What To Do If You Aren’t Making Money Online Today – 6 Fixes

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It's your fault if you aren't making money online.

No one else's.

You're online right now, meaning you've got all you need to make money online.

But why aren't you?

You aren't alone though.

So many people are coming online with the goal of making money, only for their enthusiasm to get sharked.

But forget about the others, you're the VIP here.

Here's the thing. You could be the best online money making machine the world has ever seen. Just the way you envisioned it.

But a couple of things will have to be nipped in the bud.


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1. Greed Is Killing Your Chances To Online Riches

We all need a little greed in us at times to do well.

But the greed we are talking about here is that of trying to do everything at once so that we can benefit again at once.

But you see, that's the wrong approach. And if you're guilty of this then stop immediately.

Firstly, realize that even a juggler starts by tossing the first object before adding another to the rotation. Not all objects at once and then juggling.

You'll first have to pick a business model, be it blogging, youtubing, freelancing, dropshipping…etc. Then focus on that one business model and make it bear results.

Once you start seeing momentum and results. Keep at it, scale it up, and outsource when and where necessary.

And when you've done this for a while and feel like you can expand your empire. Repeat the entire process with another business model.

Things to keep in mind though. Keep things simple by doing them one at a time.

Smart rule to know. You can achieve more doing things sequentially than simultaneously.


indecisiveness image


2. Red, Yellow, Green or Blue

We all love to have choices.

But choosing for some is never an easy task.

But who can blame you? Making money online is serious business. You can choose a good business model but fail because of the wrong niche.

Granted no one likes or wishes to fail in anything in life. But failure is inevitable. In fact, it's a necessary ingredient for success.

But indecisiveness is robbing you money, time, and freedom.

How so?

Research for the true magic pill never ends. Indecisiveness pushes you deeper into research.

So you subscribe to every guru's list, which obviously it's a funnel optimized to convert you at some point. But unknown to you, you keep buying and buying.

And before long, buying make money online products is all that helps you sleep at night.

How you might ask. Simple. The feeling of making an effort to change your life for the better that buying these products brings you.

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Even so questions like which is the best online business model? And how to make money online never gets answered to your satisfaction.

In turn, this creates information overload. Which by the way you don't need. The best option, trim subscriptions.

There's a simple cure for indecisiveness though. Realize opportunity cost is inevitable. And pick the one business model that you can live with.

It's time to do that online business that's been ringing at the back of your mind.

For me, blogging was on the shelf longer. So I started with it.


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3. What The Fear Inside You Really Is

Another thing affecting your income level online might be Fear.

And all that fear is, is False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.

I'm not saying don't fear loose lions and poisonous snakes. I'm only talking about the ones that exist in your mind.

You see, a lot of people get goosebumps whenever they think of creating an online business.

What will their family say, or friends, or what will they say when you fail and what not.

But how many of these people (family and friends critics) are paying you?

How many of them understand the concept of making money online and have actually succeeded at it?

I'm not saying disrespect them. I'm saying you're onto something, and you'll get caring protection bits of advice, because of it.

Fear of the unknown could be imposed on to you.

Find them who've made it online and seek their counsel. Would be the best thing to do. And where better than online itself?

Here's the thing. If you want to blog, start blogging. If you want to start a vlog channel, do it. Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing,…. just do it.

What's the worst that could happen?

Maybe get laughed at by a few people out of a million people, so what?

Get your website hacked, channel demonetized, get refunds, lose your business to scammers, couple spam comments, hosting downtimes, called out by other professionals in your niche, lose a couple subscribers, typos in your posts, so what?

Is the above really enough to prevent you from starting your online business today?

Aren't the upsides, far more rewarding than the risks involved?

Don't let the fear of judgment let down your family and future self.

No one's perfect and so nothing is perfect. Except for maybe real honey.????

Seriously though, don't try so hard to be perfect. Take action now.

You'll only get better at your craft with time like wine.


Making money online today will need doing things not testing them out image


4. Testing Things Out, Isn't Doing Them

Did you test getting online today, or did you just get online?

Same goes for the online business model you'll pick and start working at.

If you want to make it successful. You'll then need to do it, not test it.

Except if it's dropshipping a new product. Then don't scale just yet. You get the idea.

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You'll need to laser focus on your online business to successfully make money online today.

If you aren't serious about it, then don't start doing it. You'll only waste valuable time and get nowhere.

Have a clear mind on what you want to do to make money online. And then approach that business with the needed determination and focus.

Being unsure about your online business when starting out is normal. But if there are successful people in your niche then it's an indication there's potential and thus possible for you.

The only thing then left will be doing it.

From years of working online since 2013. The one thing I've realized is if you want to succeed at any online business you start, do it focusly.

Testing things out leads to dropping them and on to another thing. Wasting a lot of valuable time, having nothing concrete to show but only bitter after taste.

So choose your method of making money online today, and focusly do whatever it takes to make it work.


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5. Learn, Apply, Repeat

Irrespective of what online business you're in, starting or trying to start, learning about it will be crucial.

And learning isn't and won't be a one-time thing mind you but an ongoing process.

Keeping up with the latest tricks of the trade will be a must skill to have for your online business' survival.

But while learning is good and all. It's the application of the tips, tricks, and information learned that will be the key factor for your success.

Reading about how to drive a car, doesn't make one a driver. It's the constant application of what's learned that does it.

And that knowledge if not repetitively done to unconscious competence over time can be easily forgotten or be challenging to do.

You've got to keep learning, applying and repeating the same process over and over.

And this is where the learning curve comes in. And why it's crucial to do things sequentially.

Every skill takes time to master. And you cannot learn and apply different information to different skills all at the same time. You'll burn out.

Something to keep in mind. There will be a learning curve for every online business you do decide to start. Don't give yourself multiple learning curves at the same time. Rather, choose one to proficiency at a time.


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6. The Truth About Having Patience

Who likes waiting right?

Everyone wants quick results.

But the truth about any online business is that it takes skills and patience.

And the patience duration will be greatly impacted by the skills and the determination to learn you have.

Do you think everyone can buy the right solo ads, from the right solo ads vendor, and match it with the perfect well optimized high converting sales funnel?

Is everyone able to set up their Shopify stores and turn them profitable before the trial period ends?

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How about blogging, where above 97% of new blogs fail within 6 months to a year.

Your skill level for every online business you start, and your determination to learn, will greatly determine your patience period.

There is always an exception to every rule. But don't always choose easy.

Personally, I know patience in most people has been watered down due to unrealistic expectations they've been led to believe.

If your business model on average takes a year to be successful. Listening to someone saying it only takes 2 months will get you to quit doing it by month four.

Some say blogging is easy, is it? That Vlogging is easy, is it? Dropshipping, is it? What is easy online?

You can argue there are some online businesses with a fast turn around times. Like freelancing, arbitrage, affiliate Marketing,…etc. But also realize people fail and fail miserably in those too.

Turn around times and making a comfortable, reliable, fulltime income from them are two different things.

You'll have to tolerate disappointments, delays, and problems without loss of enthusiasm and drive in your chosen business model to make it a full-time income earner.

Most people have quit working on their cash cow online businesses, all because they took too long to work. Not because they couldn't or wouldn't work.

I've been guilty of this before.

Giving up too soon is what makes someone think they've failed online.

So if you aren't making money online today, it might just be you quit too soon.

You can make anything work if you wanted to. So the question then becomes, do you really want to make money online today? Or do you just think you want to?


To Recap.

  1. Don't be too greedy. Do things sequentially and give yourself time to hone your skills.
  2. Stop indecision and choose the one make money online business opportunity you'd want to pursue.
  3. Deal with the fear inside you by taking massive action. Realize all that you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
  4. Stop testing things out to see if they are the right fit. Nothing ever is. Choose the one online business you like the most and determinedly make it work.
  5. Learn, apply, and repeat everything to unconscious competence. Upping your skills level will be a must to stay ahead of your game in your chosen business.
  6. Have enough patience. Keep improving your skills to cut down on your patience period. And above all, have realistic expectations lest you affect your patience tolerance.

So there you have it. The 6 problems that might be preventing you from making money online today, and what to do about them.

But bear in mind this isn't an exhaustive list. Nonetheless, it covers the core issues that when taken care off, money is sure to be made.

In future posts, we shall examine more issues that keep people from making money online.

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In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.

Is it money problems, excuses, lack of a mentor, no tradeable skills, shiny object syndrome, mindset? What is it, that's making you have trouble making money online?

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