Make Money Proofreading And Editing Jobs Online In 2023

Make Money Proofreading and Editing Jobs Online In 2020

Do you have a good command of the English language?

Know the right grammar, the proper word spelling, and have a knack for the different writing styles?

If so, then you can make money online starting now, more than $75+ an hour.

If not, but you love learning new marketable skills, you too can make this money.

You see, most people have skills they don't fully monetize and all because they don't know the “How“.

Now granted, there are those who do but are simply too lazy to do anything about it.

The majority, however, genuinely, just don't know how to do it.

And this is what this post will aim to fix.

By showing you the “How” of monetizing your already known English skills to a part-time or full-time online income.

So are you ready to smile all the way to the bank?

Well then, let's begin!

How To Make Money Proofreading And Editing Jobs Online Even If You Just Started.

Starting off, don't worry about whether or not you can do it because you can.

And I will equip you with everything you need to know to make this proofreading and editing business you're about to start possible.

From where to find proofreading clients, tools that will help you smooth out this process and deliver the work faster, and importantly, where to get the right training to be a pro.

So by the end of this post, you'll be ready to make money proofreading and editing messages, books, documents, posts, transcripts, etc. For others online for a really nice payday.


Why Would Anyone Pay You To Proofread Their Work?

Let's see…

Writing, although fun, the proofreading, and editing part of it can be a challenge.

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And even harder if it's your own lengthy piece of content, to proofread it objectively without flying over grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors like they're correct.

This is why and what clients will pay you to avoid.

Because poorly written work, riddled with lots of errors, is unenjoyable to read and takes away focus from the core message.

Causing false opinions about someone and their business to form, losing them potential clients, opportunities, and profits.

In comparison, paying a proofreader to ensure only the best work gets through to prevent an epic fail, quickly becomes a no brainer.

And as such, a Win-Win situation for both you, the proofreader, and the author.

You cash in, and they avoid subpar work detrimental to their business interests.

But how exactly will you start this proofreading business online? 

Read the next section for the answer.

How To Start Your Own Proofreading And Editing Online Business In Just Minutes?

The best place to start finding proofreading jobs online as a beginner is on freelance sites.

And for our example in this post, we'll look at Fiverr.

This is because Fiverr is a great place for you to start on.

But you can always add more freelance sites, to find more proofreading and editing jobs to earn you even more revenue.

Proofreading Jobs On Fiverr.

Fiverr is arguably one of the most awesome online marketplaces to sell one's skills on and proofreading is no different.

Getting started on the platform is super simple with no unnecessary hoops to jump over. And thus an awesome starting point for any proofreading beginner to hone their skills.

The simplicity, however, doesn't mean the pool of willing and ready clients for your services will be small, it's actually the contrary.

This means your ability to deliver will be your only limit aspect.

Below I've attached example screenshots of Fiverr proofreaders crushing it on the platform, from pros to beginners, so you can see how possible it is for you there.

Check the Gig's corresponding reviews, price, and orders in the queue to see what I mean.

Tip: You may have to visit Fiverr to see this properly for yourself.

Make Money proofreading and editing jobs online Fiverr example
Top-Rated Pro Seller On Fiverr
Proofreading jobs top rated seller on Fiverr
Top-Rated Seller On Fiverr
Fiverr Proofreading Jobs Example Of Level 2 Seller
Level 2 Seller On Fiverr
Online Proofreading Jobs Level 1 Seller Example on Fiverr
Level 1 Seller On Fiverr
Proofreading and editing jobs on Fiverr
New Fiverr Seller

So, create a seller's account on Fiverr and list your Proofreading service to sell.

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And in the next section, I'll share a simple way for you to deliver this order quickly, even if you're clueless about it.

How To Proofread And Edit Writings Effectively And Fast.

Excellent work delivery is everything for a happy customer.

And knowing this, how do you ensure you deliver a 5-star experience with your proofreading prowess and potentially win referrals and repeat work?

You proofread a client’s work to the best of your ability.

And this means leaving nothing to chance by also using expert proofreading and editing tools.

These tools will ensure you immediately detect and correct all written errors, saving you a lot of manual work and time.

I recommend using more than one proofreading tool to ensure thoroughness in your work.

But which tools should you start out with?

1. ProWriting Aid.

They say ProWritingAid to be like one's own writing mentor.

Ensuring everything you need to correct; grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, plagiarism, etc. In any written content is fixed properly, complete with its accompanying “Why” so that you're not lost for the reason.

This means if there's anything wrong with your client's writing, it will be detected and the right fix suggested to you in realtime.

Even more awesome is that despite its ability to analyze your content and give out over 20 different reports on its findings, it’s Free to get started with.

Start Proofreading Your Work With ProWritingAid.

2. Grammarly.

Another superb option, trusted by many in its capability to clean up your messages, documents, and posts from mistakes is Grammarly.

And it too like ProWritingAid will ensure your client's writing is clear and precise by suggesting helpful fixes wherever they're found.

It also comes with a handy add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook, and a Chrome extension to ensure wherever it is you’re typing online, mistakes don't happen.

Getting started with Grammarly is also free, and it will make your proofreading life a whole lot easier.

Start Proofreading Your Work With Grammarly

3. Hemmingway Editor.

Hemmingway editor, similar to the above two, aims to make one's message clear and powerful.

And it does this by examining one's writing or in your case your client's writing and suggests appropriate changes to the words and sentences improving them and the overall work for the better.

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Some of the things you'll be fixing while proofreading your work with Hemmingway editor will be the use of adverbs, passive voice, phrases, and breaking down hard to read sentences into simpler ones.

This will, in turn, improve the readability of the work in question and make the overall message clear to understand, fulfilling your client's aim.

Getting started with the online Hemmingway editor is free similarly to take advantage of.

Start Proofreading Your Work With Hemmingway Editor.

You now know everything you need to start your proofreading business online with confidence.

You know who needs the service and why.

You know where to find proofreading jobs online to do and earn.

And you also know the tools you'll take advantage of to ensure you proofread your client's work thoroughly and deliver faster.

So now what?

Where To Get Professional Proofreading Training To Up Your Skills And Earn Even More.

If you want to earn more, learn more.

And the same is true for Proofreading.

The more you learn to do it properly, the more you can charge more per hour or per task.

But where will you learn more about proofreading to stand a chance at success with the business like a pro?

The answer is simple: Proofread Anywhere.

And what is Proofread Anywhere?

This is an online proofreading course created by a veteran pro-proofreader Caitlin Pyle. To help budding proofreaders earn an extra income from anywhere in the world.

With this course, not only will you learn how to earn more money proofreading books, blogs, and transcripts but also how to transform your money mindset for the better and really supercharge your success.

Get a taste of what you can expect from this course with a FREE introductory workshop and see if proofreading is a perfect fit for you before you even start.

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Others have already experienced success with this, it's now your turn to claim your epic success proofreading this year.

You deserve it!

Conclusion: Taking Action!

Information without action is pretty much useless to you.

It's in doing that you'll gain the knowledge and affect your financial life positively.

So the question for you today is, will you implement the information contained herein and positively affect your finances this year, or will you procrastinate?

That's it from me today on how to make money proofreading and editing jobs online for others in 2023.

If you got value out of this post, be sure to share it with your friends on your favorite social media platform.

See you in the next post, my friend.

Stay Blessed!

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