How To Make Money Online For Free Without Paying Anything

How To Make Money Online For Free Without Paying Anything

Do you want to make money online for free without paying anything?


No registration fees, buying domains or hosting, upgrades, etc.

If so, then you're in the right place.

In this post, I have compiled several ways you can go about making money online for free from some of my detailed guide blog posts.

So find a method you like and read its corresponding blog post for a more thorough example on how to execute it.

Note: I've only picked five methods from my posts. To find all, go here.

So with no further delay.

Let's get started!


1. Make Money Freelancing Online.

Now this one is a favorite of mine.


The low entry barrier.

I mean, all you need with this method is your brain and time to make money.

Registration is free and you get existing buyer traffic to help and cash in.

I know most of you worry because, most times, it involves skills.

And knowing today's world of fast money, no one wants to work like a donkey for peanuts.

But guess what?

You can indeed make money without needing any dope skills. But having them would be a plus.

Either way, I will link you to a post that will show you how to make money freelancing with no need for skills below.


But What Types Of Freelance Work Can You Do?

Many actually and not limited to the ones listed below.

  1. Writing.
  2. Becoming a Virtual Assistant.
  3. Programming and Web Development.
  4. Graphic Designing.
  5. Music Production.
  6. SEO Services.
  7. Photography, manipulation, and editing.
  8. Video Production.
  9. Consultation.
  10. Transcribing.
  11. Voice Overs.


And where can you get started with freelancing?


Best Freelance Websites For Beginners.

  1. Fiverr.
  2. UpWork.
  3. Freelancer.
  4. PeoplePerHour.
  5. Guru.
  6. Toptal.
  7. SEOClerks.
  8. DesignCrowd.
  9. DesignHill.
  10. DesignContest.

Now that you know the types of gigs you can do and where to do them at. How about for those that don't got skills?


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Read this post here and get started.


2. Make Money With Print On Demand.

Another awesome method to make money online for free without paying anything is with print on demand.

This method is awesome because you don't deal with the hassle of keeping inventory, shipping, high cost of entry and risk, among other things.

All you really need to have in place are awesome graphic designs and you're ready to make bank.

How so?

Because customer service, returns, refunds, quality issues, housing, creation, and mailing of the product to the customer is handled by a third party.

And while you could start your own store using ecommerce solutions like Shopify, WooCommerce, and the like.

A simpler route would be using established print on demand sites with an existing customer base for maximum leverage.

All you do is upload your awesome designs to these sites, choose products the designs will go with, adjust your pricing, and you're done.

The only thing left will be to receive your pending profits every single month for all sales made.

And if you're not artistic, don't worry, I will link you to a detailed post on how to execute this method with zero skills below.

But first,

Which are these print on demand sites you'll take advantage of?


5 Best Print On Demand Sites To Sell Your Designs.

  1. Redbubble.
  2. Society6.
  3. Teepublic.
  4. Zazzle.
  5. Sunfrog.

And as promised, below's the post.

Make money with print on demand method for non-artists.

Note: You can get awesome Designs made on Fiverr quickly from as low as $5.


3. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Free.

This one is almost automatic, there's lots of money to be made with affiliate marketing.

Essentially, you get paid an agreed-upon commission for every sale or prospect you refer a company.

The cost of entry is free. All you need is just to sign up to an affiliate program or request approval, grab your promo materials, promote and make money.

There are various ways you could go about promoting your affiliate products. Through a blog, social media channels, videos, email list, solo ads, and much more.

Only effort, time, and strategy on your part will be needed to make it work.

Will you be promoting evergreen products, or launch ones?

What traffic channels will you be exploiting?

Blogging product reviews is an awesome way to do it, and you can start your very own profitable self-hosted WordPress site to do it with the help of this guide. Or keep things free by using Medium.

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But, at the end of the day, traffic will be the determining factor of how much you make with affiliate marketing.

But if you're curious about how you can make money with new product launches for free. Then here's a detailed post to help you out from A to Z.

Below are some of the best affiliate marketing networks to start your affiliate marketing journey with.


Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks For Beginners.

  1. JVZoo.
  2. WarriorPlus.
  3. CJ.
  4. Amazon.
  5. ClickBank.
  6. ShareASale.


4. Make Money Creating Apps.

Making money by creating popular mobile apps is a proven concept and one of my favorite passive earners.

The low cost of entry is another attraction point for this method.

While it isn't $0, it can be. The only cost is a onetime $25 for Google's developer account.

But I'm saying it can be $0, if you use other free app stores like GetJar.

The best thing is that this method is a set and forget system. With only minor updates for your most popular apps.

You can decide to either make apps or games or both and monetize using mobile Ad networks like AdMob.

Games are fun but somewhat competitive. But creating them is super easy with the help of game engines like Unity3D which are free.

If you opt for normal apps like utilities, entertainment and such. Google's Android Studio is free and can create any app you wish with it.

Most of my life I've been creating mobile apps and games and I can tell you with certainty it's super profitable.

And if you've made no money online, with apps you're guaranteed to see money even if your app doesn't get that many downloads a day.

You don't even have to learn to code to create these mobile apps. You can, same as creating a logo for free, generate complete apps using free online game makers.

Below I've compiled a few resources to help you get started with mobile apps development and make money.


5 Best Game Engines For Beginners.

  1. Unity3D.
  2. GameSalad.
  3. Buildbox.
  4. Construct.
  5. Godot.


Best Mobile App Development Tools.

  1. Android Studio.
  2. PhoneGap.
  3. Flutter.
  4. Apache Cordova.
  5. Ionic.


Best Free Online App Builder.

  1. QuickAppNinja.
  2. AppsGeyser.
  3. AppsBar.
  4. App.Yet.
  5. Fizery.

Do you want to learn from a detailed guide on how you can create profitable apps from scratch and earn real money online without coding?

If so, then this post here will teach you all you need to know to create your very own super-profitable apps empire.

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5. Make Money With PLR Products.

I'm a big believer in quality PLR products and it's because they do bring me money regularly.

I've even written a few posts on how you can take advantage of PLR products, even as a beginner, and start making solid cash online.

PLR products or private label rights products are products that come with licenses granting you permission to sell them, keeping all the profits. ????

Ideally, when you get a nice PLR product, you want to change things a little and make them unique to stand out from other sellers.

But even as is, they sell. It all depends on you and the strategy you use.

Once you've bought your PLR product (will tell you how to get them for free). All you have to do is upload them on your hosting (will tell you how to do it for free), drive targeted traffic (from YouTube and social media, free), and bank.

The only thing you'll need is time, effort, consistency, and patience to make it work.

Earlier I told you, you could get these PLR products for FREE.

But how?


You register to PLR membership sites and download their monthly FREE plr products. 🙂

When you upgrade you get better quality private label rights products of course. But in the interest of paying absolutely nothing, free ones will suffice.

But which PLR membership sites will you register at?


6 Best PLR Membership Sites For Beginners.

  1. Resell-Rights-Weekly.
  2. PLR Database.
  3. IDPLR.
  4. PLR Assassin.
  5. BestDealPLR.
  6. Big Products Store.

What about hosting your products for free, if you don't want to pay for cheap hosting?


Top Platforms To Sell Digital Products For Free.

  1. PayHip.
  2. Gumroad.
  3. Sellfy.
  4. Selz.
  5. Bitify.

Do you want to see how you can implement this method like a pro and start making money online for free, paying nothing at all?

How about you read this post over here then? It's a step by step, paint by numbers style guide that you can't and won't get lost with. I got you! 🙂


In Wrapping Up! Can You Make Money Online For Free Without Paying Anything?


But only if you're patient and willing to invest tones of time on the right strategy.

Above I've only shared five methods to get you started with making money online for free. But it's in no way an exhaustive list, methods are plenty.

In later posts, I'll share with you other superb ways of making money online both for free and with a little investment, so be sure to drop by often.

But if you want to learn how you can create a profitable online business from scratch from the pros (other successful entrepreneurs). Then register on this platform here and get started for free today.

If you liked this post, kindly find it in your heart to share it with your friends and family.

That's it from me today on how to make money online for free without paying anything.

And till next time..

Stay Blessed! ????

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