Mayday Payday PRO By Dawud Islam Review – Resell Success!


Welcome to my Mayday Payday Pro review, a product of Dawud Islam; a top 5 affiliate and a top 10 vendor on W+.

So what is Mayday Payday Pro? What is it solving? Is it a problem you need solved? Can it work for you? What else is included? Are some of the questions I will address in this review, plus…

Some of the awesome bonuses I have for you.

Now, with no further delay let's jump right in.

Shall we?

Mayday Payday Pro Review: What Is It? What Is It Solving?

Mayday Payday Pro is a collection of 9 of Dawud Islam's past and current products that you can resell for 100% profits throughout their funnels.

This means you don't have to run to plr websites and sell unproven or badly refreshed plr products that have no track record of selling, other than that of their creators selling it to you.

If you have to resell something, It had better have a track record of selling to actual consuming customers rather than to sellers.

This way you'll know if you were to present it to others you'd also sell and earn as though you'd created them yourself.

And Dawud Islam's products have a track record of consuming customers that you can check at any time.


Look, there's a reason why people prefer selling their own products. And it's because selling your own products, works, is super profitable, and on top of it it's reliable.

But creating your own profitable products to sell can be heard. Not only can it be time-consuming, but worse, costly and without proof, they will even sell.

The best approach would always be to buy proven-to-sell products and sell them as your own.

But this doesn't mean grabbing any PLR product that's been given access to thousands of others. No!

You be smart, and grab recently launched products that did well, and sell them as your very own.

And the best thing about Dawud Islams' offer is that you won't even have to contend with the difficult process of setting up these products to sell as you would with typical PLRs, NO!

Everything has already been done for you to hit the ground running. Get your very own 100% approved-on-all-funnels, promote and earn.

And that's not all, he will even show you how to get the traffic to make the magic start happening.

But are his products the answer?


Is It a Problem You Need Solved?

I mean you can still promote products as an affiliate and still earn. Heck! It's what I do.

But you have to share your effort results with the vendor of the said product.

So if you buy this product through me by the way, (link or button below) I will only get 50% commission.

But if I sell this product as my very own; it's one of the options too, I will get to keep the whole profit to myself.

So is getting 100% commissions throughout the entire funnels, of not just one but 9 proven-to-sell products; that will now be like yours to sell at any time you wish, an opportunity you might want to grab?

Yes or No?

Can You Do It?


Can It Work For You?


Look, where there's traffic there's profit. Always know this.

So if you can get traffic, you can make these products that you'll be getting with Mayday Payday Pro; 9, work.

Best of all, he will be showing you how to get the said traffic that converts so that you can start making that 100% profit.

What's more, I will include with your purchase, not one or two but several premium traffic secrets and strategies that will 10x your traffic getting skills.

At the end of the day, these products will work for you as they have for Dawud if you work at them.


Pros Of Mayday Payday Pro.

  1. No setups required.
  2. Proven to sell products.
  3. Better PLR than from usual plr websites.
  4. Able to earn you 100+ per product throughout the funnel.
  5. 9 Products you can sell at any time you need or want money.
  6. How to get free traffic that converts to them included.
  7. You can get access to the product's information to not only benefit from their information but to also know what you'll be selling to your customers.
  8. 30-day money-back guarantee if these products don't earn you when you take action on them.

Cons of Mayday Payday Pro.

  1. Products covers might be a concern if aesthetics matter to you. But it doesn't matter since they've sold fine as they are.

What Else Is Included?

You can also get the following additions to your Mayday Payday Pro purchase.

  1. Bonus Giveaway Rights – Give to your customers as a bonus to further motivate purchases.
  2. DFY Weekly Campaigns – No need to sweat how to make money as on the latest products. It'll all be done for you.
  3. Executive Club – Stay in the know.
  4. Launch Partner – Get started with a bang even if no one knows you if you decide to sell your own products like him by getting his direct results boost, through launching with him. Power of association.
  5. Total Traffic Fix – Your traffic woes finally demystified.

So are you ready to get started with Mayday Payday Pro?

Click the link below, to learn more and grab your copy together with my premium traffic bundle bonus included for free.

Thanks for reading my Mayday Payday Pro By Dawud Islam review. And until next time, happy earning!