VideoBlogAi Review – Turn Your Blog Article To Video The A.I Way


Do you own a blog? And been wondering how to easily convert your blog articles to video and dominate social media platforms; YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc, but without having to do much?

Well, now you can, the A.I way.

Say What?

Yip, that’s VideoBlogAi for you. And in this review, I will be sharing with you what it is all about, and what it can do for you.

So without wasting time, let’s dive in.

What Is VideoBlogAi – Review.

VideoBlogAi is an ingenius A.I powered platform that turns any text into video, complete with subtitles, background music, and professional multi-lingual ultra-realistic voice-over. 

And all without doing much on your part than simply supplying the blog article URL you want to be converted into video.

That isn't all as with VideoBlogAi you are able to edit the video; so they aren't just done for you forcefully; this-is-it, use-it-or-leave-it deal. No, you have complete fine-tuning control including choosing the language-specific fonts to be used.

You can turn any PowerPoint presentation into a video using VideoBlogAi as well. How about Tweet to video conversion; yip, it does this. I bet you never heard of this. Tweet to video, Please! But with AI, things are becoming more possible than ever.

And this still is but the tip of the iceberg, VideoBlogAi is truly a must-have tool in your blogging arsenal for crazy growth.

The below features should help push this point home.

Key Features And Functionality.

The following are the key features of VideoBlogAi that make it a great tool to add in your blog marketing arsenal.

  1. Convert Blog Articles Into Ai Videos.

Doing this with VideoBlogAi is super simple. Simply add the URL of the blog article you want to convert into a Video, and the Ai will summarize your article content, find the perfect visuals, and create a video for you with a human-like voiceover complete with branded subtitles. 🙂

  1. Lifelike Text-To-Speech Voices.

With VideoBlogAi. Gone will be the days of using robotic-sounding voices in your videos. So if you find it an issue to do your own voice-overs due to your accent, then no need to even continue hiring native speakers to do it either.

VideoBlogAi comes with over 1000 human-like voices in 75 different languages. Heck! You don't need all these, but you could sell them over on Fiverr as a gig to others. Dope!

  1. Ai Art – Text To Image.

Even if you don't need videos done for you with VideoBlogAi, how about immersive and higher-resolution images for your blog article? Don't want this still? Imagine how much you'll be saving on premium stock site costs?

This is possible with VideoBlogAi as it's powered by Dall.e for state-of-the-art ai image generation.

  1. Built-In Ai Video Editor Studio.

You'll be able to fine-tune your generated videos, by editing the layouts, colors, fonts that are used, and more. Complete creativity-freedom in your hands.

  1. Multi-Lingual Voice Cloning.

This feature, I find quite amazing. Your language accent barrier will be a thing of the past, as you'll now be able to let your personality come through in your videos through your own sounding voice, but without the articulation issues. And get this, this cloning feature, supports over 190+ different languages. 

VideoBlogAi truly is something else, features upon features on end, but these should give you a clue on what this software is all about.

I mean; auto-picking videos, PowerPoint to video, language-specific fonts, premium stock images and videos in-built library, in-built video editor with pronunciation editor, tweet to video, video translation, multi-level video content summarization, interactive subtitles, video rending pipeline for previews, not subscription based, and commercial license included.

And get this, all this awesomeness for just $17. ONE-TIME-PAYMENT.

What’s crazy is that this $17 also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. What?

This is getting the most bang for your buck, at its best.

How VideoBlogAi Works.

Below, is a short video that walks you through what you can expect working with VideoBlogAi

Simple and direct. Right?

Why You Should Consider VideoBlogAi.

There’s no getting around using Video for your marketing needs. It’s the most effective way to generate awareness online and in a way that engages.

Creating truly captivating videos that move your audience to take the specific action you want them to take is no walk in the park.

Outsourcing this task to freelancers is also not pocket-friendly in the long run and more so when you consider this tool costs just $17. One-time.

Note: Use this coupon (“VIDEOBLOG5”) to get a $5 Discount. So that you get it at $12 one-time instead of $17. 🙂

Now, if you are comfortable doing videos yourself, VideoBlogAi also has other features you’ll definitely want; text to image, multi-language translation, subtitling, and much more, worth the asking price.

If English isn’t your first language, it goes without saying that VideoBlogAi will be a lifesaver.

Plus, nowadays, we live in a world where maximizing your value is important to your audience; this means having your content consumable in different formats is vital. But given the limited hours in a day, plus your life requirements, you cannot be slaving all hours behind your computer.

It’s time, for these AI. truly did some good for you. Lightening the load, so that you can push more value, earn more, and without having to sacrifice the quality of your life in the process.

Plus, with the 30-day moneyback guarantee in place, it’s truly worth the try, over what-ifs.

Learn more about what else you’ll be getting with your copy of VideoBlogAi today below, and take it through its paces.

This brings me to the end of VideoBlogAi review. And it’s my hope you found it insightful.

Happy Earning and Be blessed!