How To Make Money Fast From Simple YouTube Channels | Even If You’re Clueless.

Make Money Fast With Simple YouTube Channels

YouTube has always been a favorite for many online entrepreneurs and beginners.

Not only for its ability to sway opinions and generate traffic to your products and offers, but also as a source of side and full-time income.

And every year, courses launch teaching people the art and tricks of turning this fun-to-be-on platform into a money minting machine.

The traffic and income proofs, from those who care to share, are in plenty and this helps keep the appeal high.

Even so, not everyone succeeds there.

The 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers needed to be monetized with AdSense seems to be what gets many to quit after a while of just starting.

And this bad experience can leave a bitter taste in one’s mouth.

But what if you could make the YouTube business work, with or without the 4k watch hours and 1k subscribers needed to be monetized, would you be interested then?

And just to be clear, I'm not talking about affiliate marketing.

Sure it works, but that too takes time and some degree of patience, that most just don't have or have time for, to work.

No! I'm talking about starting a YouTube channel today and making money from it before the week or two ends.

Would this be something to interest you?

I bet Yes!

And the how, is what I intend to share with you in this post. 

You’ll know exactly how to do it even if you're a beginner and all other methods failed you before, including YouTube itself.

And so, with no further delay.

Let's get started!

Shall we!

How To Make Money With Simple YouTube Channels | The Method.

I enjoy testing out different methods to see what can and is working to make people money online regardless of their skill level, location, and other factors.

And in the last two weeks, I tested out a method that showed a lot of promise and thought I share the concept with you so that you can make something out of it.

Now, this method is largely inspired by the California Gold Rush history of those who made more money selling mining supplies to miners, than the miners themselves.

It's nothing new, but the concept has made fortunes for many online.

You simply push along entrepreneurs on their online journey by supplying them with the tools, services, and products they need to make their online businesses profitable.

An example would be selling ready-made, high-converting, email swipes to affiliate marketers to save them the time and profit more.

Another would be creating value-filled custom freebies and selling them to bloggers to build and warm up their profitable email lists.

Put simply, saving someone the time to do something they want is super profitable.

And in our case here, we will create simple and high-in-potential YouTube channels and sell them to people who don't want the starting hassle.

In my test, at first, I made a channel with 27 videos and it sold at $80. But I guess the buyer forgot while in party mode, seeing as how it was during the holidays, and I had to re-list the channel again.

make money fast with simple youtube channels example of a channel sold on ebay

But this time around, the channel had 29 videos. And again I got a $100 bid (which again proved the concept), but it was low to win the listing.

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What I saw though is that people will pay $100+ for a starter channel with few subscribers and videos.

This took me on a little research and realized, besides having a content-filled channel, having one that's monetized raised the asking price to incredible figures.

I also, again, saw buyers willing to buy YouTube channels even those with little to no content, but with at least 1k+ subscribers and/or/with over 4k watch hours, monetized/not.

This again goes with the help-someone-along-their-journey concept.

The thing is, you can offer a complete monetized YouTube channel and cash in big ($1k+), or make simple unmonetized ones for a quick buck ($100+ per channel).

In this post though, I will show you how to start out quickly and will keep updating this post as I discover more ways to refine the method.

So, now that you know the business model and method we will use to make us some money.

Let's see how you can actually do it starting from scratch in the next section.

Create And Make Money With New YouTube Channels From Scratch Step By Step.

In this section, we see how you can create profitable new YouTube channels from scratch, complete with videos. 

In addition, you’ll also learn where to find willing buyers for your channel. 

And lastly, how to increase your channels asking price, after and before you even start.

So, are you ready?

Let's jump in!

Finding A Profitable Niche For Your YouTube Channel.

The thing is that any YouTube niche with a solid following can make for a profitable channel.

And even if you don't have many affiliate opportunities to monetize some channels, AdSense ads will do the trick.

So what does this mean for you?

This means you have a tone of opportunities in the form of channels you can create without limiting yourself.

All the way from tech and self-development and to review and compilations.

So knowing this, search for any niche keyword and filter the results by channels.

Make Money Fast With Simple YouTube Channels Niche Selection And Competition Analysis

See how many people have subscribed to top YouTube channels and keep scrolling down to find more insights to gauge the niche's potential more.

Once satisfied with the niche's viability, go back to the search results and watch a few of the top videos.

Can you make similar videos yourself?

If not, filter the search results by Creative Commons videos.

Are there re-use videos in plenty for you can take advantage of?

Note: Creative Commons videos, are videos you can re-edit and re-upload on YouTube with no copyright issues.

Now repeat this process until you find a viable YouTube niche that you can create videos for, or re-use others’ videos.

This is important because you don't want to sell something that the new owner cannot run on their own.

An example of an unsuitable YouTube channel for this would be one with personal branding. You know, one in which you show your face everywhere and thus associated with you.

Create YouTube Videos And Brand Your Channel.

If you've done the last section properly, you now have a few channels you can comfortably start and create content for.

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So choose one of them and Create a New Brand Channel with a new email address, making sure to pick a brandable/descriptive name for it. Think; HD Compilations, Future Tech Latest, Free Stream Music, etc.

Next, use Canva or Photoshop to create the Channel's logo and artwork.

After, define the Channel’s Tags and make sure they’re richly keyworded.

Once done, go to the channel’s about page and write a clear description of what the channel is about, strategically throwing in a few primary and LSI longtail keywords.

And to ensure you’ll have a channel that looks professional, take the time to pick out the Channel’s brand colors.

This could be one or two colors that will feature in every design work on the channel from its logo, channel art, to the thumbnails.

Tip: Use COLOURLovers to find awesome color combinations.

After you’re done with the new channel's setup, it's time to create your videos and upload them.

You can use HitFilm to help you create any video content imaginable from simple YouTube videos to complex films.

HitFilm software homepage

And the best thing about HitFilm is that it's completely free to use.

But if you're planning on making extremely simple videos, like I did, then Windows Movie Maker or iMovie will more than suffice.

Tip: Don't forget to brand the videos with your channel Logo. 

Also, aim to upload up to 5 videos, spread throughout the day, every day to fill up the channel fast.

And as for Subscribers, comment on similar channel videos without being spammy or promotional. I.e genuine comments that add to the video in question.

When doing so, make sure you're commenting with your brand channel. That way, people will see you, click over to your channel, watch your videos, and those interested become subscribers.

Now if you're new to creating YouTube channels and want a visual guide to do it. Below is a video by Hustle Life on YouTube showing you all the steps.

But, how will all of this make you that moolah?

Read the next section for the answer.

Where To Sell Your YouTube Channels Quickly.

You've made an appealing YouTube channel, and it's looking all professional; filled up with content.

But how exactly do you find a customer quickly to buy your new YouTube channel?

Keep on reading.

There are so many ways of doing this, even on sites dedicated to just that. 

But as for me, I tested this out on eBay.

Not only because I enjoy testing things out on the platform. But also because the competition on there for YouTube channels is virtually non-existent, but the traffic is.

So you can be sure to get some attention for your new YT channel and sell it fast.

You can then progress on to other professional YouTube selling sites when you’ve had a few sales under your belt and proven out the business for yourself.

What matters though is that you have a solid, buyable, and potentially profitable product. Where you sell it on/from is secondary and frankly the easy part.

So head over to eBay, sign in/sign up and list your DFY YouTube channel, stating all the metrics potential buyers should need to know in the description.

Video count, minute views, subscribers, strikes, monetization, etc.

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The auction duration can be around 5 to 7 days depending on how fast you need the money.

You can also offer a service to the final buyer to make them the videos at a fair price per video. Creating another ongoing business from the same channel.

And having a few of these channels, where buyers also seek your video creation services, could net you a nice repeat income for months on end.

But what if you could get paid 10 times more, the asking price of these channels, for one?

What would you need to be doing differently?

Find out more about this in the next section.

How To Increase Your Channel's Asking Price.

There are two ways you can go about increasing your channel's asking price; buying needed views and subscribers, or starting with an already monetized YouTube channel.

Both approaches will cost you money though.

But since the channel will now be super valuable, you can recoup the expense on the channel's asking price.

First, let's start with buying the needed quality views and subscribers. This can cost anywhere from $90 to $170. After which your channel goes into monetization review.

What you must seek with this approach are quality services. This means you must buy actual real people views and subscribers.

Bot/Fake views and subscribers will only lead to your account being suspended/terminated

So to prevent this unfortunate event, you must only buy real views and subscribers from trusted websites.

The main advantage is that you can monetize an already existing active channel with content on it.

The second approach is rather fast but, at the same time costly ($200+), depending on where you buy and the quality of the channel account.

But the real advantage here is that you'll start out monetized. 

Meaning you'll start out profiting instantly from the very first upload. No need to wait around for monetization.

The only danger is that you risk being demonetized immediately, or a few days in, should anything suspicious stand out to Google.

I mean, you don't exactly know the channel you're buying and the circumstances that may/might not surround its creation.

And as such, very important to only buy monetized channels from reputable sites.

This is exactly how you increase a channel's worth and in turn, its asking price.

A monetized YouTube channel with 50+ highly trafficked videos on it and an ongoing income, can fetch you 20+ times more, and depending on the revenue coming in, even higher. 

And it should, because the risk involved, for the potential big payday, is also high.

Conclusion: Will You Take Action?

Now, it doesn't matter how much one knows, if the knowledge isn't applied correctly and in a timely fashion, the expected results will remain to only be a concept.

A dream of something that could have been.

But what will hurt more, is waking up one day, 2 years later, to only see other people profiting from ideas you knew, but didn't trouble yourself enough to implement.

That will get you. 

And you’ll hate yourself for having missed it, even more so if you'll have made nothing of yourself by then.

So take action now, implement this method, and make your future-self proud of you.

I hope this post was valuable to you, and if so, take the time to comment below with your opinion or if you've tried this out already, your results.

You could change someone's future today, and all thanks to your comment.

That's it from me today on how to make money fast from simple YouTube channels, to then after, invest in other real opportunities that come your way.

And so, till next time.

Stay Blessed!

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