How To Make Money On Redbubble Free Strategy For Non-Artists

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How are your artistic skills?

Good or bad?

It doesn't matter!

For in this post I will share with you a free strategy on how to make money on Redbubble (RB) artistic or not.

And not only that but I will also share with you a way to get over 28k premium designs to simply upload to Redbubble and crush it like you were born to do it (which you were btw :)).

So you can get started already, on your path to making that passive moolah baby!

While I guarantee nothing online, anything is possible for anyone willing to put in the work.

But also bear in mind, it's not about how talented you are but the advantage you can bring to yourself over others that will make you crush it on Redbubble in a short amount of time than it would others.

And if you've been constantly searching for a push button strategy to shortcut you to Redbubble success.

It can only be possible with the 28k premium designs hack discussed below.

This is because nothing less than having a lot of sellable designs at hand will help shorten the amount of time it takes to see results.

But here's the deal, if you implement this RB strategy daily; without the added benefit of 28k ready-to-upload designs, I'm confident you'll eventually see results.

I will even show you where to go for extra strategies and motivation, to keep you focused when the need arises.

So with no further mindset re-frame, let's get started.

What is Redbubble (RB)?

Redbubble is an internet-based global market for print-on-demand products based on their member's submitted artwork.

redbubble homepage

RB allows users to sell their artwork as decorations on a variety of products such as t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs,…

Artists still maintain copyrights to their work, regulate prices, and decide on which products to display their art on.

Now that you know what Redbubble is, you may be thinking if it's worth it.

To help you with this, let's see some success stories.

Redbubble Success Stories.

Everyone enjoys reading success stories. It's always super refreshing and reassuring to know the journey one's about to or undertaking has worked for others.

1. Passive Owl.

While there are many who've seen good results. The passive owl guy has done well for himself and helped countless others on their Redbubble quest. With tips and tricks using his dedicated YouTube channel.

If this is something you'll want to pursue, then you owe it to yourself to check him out (for more tips and inspiration).

2. Diane Pascual.

She's a graphics designer, an illustrator and a RB artist from San Francisco, CA, USA. She's been doing this for a minute and even published Redbubble tips post here.

On her YouTube channel, she even teaches others how she does here graphics (If you want to learn). You can find the link on the linked post above.

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3. Yours Truly.

While I cannot categorically state I'm a big success in the word’s sense. I've seen some results this month.

I stopped uploading 5 days into it (2 months ago) since I jumped on another make money online opportunity (I have a shiny object problem I'm actively trying to cure.)

I'll give them another go and report back. (My goal is to upload 1,000 images before this year is up. I've got 35 as of now.)

There are many more Redbubble success stories online, but their purpose is to prove something works.

And it does if you take massive action. (I joke around. Something I'm also fixing.)

So, by now you might be thinking what's the strategy.

Make Money On Redbubble Free Strategy.

Good, like you already know you need some graphics to sell.

But how do you go about doing this if you aren't artistic and don't want to invest money in custom designs?

How To Create Unique Art For Redbubble.


Free Stock Images.

Duh! Some of you might be thinking.

But wait up!

How do you make them unique? Mm?

1. Turn Photo Into Art.

After you download superb images from stock websites. You simply use free online editors to convert them into works of art using a few filters. And Bam! You've got unique artworks, ready to sell.

Where To Download Stock Images.

These three websites will do just fine.

Turn Images To Art Websites.

These three websites will do just fine. See their output examples.

BeFunky Image Example
GoArt Image Example
Tuxpi image example

2. Image Mash-up

Now, the above isn't the only way to come up with remarkable, unique works. This bonus method involves the use of PhotoShop (Graphics Editor).

Don't be afraid. You needn't be a Photoshop genius to do this.

Here's how you do this.

  1. Download three to four photos you liked from the websites above.
  2. Load up these 3/4 photos into one Photoshop document. 3 pictures loaded up
  3. Add different layer blend mode effects on each one until you get a pleasing outcome.
layer blend mode effects options
Sample Pictures Used
make money on RedBubble, photo samples used
Image Mash-Up Examples
Image Mash-Up Example

As you can see you can generate unique images using this method.

(Optional: Turn the image into art using the #1 process above to get another unique image instead of just one.)

How To Upload Your Art On Redbubble.

Once you've got your art ready. It's time to make some money.

To do this, you'll have to sign up on Redbubble first (It's free to do this.) Make sure you confirm and set up the necessary details (logo, header, bio.. etc).

Then once you’re done, click on your profile picture then on the drop-down menu choose, add new work.

redbubble drop down menu add new artwork option

On the page that opens click on the ‘Upload to all products‘ button and choose your art to upload. (Learn more about the ideal dimensions & formats here.)

upload new work window

Next, after your picture uploads or while it's uploading, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your image's title, description, and tags.

title description and tags

Once done with this. Choose your media, collections (if you've got any), your images default view. Who can view your image, the image's sensitivity, copyrights acceptance, and then hit the ‘save work' button.

default view last upload part

You’re now done, my friend. Your art will finish uploading and you will be in business.

Redbubble Tips.

Now there are certain things to note when uploading your art on Redbubble that will help you with your goal of making money.

And that's optimizing your artwork.

1. Title.

Name your artwork properly with something searchable and try to make it catchy. Example: Rather than naming your artwork cat. Try something descriptive, like what the cat's doing. Cat Singing Out Loud, Happy Cat Dancing, etc.

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2. Tags.

Tags help with customers finding your art. It's the same as keywords on Google for blog posts.

What you want to do is add as many relevant tags to your art design as needed. Generally, I put 10. But the maximum is 50.

Relevancy is key. Don't add a dog tag to a cat design without a dog in it.

If you want to know more about Redbubble tags, these 7 effective ways to use tags post will help.

4. Description.

Same as the title, but even better is your product’s description. Not only do you get traffic from within Redbubble but also from Google and other search engines.

So try to make your descriptions accurately describe your product, using relevant keywords to help you with proper indexing.

3. Default View.

You'll see the ‘Default View' option when uploading your artwork, just above the copyrights consent option. This allows you to pick the product that will best represent your design.

Essentially, you could pick any product option to be the default view for your artwork, but try using the stickers option or a mix.

Stickers tend to sell the most on Redbubble and also provides a big clear picture. Customers can choose on which products they would want that design on.

4. Edit Designs On Products.

You'll at times find some of your designs don't look good on some products.

For those products, you can disable them if no amount of editing fixes them.

Rb product edit disable window

For the rest, you want to ensure you edit each and everyone to look as you'd want. The default upload style sometimes isn't what you'll always want to go with.

5. Upload Dimensions.

To have your art on lots of products, ensure to upload high quality, big sized images.

Personally, I go for (7000 x 7000px), as the minimum. But (4000 x 4000px) will work just fine.

Refer to the best dimensions for different RB products, by one of their artists, Byron.

Keep these Redbubble tips in mind when uploading your artwork. They will save you lots of editing headache later on.

How To Sell On Redbubble.

Now what've done is good. But like always there are things you could do to ensure quick and more sales. Let's look at some of them in brief.

1. Make Variations.

As easy as uploading your work and be done with it is. You will at times need to come up with variations of the same. This will include changing the colors, fonts, etc.

Just because you liked a design's look doesn't always mean it's what will sell. A variation of that design could mean the difference. So where possible add variations of the same design.

2. Create More Work.

Create or come up with more artworks and upload. The more you upload the more you'll stand a chance of making sales.

Don't create a single design and hope for an overnight success. Create 100 and then check your results. To help you with this use the Pareto principle, 80/20.

Out of the 10, you create 1 or 2 might sell. So you create 20, 2 or 4,.. etc.

With a 1,000 though, you can expect 50 to 100 or even 200 to be doing well. (I made 3 sticker sales with 35 uploads.)

And again if you can spare some money to jump this all design creation thing and go straight to uploading and cashing in, you will like the premium hack below.

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3. Research For Inspiration.

We like to think we know what someone else might like. And often than not, we're wrong.

This is where research comes into play. What are people buying?

To do this, visit other Redbubble artists and see what niches they are getting success in. And model after them, don't copy.

Amazon is also a great place to check. If a design is selling well there or some other place, it might do good on RB.

4. Promote Your Work.

As tempting as it might be to just upload, sit back, relax, and watch the sales roll in. It isn’t wise.

You must promote your art on your social media channels. Pinterest, Facebook Groups,… etc. Even on your blog and YouTube channel (If you have those).

Now, if you've been wondering how to sell on Redbubble Or what you aren't doing to sell more on RB. Try working on these tips consistently.

Is Redbubble Worth It?

It's worth the shot. It costs nothing, so why not?

Like I stated earlier on. This month I made 3 sticker sales. Not much to report home about, but seeing how I quit 5 days into it, 2 months ago, and still did it then, Yeah!

It's got potential and I'll give them a nice shot. Say 500 then up that to 1,000 before the year ends.

The 3 Sticker RB Sales.

Redbubble 3 sales proof

Redbubble Designs Hack To 10X Results.

All along this post I've been telling you there's a premium designs hack that can instantly get you over 28k custom t-shirt designs you can use immediately to upload and start seeing results faster than others.

Unfortunately with premium hacks, they are usually paid options.

Now don't for an instant think you can't design or outsource your own designs the hard way you absolutely can.

But this hack gets you there much faster and without having to search for expensive designers or dealing with ugly designs you've paid your hard earned money for.

Plus if you've got the money, why struggle when you can use money to create another passive income stream?

Anyway, this 28k premium designs hack comes jam-packed with custom designs in any niche and category imaginable; sports, love, Christmas, funny, animals, typography, vintage, summer, abstract, Halloween, family, surfing, etc.

So you'll have more than enough to create different niche stores to your satisfaction.

Plus these designs can also be sold on Etsy, turned into coloring books to sell on Amazon, etc. But that's outside the scope of Redbubble. Even so, you can see the many possibilities there are.

Now, if you're wondering how can I get to see these premium designs in question before buying them, you can.

There's a demo on their official page that shows you exactly what you'll be getting when you click on the button below.

I will also add you a premium video course as a bonus that will show you another way to make passive income using simple image designs. A unique method, different from the one posted above.

Note: You also have a 14-day money back guarantee to protect your money if you don't like the designs.

So it doesn't hurt to give it a try as it can help you make a lot of money on Redbubble in a very short amount of time than it would take others.

My Redbubble Thoughts.

Definitely do it!

And more so if you can, with the help of the premium hack above.

You could upload nice pictures minimum 100 (I don’t recommend less for fast results). Then layoff and see what happens.

If you make sales, then you know it's working for you and really put in a Spartan's effort.


I hope you enjoyed this post.

If so, consider commenting below. If you're a Redbubble success story, don't be shy and let us know in the comments below.

That's it from me today on how to make money on Redbubble.

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See you in the next post.

Stay Blessed!

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