The 6 Myths Of Making Money Online Debunked

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We all know,
Making money online,
Is where it's at.
Anything is possible online in regards to the coveted laptop lifestyle.
One MINUTE you might be employed, working on your 9 – 5 job. THE NEXT self-employed, running your own successful 6 – 7 figures online business.
Working in your favorite PJs all day. Making your own working schedule. And not having to deal with the headache of MEETING STRICT WORK DEADLINES or RISK GETTING FIRED.
But, wait!
Do you see some misconceptions and misinformation in the paragraphs above?
If yes, good eye. If not, tip: some are CAPITALIZED.
Unfortunately, the make money online world is awash with these and similar myths, that I'll try to debunk them for you in this post.
Hold my hand as we maneuver through these junk myths of making money online, lest you get lost in them.
Like so many others.
And crush it online.
It bears repeating this,
Though simple to make money online, it's far from easy.
myths of making money online is easy
And, this myth gets exacerbated by some of the new MMO courses and info products launching every other day.
While I hold no grudge towards the product creators, and they sure want to help you succeed, some I believe.
What you need to realize though, is that their sales copy's aim isn't to dance around with you, but to convert you.
Have realistic expectations when pursuing any online business model. Based on your level of skills, efforts, willingness to learn, patience, as well as the ease of access to the tools and resources required.
Example: The following people's online results will vary.
Person 1. Has got a responsive email list and an engaged niche related YouTube channel.
Person 2. Has got a well-trafficked niche related blog, that's growing by the day.
Person 3. Has got the money to buy targeted traffic, and willing to learn.
Person 4. No money, no list, no blog, but has got an elephants patience and focused efforts when making anything work.
Person 5. No money, no list, no blog, not patient, likes to only dream, lazy, information overloaded, skilled but unfocused, spread too thin, and feels entitled.
Who will see results OVERNIGHT, fast, eventually and maybe not, is clear.
Where you are at now, should be clear to you. To know what you need to do, to get to where you need to be, to see and achieve the results you want.

Myth #2: Anyone Can Make Money Online

In fact, so many people fail to make a red cent online.
Just because it's possible for some people to make money online, doesn't necessarily mean anyone can.
anyone can make money online
How to make money online,' Google searches get done every other day.
And, sure that a majority of them, have failed in some other online ventures.
Now, a big factor in these online business failures isn't the people. But their inability to market their product or business effectively.
Which then leads to some screaming, “Would someone please cut the BS and show me how to make this goddamn money!
You know it's true. You could have the best ever offer, product and sales funnel, but if no one sees it, it's useless. And you won't make a dime.
There are so many ways of generating targeted traffic but your cost will have to be either time or money.
And for some, neither time nor money is an option.
Both feel hard to them. And they won't do it.
And if they ever do, quit too early.
Anyone, right?

Myth #3: It Takes Money to Make Money Online

We've all heard this one before, right?
And for a long time, it was often the case.
it takes money to make money online
But now, with the power of the internet, things are anew.
Starting an online business is far less capital intensive than starting a “traditional” one.
To emphasize, while the latter would need a good amount of money to get started, the former could be done with a couple hundred bucks.
Without any INITIAL investment even.
Say what!
All you'll need is a product, a service, or a skill that someone else is willing to pay for and you're in business.
And if you're lacking a marketable skill you could easily learn one up on sites like Udemy and Skillshare.
Sell your services on a freelance site like Fiverr, and products on PayHip or Gumroad.
What about if you don't have your own products or services to sell?
Become an affiliate and still make money.
Possibilities are endless online.
The only limitations are the ones you tell yourself.

Business Tip: While you can start an online business without any INITIAL investment. Later on, investing in your business could prove wiser and worthwhile.


Myth #4: There Is Only One Way To Make Big Bucks Online

No one wants to pour their blood, sweat, and tears into something that won't amount to anything.
there is only one way to make big bucks online
And thus starting with the perfect business model a thing to seriously consider.
But, while that is the case, don't be sold on to the idea there's only one way of doing things if you TRULY want the big bucks online.
Ideally, you could make your WOW money doing different businesses online. Blogging, Youtubing, Trading, Dropshipping, Freelancing, Programming, Writing eBooks, Tutoring, to name a few.
And while each one will have its own learning curve and turn around time. They all got the potential to make you the kind of money you want, dream about, or even wish.
So NO! This or that isn't the only way to make big bucks online.
But simply spoilt for choice.

Business Tip: As sweet as passive income is, better have it as a bonus. You better work like it ain't passive, for it's neither easy nor permanent.


Myth #5: Everything Online Is And Must Be A Scam

I know, sorry!
They got you.
everything online is and must be a scam
But NO! Not every product, training, and service online is a scam.
This is one of the myths of making money online, that's felt way quicker and is easier to believe when you get or have been scammed.
But the truth is that there are so many legit products, courses, and services out there that can help you tremendously.
The problem though, is some people believe the sales page, and what they get when they buy isn't what they thought or hoped for.
Or if so, the method is just too damn complicated, though viable, they feel cheated.
It wasn't the easy make money online NOW fix, they wanted.
In turn, they don't take action and start crying wolf.
By the way, where's my refund?
Always buy from reputable sources and persons.

Myth #6: You Must Be An Expert on Your Topic

The best among the myths of making money online, that kills action taking, is none other than you must first be an expert on your topic to start an online business around it.
True or false?
you must be an expert on your topic
While being an expert on a topic you want to start your online business around isn't bad, it isn't necessary.
What you need to be, is a relative expert.
So who is a “relative expert?
This is a person who, though not an expert, is perceived to be more of an expert on a particular topic than the person they're talking to.
An example would be, if you've been working online, though not exactly an internet billionaire, you're more of an expert at it. To teach or coach someone who's never made a dime online. Or even someone who's earning way less than you are in a similar business model.
So, now that you know what a relative expert is. What topic or skills do you know or posses that you can see yourself already having relative expertise in?
Alternatively, which subject or skill would you like to obtain a working knowledge of?
Either way, get started already, talking about that subject or using that skill that you've got relative expertise of.
Its action taking that'll make you money online. So, get started and learn as you go.

Business Tip: According to Josh Kaufman, the author of The Personal MBA, it only takes 20 hours to become an “expert in an ultra-competitive field.”

That means only dedicating 45 minutes a day for a month, to learn and practice.


Though not an exhaustive list, these are the most common myths of making money online.
And hopefully, by addressing them, you've been empowered. And cleared of any misconceptions around making money online you might have had.
Feel very good in knowing that making money online is real, and it is POSSIBLE for you. But only if you're willing to do whatever it takes to make it so.
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Do the work!
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Stay Blessed!
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