Finally Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

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First off, congratulations!

Not only are you aware of your shiny object syndrome problem, but you're actively trying to overcome it.

Most don't even know it's a problem for them.

The truth of the matter is, SOS affects everyone even those living under a rock.

But it's how everyone reacts to its effects that make or break their business or dream.

Personally, for as long as I can remember shiny object syndrome has been a problem for me.

And not only has it affected my life but my online businesses.

I used to try every business opportunity that came down the pike.

This meant jumping from one idea to the next before they each had enough time to work to their potential.

I lost a lot of time doing this. And I felt the consequences to the fullest.

But I've since learned my lesson.

What I can tell you, though, is that you don't want this for yourself. More so if you've got commitment issues.

While it can be a challenge to stop shiny object syndrome completely, one can learn to manage, harness, and even overcome it.

And in this post, this is what you'll get to learn.

So, are you ready?

Let's do this!

What Is Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)?

Shiny object syndrome – is the tendency to get distracted by choosing to do new and more exciting things to what you were already doing.

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In my case, I tried every new make money online opportunity and abandoned them halfway. More so if they didn't get me the desired results fast or stumbled over a problem.

This mostly happens when the business you're in gets dull or intimidating for a while. And rather than pushing through you seek new and more interesting things to do instead.

Not only does this tendency slow down your business, but it takes a hold of you. And if not careful it destroys both you and the business.

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Shiny object syndrome if not properly managed can lead to commitment issues. And when commitment issues set in, any business you have or venture into will suffer.

So, by now I am sure you can see just how of a problem SOS can be. Not only can it destroy your current business but to any future one you set up.

Lucky for you, though, there are measures you can put in place to ensure your business and future are protected.


How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome.

There are simple things you can do to ensure you keep shiny object syndrome at bay.

1. Commit To One Idea Over Time.

If you're a fan of Dan Lok, then you must have heard him quote in one of his YouTube videos.

Wealth Is Committing To One Idea Over Time. -Dan Lok

And in his fashion, he shares his thoughts and solution on the matter in the video below.

And I must agree with him.

Staying true to one business idea over time is the secret key to online success.

Ask yourself this, can you give your current business opportunity 6 months to a year to make it work, before you quit, try, or add another one?

No one's saying you don't diversify, it's encouraged. But trying to pull off multiple businesses while in their starting phases as a beginner is ill-advised.

Beginner's Tip: If you pursue a certain business model. Give it a building focus for at least a year. And only when you're sure you can handle another new business model, should you do it.

On the off chance, you have no business model you'd like to pursue. Check out these 4 obvious passive income businesses you can start today.


2. Set Up Smaller Challenges.

Doing anything with no sign of progress can be demoralizing.

100 bill puzzle image

And the way you get around this is by setting up smaller challenges for yourself to meet.

So, when you achieve them you know you are progressing to your goal.

Every week, I have a set of challenges I try to meet for this blog.

Though, still in its third month am yet to get bored. Which is more than I can say for my other online ventures.

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I set a weekly and monthly target of blog posts to write. And in those two months I've fallen short by one or two, but still, the progress is evident. And that keeps me focused and going.

I implemented this properly when a friend challenged me to lose 10kgs in just a month.

Then I weighed 105kgs. But it was because of breaking down the 10kgs evenly into daily and weekly challenges that got me to beat that challenge.

And just for show, shed 10kgs more the months that followed. Remember, before this challenge I had failed to do so in 2 years.

To date, no one bets on my ability to do anything. But this blog is my bet to make it profitable before its 1st anniversary. Will I do it?


3. Stick To Your Daily Plan.

Shiny object syndrome won't creep on anyone committed to getting their daily business tasks done.


Soldier Crawling Sticking To Plan

But it does on anyone who goes through their day without a solid purpose.

And the one thing that keeps impeding sticking to one’s daily plans, is life.

Family, friends, television, events,.. etc.

If need be, wake up earlier, switch off your phone, turn off the television, say no to your friends' invites to hang out until you've completed your daily plans.

And while online still, don't pay attention to ads or read others blogs, until you‘ve achieved your daily goals.

If today is your blog marketing day (Isn't it every day,) then let it not be a cheat day. All because you landed on someone's blog and got drawn deep and deeper into their archive.

It's simple really.

Entertain nothing else that won't help you meet your business’ daily plans.

And as simple as this might sound it's the discipline that’s called for.

Entertain distractions and you'll be replanning more often than not while hurting your business. By making it harder and harder for yourself to achieve your business' primary objectives.

Back to my story example..

Even though I bet the weight challenge, I could have easily lost for the cheat days I had.

It so happened it was a month full of events, outings, and all the nice foods one could eat. Yes, I partook but later on, I would pay dearly for that.

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I'd force myself to fast walk 4 hours a day just to deal with the extra weight I had added.

But still, I made it, all because I stuck with my daily plan. Even when I had to compensate.

The shiny object syndrome struggle is real. But don't make it harder for yourself than it ought to be.

This month I'll have to compensate those extra blog posts I missed. Is it necessary?


4. Confront What You’re Running From.

It's when you don't want to do something, that SOS grips you.

standoff between wolfs and warriors

Before deciding to go with Repeat Blogger. I had been stuck in a loop of buying domain names and setting up their websites.

That was easier than what was awaiting me. That which I knew was inevitable. Blogging.

A few months had gone by before I had written a blog post on yet another distraction website.

This was until I realized my problem and confronted it by starting.

I remember having a conversation with my mind, telling it there wasn't any other way but to blog. And so it had better figure out ways to do it than avoid it.

After this conversion with my mind. Things have improved. Writing isn't scary anymore. I make mistakes inadvertently but still I push on.

So, it's important to find out what exactly you might try to run away from and confront it.

If you don't, you might risk getting stuck in an unnecessary loop. All because deep down there's a challenge you don't want to face.

So, stop getting distracted. You'll only be delaying the inevitable.

Soon or later you’ll do that which you’re scared to. So, you might as well get started.


Over To You.

Everyone's situation of a shiny object syndrome might be different but the effects are similar.

I hope this post goes a long way to help you overcome your shiny object syndrome problem. And be as productive as you've always wanted.

There's no time like the present. So, take action today and take control of your future.

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See you in the next post.

Till next time.

Stay Blessed!

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