How To Start Making Money Online NOW With New Product Launches

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Nothing sucks like giving a make money online method your all, only to have it fail.

Whether you've been at this make money online thing for a while or just starting out, failure isn't sweet.

So, what have you been doing wrong?

Why can't you seem to make anything work?

No or little results, either way, this post is for you to finally crack the code.

And be proud of yourself.

To finally, see your name is shining lights. And not just when you close your eyes but even when they are wide open.

But, back up amigo!

There's work to do first.

And if you aren't yet ready to roll up your sleeves and get the job done.

Forget the shining lights, and while at it you might as well forget your name too.

Because it won't happen for you.

I know you aren’t reading this post for all this tough talk. But the truth is necessary.

Mindset re-frame is a must. Or risk failing. You decide.



How To Start Making Money Online NOW With New Launches.

What is it all about?

If the last part of the title didn't give it away already, it's Launch Jacking.

What Is Launch Jacking – It's profiting on new product launches through reviews.

What this means is, you'll attract online customers in need of a certain product by writing a review post or recording a review video about the product.

Rank your review post or review video before the product launches. And when customers buy through your affiliate link. You get your agreed upon cut of the profits sent instantly to your PayPal account.

What's not to love about it right?

Now, you know the full method we will go over.

If still interested in the next steps to set this up. Read on.

If not, visit the make money section under blog. And pick another make money method that tickles your fancy.


What You'll Need To Make This Method Work.

  • Laptop.
  • Internet connection.
  • Verified PayPal account.
  • Bonuses.
  • Stick-to-itiveness.


Steps Involved.

  • Join an affiliate network.
  • Find products to promote.
  • Request approval.
  • Find bonuses.
  • Review the product.
  • Publish and optimize for ranking.
  • Repeat. ????

Let's begin.


Joining An Affiliate Program.

For this tutorial, we'll keep things simple and go with Internet Marketing (IM) and Make Money Online (MMO) niches.

And for this, we will use two legit platforms: WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

So, create your account on both them. The process is straightforward: Click on the signup button, fill in your details, and then register (JVZoo) or create an account (W+.)

If you don't have a verified PayPal account, sign up for one and get your bank account or card linked for verification.

Tip: Use your real details and confirm all verification emails when signing up to the above websites.

Remember to link your verified PayPal account to receive your commissions.


Choosing Profitable Affiliate Products To Promote.

This is the step that can make or break your online efforts.

The process varies for different methods of product promotion.

But while no one can be 100% sure with a product, there are guidelines you can follow to ensure you pick winners almost every time.

While other product promotion methods will involve looking at a product's stats. This method won't since the launches we’ll target will be 7 or 14 days away.

This will be so to give our product review or video enough time to rank well.

Note: This method assumes you're starting from scratch. With no existing traffic assets like an established IM/MMO niche website or an authority YouTube channel.

But even so, if not careful you can review a product that won't have a market come the d-day and thus have wasted your efforts.

So, to do this properly, read carefully.

Visit and look for products launching 7 to 14 days away.

Muncheye – is an IM product launch calendar website. This means the website lists upcoming internet marketing products for interested affiliates.

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Pick products that pick your interest and look at their JV page. For our example below, we will use Billy Darr's product Traffic Robot.

Affiliate Product Selection Process To Start Making Money Online

Note: It's good practice to apply to several affiliate products to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Don't worry though, you'll get accepted for 3 out of 5 products you apply to.

When picking a potential product to promote, here's what you need to look for.

  1. The product is 7 – 14 days away (This gives time for your review to rank well.)
  2. The product vendor has a well proven past track record (Their past products were winners.)
  3. Big JV Cash Prizes (This will ensure there will be a big buzz, as big-name affiliates jump on board, hence good traffic.)traffic robot cash prices
  4. Commission rates (Make sure the funnel's commission structure is worth it.)traffic robot sales funnel commission structure
  5. Optimized Sales Page (If a sales page cannot convince you who will it?. Stay away from lazy made sales pages, unless you have your reasons.)

As you keep doing this repeatedly, you'll develop a knack for choosing winners.

Now, that you have chosen a product that interests you. It's time to request your affiliate approval.

Without which you can't cash in.


Requesting Affiliate Approval.

First off, you won't get accepted for every affiliate product you apply to as a newbie.

But, the more you do this the better you'll shake off rejection.

A good practice is to apply to several of the affiliate products, say 5 of them.

You'll get accepted for 2, 3, or all depending on how you present your request.

So, to keep things simple, let's see the #1 reason a vendor might deny your affiliate request.

#1. You don't have a sales record.

No surprises there. But this is because they don't want you to send them junk traffic. That'll decrease their EPC or worse increase their refund rate.

Low earnings per click (EPCs) and high refund rates scare off super affiliates, which is the opposite of what any vendor (Seller/Product Owner) wants.

And rather than risk it, denying your approval becomes easier.

So, knowing their worries, make sure you request approval addressing their concerns.

  1. Don't just request without being clear on how you'll promote their product. How will you drive traffic to their product? Will it be through your email list, blog, YouTube, social media, or what? Be clear and brief not detailed.
  2. Try to be personal. Don't just say Hi, I saw… rather try Hi [Vendor's Name] I saw…
  3. Hit them up on Facebook, Skype, or any other referenced place on their JV page, regarding your affiliate request.
  4. Don't copy paste affiliate requests, mistakes happen. Write up each one. It's simple and takes less than a minute.
  5. Be honest always. Don't say you'll promote their product to your email list of 10k and make them tons of sales while you don't even have any sales stats.
  6. Don't sweat it if you still get your request rejected after all this. It happens. Get over it and move on to another one.

How to do this?

Follow the instructions on a product's JV page on where you should apply.

Traffic Robot JP page Affiliate Links

For Warrior Plus.

You'll be directed instantly to the product's request page as shown below. From here you'll simply follow the above steps.

warrior plus traffic robot affiliate request page

applying for traffic robot's affiliate approval on warrior plus pop up

For JVZoo.

For JVZoo the process is the same as for W+, the only difference will be the look an feel.

Traffic Robot JVZOO affiliate request


You’ll get 1 or 2 confirmed approvals with this. This is when you'll get your special affiliate link with which to promote the product and earn.

When this happens, move on to the next step.


Getting Your Bonuses Ready.

Well, I don't have to tell you how far bonuses go for conversions.

Suffice to say you need ‘em.

It's the reason a $17 product will have $23,000 worth of bonuses.

For the average person that's just obscene. But for savvy affiliates that's genius.

Who would you buy the same product from? The one offering bonuses or the one without (Same as buying from the vendor directly.)

The answer is clear.

Another thing, bonuses help you build an email list. And you can do this in several ways.

You could ask your customers to sign up before purchasing the product. Email you their receipt and send over their bonuses. Or simply integrate your autoresponder on the product's affiliate area. To capture referrals emails when they buy if the option is present. And automatically send them their bonuses over.

However, you do it. It'll be your call.

But list building will go far to making your promotion efforts work to the max.

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So, how do you get bonuses of yourself?


1. Buy Previously Launched Courses In A Bundle.

The first option will be to buy courses that previously launched in a bundle to use as bonuses to increase conversions.

This helps to convert even more. Not only do customers get a new product but also stand to get previously launched courses they might have missed.

2. Create Your Own Custom Bonuses.

The second option will be to create your own custom bonuses.

This means, your customers cannot get that bonuses anywhere else other than from you.

It can be time-consuming to do this and I don't recommend it if you're just getting started. This is to help you not get overwhelmed.

But it can be super appealing more so if you've got a strong web cred on the subject.

3. PLR Products.

The third option will be to look for complementary plr products to use as your bonuses.

You can read this post to know what PLR products are in depth. But for now, they are already done-for-you products you could use, giveaway, or sell as your own.

The best way to go about this will be to join a PLR Membership site. For this, I use PLR Database and you can read their review here.

Now, that you've taken the time and rounded up your perfect bonuses.

It's time for your review/s.


How To Review An Affiliate Product.

On this one, I won't dwell much as I would cover it properly in a future post.

But essentially what you want to do is address the: Who, what, where, when, why, how, and how much in your review.

You don't want to leave room for questions. So, do your best to answer all with your review.

This is where having a review copy of the product helps. But these review copies might be scarce when you‘re starting.

So, the product's sales page will be all you'll need to go on.

Pick the main points out of the sales page and word them in your own way into a blog post. You can even look at other peoples reviews with access and get a better feel of what the product is.

To make this easy for you. Model your own review format after your competitors.

If it's working for them, don't reinvent the wheel. Use what's working. And this goes for most things you'll do online.

After a while, you'll get a feel of what your audience responds best to.

Below is a simple template you can use. But, adapt it as necessary.

Introduction: Introduce a problem your audience has and then offer the product as its solution.

Product Overview: This is where you highlight the product's name, the vendor/s involved, the price, when it's launching and their official website's link (This link will be your affiliate link.)

Product's Review: This is where you'll say what the product is, what it does. Who it is for, how it will solve their problem, and any other benefits.

Pros and Cons: Summarize the product's pros and cons. This helps put things into perspective and influence an early decision.

Product's Pricing: Say how much the product costs, discuss any upsells the product has, and whether they'll be necessary to get.

Address The FAQs: Highlight any frequently asked questions a customer might have and then answer them.

Why They Should Buy The Product: So, why should they buy or not buy this product. This is where you tell them all the reasons.

Your Thoughts: Any thoughts you might have about the product will go here. The good and the bad. Don't hold back if there's something you didn't like about the product smartly. And if you don’t recommend the product, what’s the alternative

Strong Call To Action: You can add your call to action buttons severally within the article where it makes sense. But right here is one such a place to have one and right after you've discussed your bonuses.

Bonuses: Do you have any bonuses for them to encourage sales? This is where you say what they are (Have this stated fleetingly in the intro you've got them.)

Conclusion: Finish your review. Ensure you tell them you are available for help when and if they need it during and after they've bought the product. Mostly because of the bonuses you promised. Don't forget another call to action. 🙂

Note: You can modify this template to your liking. And test to find what works best for you.

The same goes for doing a review video of the product. All questions will need to be answered.

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For this, you'll need a screen capture software like Screencast-O-Matic or OBS studio.

Then talk over the video addressing every point while navigating the sales page or members dashboard (Again model after what others are doing.)

Whether you want to do both a blog post and a video review to help your chances, do it. It's what I recommend.

Note: Don't get hung up on perfection. It's a guarantee when starting you'll do mistakes. The idea is to keep going learning on the job.


Publishing And Optimizing Your Reviews To Rank.

Now that you've got your review article and video ready. It's time to publish.

But this is where optimizing becomes the key to rank for your chosen keywords.

Setting up a blog is perfect since you can use it to set up sign up forms for list building.

But, if you don't want the hassle that comes with a website. Consider Blogger or Medium.

medium homepage

Medium is my recommendation as your post will rank within minutes of publishing.

To do this,  sign up with them and set up your profile.

Click your profile picture and on the drop-down menu select ‘new story.’

It’ll take you to a blank page from where you can enter your title and paste your review article.

Style it as you wish and hit publish. On the page that follows add your product review tags and you're done. Publish.

Note: You want to rank for ‘product name' review keyword. So make it your title and add as one of your tags.

You can also consider using other keyword review variations: ‘product name' bonuses, ‘product name' review plus bonuses, is ‘product name' a scam,.. etc.

To optimize your article, mention your main keyword which is “Product Name” + review severally within the article.

In your title, introduction, h2 tag, middle of the article, and conclusion.

Now that everything is done, and the article published. Copy the article post's URL and ping it on sites like Pingler and Pingfarm (This is to notify the search engines to index it.)

You can go a step further and share your review article on your social media channels. This will be enough to get your review ranking properly.

Now, with your review video. The same thing applies when you upload it.

You want your video's title to have your keywords of choice like the article.

In the video's description box, put your video's main title or keyword followed by your affiliate link for action takers.

You can cloak your affiliate link with Bitly and if you've got a WordPress site, use PrettyLinks to do it (This will encourage clicks.)

In the description’s body. You can write a short review article summarizing your video and then another call to action.

In the tags section, same as your article. You'll add the main keywords you are trying to rank for.

And for your thumbnail, create clickable ones with Canva. Again model after your competitors (Ugly thumbnails = no/less views = no/fewer commissions.)

The next part is sharing your video to your social media accounts. And embedding your review video on web 2.0 sites (Embed your video within the article you wrote.)

You can boost your video with a $3 social shares gig from SEOClerks but it won’t be necessary. Competition is usually low for products launching. That's why the weirder the product's name the easier it will be to rank.

Obviously, this is just touching the surface of things. But you get the full idea.

Let me repeat this again for memory's sake. The more you do this the better off you'll be. You'll soon have your own flow of doing things.


What Is Stick-to-itiveness And Why It Should Matter?

Stick-to-itiveness is the ability to persevere through a task despite its difficulties.

And in this business model, it’s needed.

In the beginning, you might struggle to see sensible results. But after a while when you get established things will take off.

Ranking your product reviews will be easier and so will making money with this method.

But you've got to start, pick your execution process and stick to it.

Here’s why this matters. You don’t grow to become an authority in any business model publishing only two pieces of content and quitting.

You must create a snowball effect to do this. And this calls for continual execution of a process. In this case, reviewing products launches.

Note: This method though for new launches. Can be used for any other evergreen product. And I advise you mix things up to ensure continual paydays.


Over To You.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

All I ask is to give this method a fair trial. And importantly employ stick-to-itiveness.

That's it from me today on how to start making money online now with new launches.

If you enjoyed this article, share, comment, and subscribe for more awesome stuff.

See you in the next post.

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Stay Blessed!

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