Turn $1 Into Profit Every 60 Seconds As A Beginner

Turn $1 Into Profit Every 60 Seconds As A Beginner

Money rules everything around, everyone.

And despite popular beliefs, being broke is almost if not a sin.

I mean, $14,000 can be made in just 7 minutes (more on this later) on a computer or phone similar to the one you're using right now.

And all from the comfort of one's own home.

So what excuse have you then for struggling with failing methods and still being closed-minded to what's possible?

We live in an era where making money online is no longer a pipe dream but a reality for many.

And anyone, for that matter, who truly wants, can do it.

Every business online has a certain degree of risk attached to it.

And while businesses that require zero capital investment can appeal to many, they do take high know-how, perseverance, and consistency to work.

On the other hand, some businesses that require a small investment, say $10 from you. Can expedite the results process to just 60 seconds from scratch, such as the one in this post.

But be warned though, high rewards often go hand in hand with high risks.

And if you're the type who shies away from taking risks, this business isn't for you. But you can find businesses that are more of your speed on this article instead.

If you continue reading I'll assume you're an open-minded person, a go-getter, someone who doesn't cower at the mention of risk.

And as such, I'll start being straight with you.

The good thing is that you only need a minimum of $10 to start with this business. But the flip side is that you can lose that investment pretty quickly if you don’t practice first.

So it’ll be prudent for you to first give yourself enough time to practice the method for FREE before you invest any money.

This means if during the practice you don't like the method you can stop. Give up on it. And lose nothing, other than the potential profits you could have made.

Did I tell you of the lady who in just 7 minutes made $14,000?

Well, she did, and wanna know how much she had to start with?

A measly $100 in comparison.

But more on this later, you'll even get to see her do this live.

For now, you don't even need $10 let alone $100 to get started with. No!

You only need to practice but for FREE. Yes!

But why is the title saying turning $1 to profit in just 60 seconds but yet say I need $10, I don't get it?

Whoa! Relax!

You see, even though you need $10 to start with, you only need $1 to profit.

This means, with $10 you have 10 chances of safety rather than 1.

If it's confusing don't worry, for now, everything will be clear further down.

Just know you can turn $1 into profit every 60 seconds and for as many times as you like.

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But the question I want you to ask yourself is this:

If you could start profiting in the next 60 seconds, would it beat grinding day in and day out for months only to see little to no favorable results?

And I mean, if you've been failing online, or making no money, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result then just stop it. Makes me even start pondering what Albert Einstein thought it was.

That aside, this business could be a change for you. And with change, you can expect different results. In this case, profit results. Ending the cycle of failure and finally start planning your life again.

And so with no further delay, let's get started.

Shall we?


Turn $1 Into Profit Every 60 Seconds Even As A Beginner.

Are you ready to profit in the next 60 seconds?

We will do this in the QNA style.

But why $1, why not $10, $100, $1000?

Because you're a beginner, and as such, need to practice first. Which by the way, I will hook you up with a free practice account before you can use any real money.


Why practice if I can just start and profit immediately?

To learn properly.

Plus, it will help you see if you can do it or not. And make a guided decision before you can use your first $1.

But I understand everyone has different risk levels. And if you want, you can jump right into profiting.


How much do I need to start with?

You only need a minimum of $10. This gives you 10 chances to turn a profit 10 times.


Is there a risk involved?


You could lose your $10 or however much you decide to start with. That's why you must practice first, to know what you're doing and protect your investment.

But think about it, would you rather risk $10 and potentially make more in a few minutes? Or gamble with outdated methods that don't work wasting your valuable time?


I'm interested, but what is this profitable opportunity all about?


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You see, like you normally predict on certain Football teams to win over others in soccer games. This model is kinda similar.

But rather than predicting Football teams, you'll be predicting on real-life commodities on whether they'll go UP or DOWN in the markets.

An example would be would Euro go Up or DOWN in the next 60 seconds against the USD?

A correct prediction of this, gets your money. And vice versa.


Whoa! Hold On! But do I have to guess?


There are technical indicators that will guide you to always, if not most of the time, make accurate predictions.

And during your practice, you'll get to learn how to use and get comfortable with them before you stake any money.


So It's Trading Then?

Yip! It is!

But you won't be trading Forex or anything else complex. Just binary options, which are super beginner-friendly.


Why is trading binary options beginner friendly?

Because your job is to either CALL (price will go up) or PUT (price will go down) to be profitable in 60 seconds or less.

Granted, you'll also need to know the right times to make that one simple decision.

And that's why practicing will be necessary. Get your free practice account below.


Can I trade faster?


Rather than predicting the price in 60 seconds, you could do so for 30 seconds.

But longer durations are always better when starting. ie 60 seconds, 120 seconds and such.

But ultimately your preference and need to be profitable will determine your trading style.


Which binary options trading site do you recommend?

There's no shortage for good binary options trading sites you could trade options with, but my favorite has to be IQ Option.

They are always innovating and thinking about all their users. And other than that, their trading interface is super easy to use, so beginner-friendly.

But the most important aspect for me has to be the low minimum deposits.

While some of its competitors require you to invest a minimum of $200$250, IQ Option's minimum deposit is only $10 with a stake minimum of only $1.

This means you can test your trading skills without worrying you'll lose your shirt in the process.


What can I trade with IQ Option?

IQ Option offers different tradable options, 53 to be exact in currencies, indices, commodities, and stocks.

So there's no shortage of options you can speculate on to profit.

Below is a quick overview video of what you can trade with IQ Option.

How can I trade binary options with IQ Option?

Here’s a quick start video showing you the simple process of trading binary options.

Will I have to learn to trade?

Every online business needs learning for one to excel and trading is no different.

The only difference comes in how fast you see results. Rather than having to wait for months to see any profit, with trading, profit is only 60 seconds away.

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So wouldn't you feel nice learning about something you can implement and see the result in the next 60 seconds?

Then request a withdrawal and get your money without having to wait for the month to end? Or worse Net30/60/90?

In fact, below is an interactive widget you can test your binary options trading skills now to see how simple it is.

Simply, set your trade amount, and click on the Green button to CALL (price will go up) or the Red button to PUT (price will go down).

But a word of CAUTION!

I cannot insist enough on the need to learn and practice different trading strategies on your demo/practice account before starting to trade with real money.

This is because you can LOSE all your money! Puff! In the same seconds, you could have pulled in the profits.

Where there's winning there's also losing, and as such not suitable for anyone who cannot stand to lose more than they can stand or afford.

I've lost and I've also WON, and the reason I'm insisting on the need to first PRACTICE.

And if you're getting a 10K practice account to practice your skills first, make the most of it.

Don't ignore this because you want to make profits. Profits you'll make, but first practice my friend.

Note: You need not be afraid to try, remember, money loves action.

You lose nothing by trying, but the regrets of not doing it sooner can be super painful.

And when you see how easy it is to learn, and with dedication master, you'll beat yourself up for not having started sooner.

But in any case, better late than Never, yeah?


Are You Sure With Practice I Can Be Able To Make A Profit On My Money?

What do you think?

Below is a video I've attached of a lady who in just 7 minutes managed to make $14,000 in profit, having started with a measly $100.

But just think about it.

Could you find a good use for $14,000 if you did the same?

What would it mean to you and your family? Time freedom?

Note: You don't even need to start with a lot to try, just $1 stakes. But first, after you've practiced and practiced enough. Don't rush the process.

Get Started With A Free 10K Practice Account First

I'm convinced to try, but where can I practice trading binary options?

Still at IQ Option.

Upon registration, you'll get a free demo account with $10,000 practice money.

You can then experiment with different trading strategies and only when you're comfortable, deposit real money to make real money back.

You can get started with a free practice account by clicking the button below or filling in the action form.

Get Started With A Free 10K Practice Account First

Note: Your capital might be at risk.

Or fill in the form below without leaving to get started fast.

There you have it, an easy way to turn $1 into profit every 60 seconds. And all without worrying about buying and doing complicated and outdated methods of working online that simply don't work.

In fact, the steps involved are only 4. Register, practice, deposit & trade, and cashout your profits.

And you also get an excellent 24/7 support system should you need it at any point in time.

I hope you found this post valuable and if so, comment below with any questions you might have.

That's it from me today and till next time.

Stay Blessed!

Image Credit: Designed by pikisuperstar / Freepik.

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