How To Set And Achieve Your Goals Successfully Like A Boss

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If you're to achieve the goals you set for yourself or business setting them up correctly will be a must.

And while setting up your goals will highly depend on your current situation, resources, ability, and other factors. You can follow a few guidelines to ensure you set up credible and possible goals.

This will help you avoid the disappointment that comes with failing to achieve your goals. Maybe because of setting goals that are too high, vague, or unworthy unknowingly.

The thing to note, though, is that setting up impossible goals or those that you can't / won't achieve. Is the easiest way to chip away on your confidence, morale, and even worse, warp your mindset.

But seeing as you don't want that, by reading this post. Let's see exactly how you can go about doing this.

So, how exactly can you set achievable goals?

Here is the 5 step process you can always follow. To not only set up goals that are possible but also achieve them like a boss.

But first,


Why Is Goal Setting Important?

Goals are simply future plans.

Something you want to attain or achieve at a future time.

Why Is Goal Setting Important

And they're important because they give our lives purpose. Keep us focused and motivated and also help us measure our progress.

Without goals, you'll lose direction, get distracted, procrastinate, live unaccountably, be lazy, and ultimately become a failure.

In short, goal setting is a must. And if you want to always achieve yours successfully, learning how to do it properly will be crucial.

So, with no further delay.

Let's dive in!


How To Set And Achieve Your Goals Successfully.

How to set and achieve your goals successfully

1. Visualize Your Goals.

I know, again with the Law Of Attraction.

But what you might be forgetting is that goals start from within.

Do you have the desire and passion for the things you want to achieve?

If your desire is weak, you won't get the favorable results you're after, and if you ever do, they will have delayed.

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So, you need to constantly store thoughts and ideas in your mind that will bring about the success you seek.

And you do this by visualizing yourself already successful in your objectives.

Now, to help you visualize better, you can create a vision board with pictures of the things or goals you want.

Or watch binaural vision videos on YouTube to help you with this.

And if you're having difficulties with this. You can learn this skill by watching visualization training videos on YouTube.

But make sure you're good with visualizing your goals. It'll be crucial for your success.


2. Create Your List.

Now, that you've visualized your goals. The next step is to come up with action steps that will help you achieve your goals.

This is where many people go wrong. They get so focused on the outcome they visualized, forgetting to create the action plan for accomplishing it.

We won't do that.

And creating just any list won't do it either. The following guidelines will need to be followed.

Set and achieve your goals by creating your list

To do this properly your goals will need to be:


  • Specific.

Boundless goals always leave room for mistakes and compromise and even worse aren't trackable.

So, if you want results you can be proud of, you’ll have to be specific by including the full details.

Rather than just writing down, “Be Rich,” or “Lose weight.”

Try, “I want to make a million dollars by December of this year.” “I will exercise and diet every day to lose 30kgs in the next 6 months.”

To better train your mind to work towards your goals, include everything you can. This means, names, position, amount, date, and even writing them down physically to make them real and tangible.


  • Measurable.

To be knowing how close you are to getting your goals, make them measurable.

This means including measurable details in your goals.

How much money do you want as a whole? The number of businesses you want to own and/or run? Hours you want to be working, is it “4 hours a week,” or more? How about the staff you'll be handling?

This aspect of your list will be crucial. So, if your goal is to make a million dollars yearly, then you're halfway there if you've already made half.

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Always have things and items to measure your progress when creating your action plan list.


  • Achievable and Realistic.

While the world is there for the taking. Resist the urge to create impossible goals for yourself.

Are you sure you can achieve this objective within a given amount of time, with the resources and capabilities you currently have?

Can you double your salary overnight? Get promoted to a position higher than your boss' today? Can you still pursue a career as an astronaut? How about making thousands today as a complete blogging beginner?

If not, then rethink your goals and make them achievable and realistic.

Always make sure you've got the strengths, resources, knowledge, and a strategic plan to back up your goals.

Remember, just because a goal is possible for someone else now, doesn't mean it is for you.


  • Time-Bound.

This is a big one. And many go wrong here.

If you want to spur yourself to start working on your goals and avoid any hindrances to achieving them. Set specific deadlines, complete with time and date.

Failure to do this will only get you rescheduling tasks and finishing nothing.

An example of a time-bound goal would be like: “To spend 4 hours everyday marketing my blog starting tomorrow.” “To be eating keto meals to lose weight starting lunch today.”

For bigger goals, that take years. The same applies.

For these, break them down into smaller objectives, complete with deadlines. And keep finishing them off sequentially to finally achieving.

Follow this format when creating your action plan list to ensure you succeed in any goal you set for yourself.


3. What's The Outcome?

It'll be very hard for you to stay motivated in your strive to reach your goals. If you don't know why you're even chasing these goals, to begin with.

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What’s The Outcome after you set and achieve your goals

So, also note down what benefits or consequences you stand to get if you reach or fail to achieve your goals.

Benefits could be: “Buy a new Rolls-Royce Cullinan,” “Buy my own beach house or condo,” “Clear my mortgage early,” etc.

Consequences might be: “Lose my house and car,” “Disappoint my family,” “Fail to pay off student loans and credit cards,” etc.

Are you seeing just how this step can be powerful in motivating you?


4. Have The Right Attitude.

It doesn't matter how good a goals you've set, if your mind's attitude towards your goals isn't right it won't work.

Having the right attitude is crucial to subconsciously align your actions with your set goals.

Will you have the consistency, patience, and discipline needed to achieve your goals, without the right attitude?


So, if you ever feel your attitude isn't right, refer back to your ‘outcome' step above for a megadose of motivation.

You can also find a partner to be motivating you when you're in a slump.

Read this post also to find other ways of staying motivated.


5. Review Your Goals.

Goal setting is always an ongoing activity. And every now and then it'll be crucial to sit down, review your goals and progress. And also make the necessary adjustments.

Now, just because your plans will be flexible and get altered. It won't mean you don't stay with your goals. Or find ways to cheat by putting things off for another available time.


This will simply be to help you stay on track. And make sure the relevance, necessity, and value of your goals remain high.


In Conclusion.

The above 5 steps will be crucial to set and achieve your goals successfully like a boss this year.

Not only will you stop falling short of achieving your goals but also boost your self-confidence and morale.

It's my hope you found this post truly helpful and that you'll implement these steps for successful goal setting.

Comment below in the description box on what you think. And what you're struggling with that you'd like to see covered in future posts.

Thanks for reading through and consider sharing this post with your friends on social media.

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And as always stay blessed!

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