Puzzle Profitz Review Get A Puzzle Empire For Passive Profits


Are you looking to start making passive profits online? If so, then this Puzzle Profitz review; a product by Venkatesh Kumar, could be holding your key to success.

We will look into what Puzzle Profitz is, the opportunity you’ll be tapping into, how it works, its cost, upgrades available, and more.

So if you’re ready, let’s do this. Shall we?

Puzzle Profitz Review: What Is It?

Puzzle Profitz is a cloud-based app that helps one create profitable and unique puzzle books for self-publishing on Amazon KDP platform for a reliable passive income.

In a short while, you’ll see why you should consider adding this app to your passive income-generating methods. But first…

The app can create completely editable puzzles for any niche in a few clicks and also comes with comprehensive training to ensure you’re not lost on what to do.

But why should you care?

Here’s why.

The Opportunity With Puzzle Profitz?

To appreciate what Puzzle Profitz does, it’s best to first understand what it takes to make it online with self-publishing low-content ebooks on Amazon KDP.

First, you ought to find the right niche and get the right ebooks created (either by yourself or by outsourcing). Both of which aren’t as easy to do.

It’s what keeps people away from even attempting the method, and getting their own fair share of the profits.

And in the case of the Puzzle niche, it’s a proven, profitable niche. Step 1 solved.


Step 2, creating the puzzle ebooks. Not so easy and more so if you have no prior experience.

And even if you did, the man-hours you’d have to put in to achieve a unique puzzle ebook, would drive you crazy to quitting.

What about outsourcing you say?


As you can see, though not excessively expensive, if you plan on generating 100s of puzzle books for a comfortable passive income, it’d run you a tidy investment.

But with Puzzle Profitz, if you haven’t yet noticed, you could create these puzzles for others and create yet another passive income-generating business on the side.

This would effectively get the app pay for itself and more.

And this is not all there is, I wrote a complete guide on how you could effectively still make more with ebooks online.

It’s an unknown method, but if you add Fiverr, The method, and Amazon KDP platform, I don’t see how you could lose.

Those are three ways you could effectively use this software to earn you a nice passive income on the side.

Just ask yourself this, do you think you’d fail on three platforms all at once? Or would you succeed on the three of them?

The nice opportunity with this method is that you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket, NO!

If this isn’t smart, I don’t know what is.

But is using the app hard you ask?


Puzzle Profitz Review: How It Works.

Getting started with generating 100s of Puzzle ebooks with Puzzle Profitz is rather easy.

Once you get your copy of the app, log in, name your new project, enter your puzzle words (edit your puzzle as you see fit), download your new puzzle.


From there, simply upload to Amazon KDP, to the site mentioned on the method I shared with you above, or if you’re doing this for a client on Fiverr, submit it to them, and collect ya Pay my friend.

But seeing is believing, ain’t so?

Here’s the app in action.

Awesome! Right?

And now…

Puzzle Profitz Cost Review.

So, you might be asking how much this app would cost you to get your hands on it.

Not much my friend. And more so when you compare the income potential it could earn you in the different ways available.

Currently, it’s going for $17. But you can get it with a $2 discount if you act today.

How long the price is going to be at that spot is unknown and whether the discount will still apply as long.

The best thing is that your money is secured with a 180-day money-back guarantee. This means you have 6 months to test this app for yourself and see its effectiveness in getting your results.

For more information about this app, ensure to check out their official page.

Is there more to Puzzle Profitz?

Fortunately, Yes!

Puzzle Profitz Upgrades.

You see, upgrades help one or rather those willing, milk the app for all it’s worth.

There are some limitations to what you can do with the basic version of this app.

But these limitations can be easily removed if you wanted, with some upgrades and really speed up your ability to earn even more with it.

I’ll briefly go over them and what each means for you so that you have an idea of which ones you’d consider more in advance.

Upgrade 1: Puzzle Profitz PRO ($32/ Downsell $27).

Unlock all Puzzle Profitz features, for unlimited profits with this upgrade.

Upgrade 2: DFY Setup ($227/ Downsell $147).

Perfect upgrade if you're looking to get more done-for-you everything; templates, bonus pages, and campaigns.

Upgrade 3: Agency Rights ($47/ Downsell $37).

Turn Puzzle Profitz into a recurring business by selling it to unlimited customers with this upgrade.

Upgrade 5: Fortune 500 Profits ($57/ Downsell $47).

This upgrade helps you access 500+ of the best money-making products to not only diversify to online money-making potential but also ensure you're never again at a loss on what to do to earn a living online.

Upgrade 4: Reseller ($197/ Downsell $97)

With this upgrade you'll be able to sell it as your own product; that is you'll get to keep 100% commissions across the entire funnel.

And for even more help… Bonuses. 🙂

Any Bonuses Included With My Copy?

Yes, my friend.

I’ve gone on ahead and added several premium (paid for products) bonuses for you; accessible immediately with your copy of Puzzle Profitz, so as to help you not only make the most of this app but also diversify your money-making ways online.

You will be well pleased with this bonuses package.

In Conclusion.

If you’re currently looking for a solid way to earn online passively, Puzzle Profitz will be worth taking a look into.

And if you’re tired of the little pay Amazon pays to its affiliates, this app could change things for you.

Amazon keeps on succeeding and being on the winner’s team, surely could mean success for you as well.

So take advantage of the huge Amazon customer base, set up your business, and enjoy in its success as well.

Don’t forget the other ways discussed with you above, they too could prove extremely profitable as well.

Bottom line, there are different ways in which you would take advantage of Puzzle Profitz and add a nice extra monthly income to your budget.

Plus you’ve got an entire 6 months to test the app to your satisfaction worry-free. 6 Months! Awesome! Right?

That’s it for this Puzzle Profitz review by Venkatesh Kumar, and I hope it was insightful.

Thanks for reading through, God bless you and until the next post…

Happy Earning!