this one thing.



It’s always about that Conversion rate. Conversion, conversion, conversion.

Conversion rate is the percentage of all the traffic you sent that completes your desired goal; sign up, subscribe, buy, etc.

The bottom line, you want this number (conversion rate) to be high.

So most of what you’ll be doing will be all optimizing everything for high conversions; email list conversions, affiliate conversions, etc.

Focus on conversion optimization and you’ll be able to double/make a lot more of affiliate commissions from a small amount of traffic.

Conversion tip 1: Create bridge pages for affiliate products.

Don’t directly send your traffic to affiliate products. Pass them through a pre-sell page to better your affiliate conversions.

Conversion tip 2: Offer bonuses were necessary to incentivize your audience.

Remember, you’re competing with other affiliates for the same sale.

So why should someone buy through your link if your competitors are offering more than their goodwill?

Conversion tip 3: Focus on the benefits more and not the product if your conversions are to improve.

Often times you’ll get yourself immersed in explaining away a product while all the potential customer wants to hear are the benefits to them. 🙂

Remember, it’s the specific pain point that’s driving them to buy. So what will this product help them solve?

Talk about that. 🙂

Example: If someone is looking for a reliable mask to wear to stay safe. Which information do you reckon they want to hear the most:

  • A: The different decorations on the masks they can have.
  • B: The reusability of the mask and its effectiveness.


So focus more on similar points to B. 🙂

These are just some examples of conversion tricks to use out of many. 

So take your time to find and learn more about what else you can do to increase your conversions; traffic, website, email copy, etc.

Conclusion: The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program To 10x Your Results.

Now obviously reading is one thing and doing completely another.

It’s in doing that experience is had, and results realized.

But walking alone leaves such a big room for mistakes to happen that you can ultimately knock yourself off course and before you know it, quit with no results to show for it.

Trust me, it’s easier to walk with people who share the same interests than it is alone.

It’ll help you avoid leaning on your own understanding, rather on sound advice of others who’ve gone before you, done the mistakes, and lived to warn you of them.

You need the latter, my friend. Or working online will be one lonely, confusing, and noisy place for you. 🙁

But where can you get like-minded individuals you can share tips with, get help when you need it, get insider information on what’s working, and join beneficial collaborations to fast-track your success?

Answer: WealthyAffiliate.

The affiliate is, even in the name, and the most important part you’re looking to be, wealthy.

And trust me, I understand if you have reservations about it.

Heck! It’s hard to trust anything online these days.

But best believe it, this will be one of the best decisions you’ll make this year if you really want to make money online with affiliate marketing.

They even have free membership and a 7-day free trial to see what they’re all about. 🙂

You can read the full wealthy affiliate review here and see if it's something you’d be interested in joining.

But between you and me, I highly recommend it more so if you want a supportive community of people who are all rooting for you to succeed.

Anyway, that's it on how to make $100 per day online with affiliate marketing as a beginner in 2023.

BTW! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

And until next time, my friend!

Stay Blessed!

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