How To Make Money Selling Ebooks Online As A Beginner

Generate Passive Income

Hey my friend it's been a while since I shared another money making guide with you.

But I'll try moving forward to make this a regular thing.

Now today I have another awesome money-making method that I believe if you execute properly will start making you passive income every single month.

You see, people are making a killing online publishing low-content books online.

And I want you to do the same. Or at least partake in this and get your fair share.

Now, I know you might hate writing and that's okay.

For you'll learn a simple method to create your own books without having to write a single sentence yourself and make money still.

You don't even need to outsource anything. This is so easy, that you'll laugh at the simplicity.

And not only that, it will open doors to more creative ways to bring that paper “money” home.

So if you're ready, here we go.

Tip: Keep reading until the end, for I have a way for you to 10X this method for even more passive income.

Make Money Selling eBooks, Passive Income Method

Step 1: Register a Free Publisher Account.

This site; Draft2Digital, will be your way by which you shall earn while doing less work with this method.

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It will be responsible for publishing our books on different book outlets including libraries.

How To Make Money Selling Ebooks Online As A Beginner 1
Draft2Digital book publishing updates

So pause and register first, then go on with this tutorial.

Step 2: It's book creation time: Method 1

We shall do this the simple way by letting Google write it for us. Yes, Google will write you the books you'll profit with.

It's really true when they say, “Google is your friend,” as you shall soon see.

Search for “Google Translator” on Google and ensure the setting is English then to any other language you want.

Then find something you know and would like to write for.

For example: You'll type on the Detect Language field in English something like “Stop Procrastination“/”How To Get Rid of Acne” etc.

Then on the translate to field, choose any language you want the search above to be translated to eg: Portuguese, Hindi, etc.

Google will translate for you the equivalent message in your chosen language.


Take this translated text and search it on Google.

Blogs with tips, tricks, and articles full of information will show up and you'll then choose any blog you want, and check out their article.

You'll need to find in-depth posts, long posts.

After this, install the Google Translator extension from the Google play store and this will translate all that article in Hindi or whatever language you chose to a unique, never seen before English article.

You can verify its uniqueness by running the now new English article through plagiarism checker tools like Duplichecker and Copyscape.

Once you're happy the article is unique. Open a word document, paste in the article, style it a little with the usual, Bold and big Title, sub-titles, etc.

Save this article in Word document format with your title.

For the title make it catchy. If the title is “10 tips to stop procrastination,” title it something like “Procrastination Killer” etc.

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Simple eBook Creation: Method 2

Step 3: Create a Unique Cover for Your eBook.

Go to Canva and select any preset Covers, edit a little to include your ebook title, maybe add in a cool relevant picture and you're done.

Example of an ebook cover I made in minutes.

A Better You 4U
eBook Cover Example

If you need more help designing your ebook covers, simply search on YouTube for tutorials and you'll find a lot of them.

You can alternatively, watch my video below on how to do it fast.

How To Create An Ebook Cover

Bottom line, you need a cover for your eBook and Canva will do this for you.

If you don't have a Canva account, open one here.

Step 4: Publish your book on the platform.

Simply go to My Books section from the platform's dashboard and upload your book, making sure to fill in all the relevant details and that it's a Microsoft Word document.

You can hover at the question mark info-tip tool from the dashboard, to understand what is need of you at every step.

To help you, I've attached below a simple video showing you the process.

How to upload your book to draft2digital

And now…

Step 5: You're done.

After you've published your book, repeat steps 2 to 4 to create more and more books to sell.

My Test Income Result

Ideally, you need to publish a minimum of 100 books with Draft2Digital before you can start seeing worthwhile results.

But since this was a test only, I only published 2. Even so, I managed to sell 1 book using the platform.

Draft2Digital Income Proof

Now I know $3.73 might not be much for two books I published. But if you can see the potential of this method and rather than just 2, you published that 100+.
Then I strongly believe you'd be very much pleased.

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Update: Managed to add only 3 more books. So the total now is 5 books published (I know, I know, I should find time and do this). And got 2 more sales.

draft2digital income proof
Added 3 More Books and Sold 2 Units. Income Update!
Passive Income Proof D2D
Passive Income Update. 5 Books Still in Total.
Start executing this method today.
Draft2Digital Feb 2021 Income Proof
Draft2Digital Passive Income Update. 5 Books Still in Total.
This is my last update. And if still you don't think this is worth pursuing I don't know what will.

Draft2Digital First Payment Proof

Extra Tip:

You can even use an automatic content creation software like this one and pump out unique books without writing a single one yourself.

The possibilities are endless. Not to talk of other ways like building flippable websites choke full of content.

Are you seeing where I'm going with this?

And if you need more proof this is working for others and get some extra tips as well?

Watch the video below.

10X Your Self-Publishing Empire Results

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This will in practicality expand your low-content publishing empire, and help you learn even more how to do it but on a grand scale for even more income.

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That's it from me today. and I hope you enjoyed this guide.

Take action, my friend.

Stay Earning!

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