How I Turn PLR Digital Products Into Cash Online

How I Turn PLR Digital Products Into Cash Online Post Feature Graphic

Are you making money online with PLR digital products?

As you already know, you can turn PLR digital products into cash online using several ways.

But today I'll share with you how I do it personally.

Keep in mind though, I keep experimenting always to see what works, how, and where.

But truth be told, I am a huge fan of PLR digital products.

Not only do I earn from them but also learn.

So, without further ado let's dive in and see how you too can do it.


What Are PLR Digital Products?

These are products that come with a special license granting you the freedom to do whatever you want with them.

There are other rights products, MRR (Master Resell Rights), RR(Resell Rights), GAR (Giveaway Rights), PU (Personal Use Rights). They too have their own licenses granting you different powers on how you can use them.

But only products with personal use rights cannot be sold or given away.

Now that you know what we will be working with. Let's get started with the methods.


1. Have You Heard Of Fiverr?

For those who don't know, Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers to offer their services at affordable rates. Starting from $5 and up.

Fiverr Homepage Snapshot Picture

Note though, you must have $7 to order a gig priced at $5. Yeah, I know! But that $2 is their service fee.

Either way, this won't stop you from receiving orders. And I've been since 2016.

So how can you get set up and make money?

First, you must have something to sell a product or a service.

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In my case, I use Plr digital products, and that's what this post is all about.

So if you haven't yet, register at PLR Database and get access to 24,311+ PLR products you can re-brand as your own.

Note: There are many places you can get plr products, either way, I advise you to get a membership rather than buy single products to sell.

The next step is to sign up on, create your seller's account and complete your profile.

Go on the buying section on Fiverr and see what PLR, MRR products are being sold by other sellers.

See if you can come up with better packages with the products you'll find in your plr membership site of choice.

If you can then create gigs offering your better packages.

Another way is to see if there are services being offered with an obvious demand and set up your related gig with plr products.

An example of this. If there are gigs offering copywriting services but no gig selling copywriting guidebooks, guess what? Money.

Here's how (following the example above), if you can get good copywriting plr/mrr/rr/gar ebooks, package them up together and set up your gig.

Someone interested in learning how to write copy will want these ebooks, those selling copywriting services will want bonuses, how about those looking to create their own copywriting products?

The last method is testing things out. You could get a nice software, plugin, ebook or what have you that you think could benefit someone and set it up as a gig.

You can make money selling plr digital products on Fiverr.

And honestly, with so many ways of making money on Fiverr, selling private label rights products is super simple.

Fiverr earning proof 2 from selling plr products into cash online

Fiverr earning proof from plr products

And if you're a beginner, struggling to make money online. Try this method out to build up your confidence in making money online.

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2. Can You Code?

Now, this method works fast but it can be demanding.

Can You Code Image

I've been using it for a while and it works. Guaranteed like the Fiverr method above.

But being a programmer isn't necessary, I'll show you a shortcut later.

Here's how I do it though.

  1.  I find less targeted keywords on Google Play store (very unsaturated, more keywords to target and rank with ease).
  2. Find relevant or related articles or ebooks on that keyword topic.
  3. Turn these articles and ebooks into informational apps using Android Studio.
  4. Monetize the apps with AdMob. (Lazy to do mediation with Appodeal).
  5. Upload and profit passively.

I've got informational app templates I use to simply replace their content, compile, monetize, upload and profit passively.

If you would like a simple android informational app template created or give you the ones I own, email me. (Contact at the bottom of this blog's about page.)

Programmer with code background image

Now a simple way you can do this with no programming background.

  1. Find a less targeted keyword on Google Play store, that you can target and rank within minutes of uploading.
  2. Find or create articles around this keyword.
  3. Create a new blog on Blogger/WordPress on this topic and publish your articles.
  4. Monetize your blog post with ads and set up a capture form for list building.
  5. Convert your blog into an android app using AppsGeyser. And monetize the app with AdMob also.
  6. Open a Google Play developer‘s account. Requires a onetime fee of $25.
  7. Upload your app and profit.

If you'd like me to create a simple android app that converts your blog or website into an app. Let me know.

Or if you'd want to hire me to do this for you. And give you a readymade app with monetization in place to simply upload and cash in passively for years. Get in touch with me. (About page for details at the bottom.)

Note: You can create a complete informational app on AppsGeyser free of charge.


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PLR Strategies I'm Working On

Like I said earlier on, I like to keep testing things out.

Blacksmith holding a red hot ring plate

And I'm working on a few more proven ways of turning PLR digital products into cash online.

Like the following.

1. Can You Spot PLR On This Blog?

Since I find PLRs to be a good source of useful information (Some PLRs). I am trying to incorporate them into this blog.

Sheep Looking Really Close image

Personally, I like to read them and most times have useful information I don't get to read anywhere else.

So my plan is to share what I learn with you on this blog. Plus, it helps me generate blog post ideas fast.

Most bloggers do the same, but few ever admit it. But, hey! I'm honest. ????

Anyway, it's my mission to make this blog as complete as possible. In terms of the information, you need to know to be a success online as a beginner.


2. Could I Make a Successful PLR YouTube Channel?

Like with this blog.

I'm trying to see if plr can work with a youtube channel.

Others have done this and I'm planning on making it work.

The idea involves using plr videos and a mix of creative commons videos.

In case you are doing the same or thinking of doing it. Comment below.

I'll report my findings on this soon.

In the meantime.

Get signed up to PLR Database. And get this money!



Take action!

For beginners, these are super simple methods with which you can make work and again have quick turnaround times.

While you won't be buying Lambos soon with these methods. You will make a decent amount of money to pay for things both online and offline.

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Do you have other ways of making money online with PLR products that are simple for beginners? Comment below.

Have yourself a blessed day!

6 thoughts on “How I Turn PLR Digital Products Into Cash Online

  1. Oneesan Dada says:

    I will try to create youtube channel using PLR videos from Fiverr. I can’t find anything that talks about it, or any person who tried it. Any update on this gig?

    • James Mulatya says:

      Hi Oneesan, I got so carried away with other stuff I forgot about it. But you can do it. What you want to do is turn articles into videos and incase of videos record your own versions of them. The only thing you have to remember is PLR content is just raw material, to mix up with other PLR or own ideas to create a unique sellable product, unique to you. I will be writing up another post, explaining another way to do this without buying anything from Fiverr or even having to join a PLR membership site.

    • James Mulatya says:

      Hey Eric, thanks for commenting. I would advise you to code your own app or reskin a book app with your plr ebook. You’re sure to make more money with this. I haven’t uploaded any more apps in like 2+ yrs, but those that are up, still earn me passive income every day. And those that are doing good are books. The problem with App makers, in general, is that they will take some of your money as you’re sharing ad space, same-looking apps, branding or pay to remove, etc. What I prefer are one’s own apps that he/she can get all/most of the revenue. Plus you can also integrate your own relevant affiliate offers within those apps and earn. The point is you’ll have more control and options if you decide to create your own thing. Coding isn’t hard and takes like a week to learn the basic stuff enough to build your own book app. Those are super easy. And once you have a template you just swap books, change names, colors, app icon and you have a new book app. You can crank them out like a factory since it’s just swapping the books. But if you just want to test out the idea first before you commit then it’s okay to go with them. You can go the ads route or selling route, it’s your choice. Hope this has helped.

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