10 Tricks to Solve Your Motivation Problems in Your Online Business

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Are you always motivated in your online business?

If you’re like every one of us. You’ll at times lose the will to get the job done.

Either, because in that month business is slow. Or you’re simply getting overwhelmed with all the moving parts in your online business.

You’ve wished and dreamt of finally being your own boss. Owning your own business and working where, when, how, and with whoever you want.

And finally you are here, you’ve done it.

You’ve taken on the full responsibilities that comes with being a business owner.

You’re now the ruler of your own destiny.

But the day to day running of your business is slowly but surely becoming a challenge.

And you’re secretly avoiding to show up every day and run your business.

Rest assured, that this isn’t you becoming lazy.

What’s happening is you’re losing motivation in your online business.

We all know an entrepreneur’s journey to success is one full of ups and downs.

And when the downs set in, your motivation to keep pushing is sure to take a beating.

This is when lifting one’s motivation is crucial. When everything in your business seems to have stopped working or is moving in slow motion in your eyes.

The good news, though, is that you aren’t alone.

Allow me to share with you the 7 tricks you can use to help with your motivation issues.

But first,


What Is Motivation In Business?

Simply put, this is your willingness to work either from your enjoyment of the work and/or to achieve a desired goal.

Motivation Problems. What Is Motivation In Business.

Motivation is the driving force of any successful entrepreneur thus important to always keep yours going.

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Now to the tricks.


10 Tricks to Solve Your Motivation Problems in Your Online Business.

1. Remember Your “Why”.

Can you remember the reason you went into business in the first place?

What inspired you? And does it still inspire you? If not, why and what can you do about it?

Try focusing intently on the feeling you had when you first realized being successfully self-employed is what you wanted.

Loss of your motivation could stem from forgetting the “why” you ventured into business.


2. Relive Past Successes.

We at times get caught up in what’s not working, we forget what we got working.

Do you remember what it felt like when you achieved a significant goal?

When you tasted victory? Do you remember the work you had to put in to reach these milestones you now take pride in?

Reliving your best moments is not only satisfying but can get you amped-up into action.

So, give it a try whenever you‘re feeling lost and experience the magic.


3. Give Yourself A Deadline.

If you’re thinking here we go again with the deadline nonsense. Stop!

Just because you’re your own boss doesn’t mean you don’t do deadlines.

If anything, it’ll get you fired up to deliver.

The secret here, however, is to set up deadlines you won’t want to back down on. Otherwise, it’ll be useless.

So, consider promising someone, or people you hold in high regard to something.

Seeing as how your reputation will be on the line, you’ll deliver.


4. Have A Support System.

Hands up if you like isolation?


But sadly, for solopreneurs, this can be an issue.

Who do you run to, to share or have a motivational chat with, when things go right or wrong?

Be sure to have one even if it’s your spouse, a mentor, a forum, a support group, or even a like-minded business community like this one.

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One’s journey to success can be a lonely one. And having a support system in place is a must if your success is to be guaranteeable.


5. Keep Your Goals In Sight (Literally).

Even if you don’t subscribe to the philosophy of the law of attraction.

Keeping your goals literally in sight could be an effective motivational tool.

This could be as simple as a note or a picture you place in places you frequent or spend most of your time at.

Is it your dream house, a dream car, or your family? Have it as your computer’s background wallpaper and screensaver.

So that when you need a megadose of motivation, a simple glance at it does it.


6. Do Exercises Every day.

I know for some of you, exercises are a big no-no.

But I’ve often found when your body isn’t fit, loss of motivation in your business sets in.

Try push-ups, sit-ups, running, jumping jerks, dumbbells, walking, what have you. Just get your daily dose of exercise in.

Not only will this uplift your mood, get your blood pumping but also get your brain thinking.

These exercises don’t have to be intense to work. But the consistency, this helps you develop will be a bonus.

Did I mention you’ll also come up with good ideas while at it?


7. Reward Yourself.

Who doesn’t like a good reward for doing or achieving a goal?

Use the same reward based tactic when faced with a large project, unpleasant task, or anything that might prove overwhelming.

To do this, break up your project into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Now, these tasks will be your checklist. Reward yourself as you complete each daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Rewards could be anything you want bad enough and will enjoy.

Is that watching your favorite show on TV? Going to a cinema or professional sporting event? Swimming or reading a novel? You decide.


8. Use Motivation Boosters.

Nothing gives you a jolt of motivation than similar business successes.

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For bloggers, it’s usually other’s income reports. ????

Either way, finding someone who’s excelling in a business similar to yours could be very motivational.

After all, they’ve done it.

And by looking at how they solved certain issues you’re now dealing with, your motivation to implement and solve yours, will kick in.

Another thing I find useful is reading business or inspirational quotes as well as watching related videos on YouTube.


9. Take a Break.

I know how much you love your business. And it deserves nothing but the best efforts from you.

But getting caught up in the trap of “all work and no play” could prove counterproductive.

So, be sure to take days off and breaks during work days wisely. This will help you rejuvenate and gain some perspective.

You can play games, take a short stroll, chat with a friend, or even take a bubble bath. Anything to get your mind off work for a while.

This way, you’ll always find things sorting out themselves in your head. Even more so if the break was inspired by getting stuck on a project or task.


10. Shake Things Up.

Loss of motivation at times could be because of a boring routine.

And while some people hate change. It might be exactly what’s needed.

So, try to do things differently, how and when you think and do them.

This will help you get past your complacency and avoid being a victim of the shiny object syndrome.

You’ll also get renewed motivation.

So, rather than avoiding change, embrace it for your business’ sake.


Over to You.

There you have it.

The 10 tricks to solve your motivation problems in your online business.

Just remember it doesn’t matter how successful your online business is or how much you love working online.

The motivational dilemma is something every new and established entrepreneurs face at some point.

And if these 10 tricks don’t do it for you. Bear in mind that motivation comes from within.

So, find your motivational triggers. What is it that motivates you into productive mode?

However you do it, you’ve got to know your motivation triggers.

That’s it from me today on the 10 tricks to solve your motivation problems in your online business.

If you enjoyed this article share it with your fellow entrepreneurs, comment, and subscribe below.

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See you in the next post.

Stay Blessed!

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