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In this post, I'm going to review Wave.video, an awesome tool that enables anyone, irrespective of their video expertise, create stunning highly profitable videos fast.

Now, I know creating awesome videos can be a challenge, even to the gifted.

But it's exactly what Wave.video is here to help you out with. So you can take advantage of video marketing with no excuses.

But why?

Statistics show, soon, 82% of all web traffic will be video traffic. And that 76% of businesses using video marketing have seen an increase in sales.

Truly, it's amazing what video marketing as a strategy can do for your business. I recently even wrote a tutorial showing beginners how they can use the power of video to sell products online.

And Wave.video is here simply to help you tap into this huge potential, as cost-effectively as possible, without having to worry about any tech stuff.

So, gone are the days when creating professional marketing videos was a privilege of a few, requiring a big budget, team professionals, and lots of time.

Nowadays, even more so with the help of tools like Wave.video, creating these videos couldn't be any cheaper, faster, and easier.

So, if you aren't using video marketing, you're essentially leaving money on the table. But not to worry, though, because you can start changing all that today.

And what better way to get started than with Wave.video.



What is Wave.video?

Wave.video is an online-based, easy, and powerful video editing tool for creating profitable video content fast.

It has all the features you'd expect of a professional video editor and then some. All of which help you create engaging videos that people love to share, fast and without having to get at all technical.

This is all thanks to its super responsive interface, drag-and-drop style editor, and a huge library of video assets such as templates, music, GIFs, stickers, and images.

And given all it does and how well and easy it is to do it, it's sometimes hard to not think of it as Canva for videos.

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So, if you love using Canva as much as I do, then Wave.video will be a guaranteed hit with you.

You'll be able to choose a video template to start with or create one from scratch, import or choose their copyright-free videos, images, and music, cut and edit them, overlay text, and add special effects to name but a few in just a few clicks.

Putting this into perspective, what you can do with Wave.video in just a few minutes, could take you hours with more traditional software. Making it a must-have tool in your marketing arsenal.

And now, let's take a look at some of its features real quick.


Wave.video Review: Features.

So what exactly is it that makes Wave video maker the Canva for videos?

To answer that, we'll list a few of its features, and then, later on, show you how easy it is, to use it.


1. It's Free Forever.

Earlier on I talked about how Wave.video makes excuses – with video marketing – simply that, excuses? This is it.

The level of entry is Zero. This to mean you can get started right now, creating branded video content for your business, for FREE. 🙂

Also, forget 30-day free trial deals. Sign Up Today for a FREE Forever Wave.video account and start driving your business forward with the power of video. 🙂

Note: Videos created with Free accounts bear Wave branding, removable with a business plan upgrade.


2. Built-in Royalty Free Stock Footage Library.

With Wave.video, finding royalty-free stock footage for use in your marketing videos couldn't be simpler.

How so?

Because they have a stock footage library with over 300 million stock videos and images, built-in. 🙂

So forget the tedious task of scouring the internet for these stock assets, and simply work on refining your search queries.

Feel not limited, though, as you can combine multiple clips (including your own) to create the perfect story you want.


3. Full and Creative Video Editing Control.

The intention isn't to overwhelm you but to give everyone, irrespective of their video skills, all they need to create and get the video they want.

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This means you'll be able, but not limited to, import your own media files, add a logo, font, overlay text and animation, apply branded video filters, include stickers and GIFs, and seamlessly resize your video's aspect ratio to over 30+ popular size formats optimized for every social platform.

Even better, you can create as many videos as you need, either for your clients, company, or self, with no worries because there are no monthly limits.

These are just some of its features and by no means all. But enough to pique your interest in this amazing online video editing tool.

Wave.video Review Features

But how exactly will you use it?

Let's find out, shall we?


How to Use Wave Video Maker and Create Stunning Videos.

Now, to use Wave.video to create these stunning social videos is super fun and easy.

You can start out with a video template or completely from scratch if you already have a video in mind in which you'll use your own creatives.

Templates are another feature of Wave.video, that helps you create social videos faster by only swapping out a few details, as they have already done all the design elements for you.

They also have their own tutorials of how to use their tool like a pro to get the quality and design of social videos you're looking for.

But essentially, you pick out a video template that best fits your story, choose an aspect ratio for it depending on the social platforms you'll use, and then edit it out to deliver your message.

Wave video review video templates

With editing, you'll be able to customize the overlay text and add text animations to them. Swap out the background video or image and trim or crop them. Other graphics like Stickers and GIFs, background music, and watermarks can also be added depending on your needs and type of message.

Wave.video editor timeline

But once done, and your social video is ready. You'll be able to either download it or publish it straight away to your social platforms from within the tool conveniently.

Below is a simple walkthrough video, that will nicely tie together what I've briefly touched on above, for better clarity.

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But how much do you reckon this video maker to cost?


Wave.video Pricing.

At times it's never the product but the price that's an issue. But with Wave video maker, they've tried to make everyone feel included.

You've got a choice of four options, grouped in twos, under Starter and Business plans. Free, Creator, Pro, and Agency.

The features you want and your budget will heavily dictate which option to choose.

So if video quality and branding are a must, then Business plans will be perfect. But if not and the budget is also a concern, Starter plans will have to do.

The same will hold true for video length, purchased assets, fonts, brands, etc.

Payments can be done either monthly or annually. But their annual options, that heavily discounted, are more cost effective.

Monthly Payment Options:

Free: $0.

Creator: $10.

Pro: $39.

Agency: $59.


Yearly Payment Options:

Free: $0.

Creator: $99 (save $21).

Pro: $198 (save $270).

Agency: $399 (save $309).

Wave.video review pricing


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Not only is Wave.video and all that it helps one do, enough. They've gone further with an inspirational social calendar that ensures your social marketing game is on point, 356 days a year.

Now, I don't know about you, but this seems to me like they are trying hard to ensure you succeed in your video marketing efforts. And truly it's a good thing.

Because like we both know, video content drives the highest engagement over any other content, and really, who isn't in it for that?

So if there's a way to ninja social video marketing, and it doesn't get any ninja than with Wave.video that I know, you'd better take it.

It's Free forever to get started, and with prices, this fair coupled with a 10% discount if you click here, becoming “The” marketing guru becomes a choice.

Pardon my overzealousness, but it's all because I believe it can help you and your business thrive.

I hope you got value from my Wave.video review post. And if so, comment below with your favorite video editing tool or your experience review on using Wave.video.

And if you liked this review, I believe you’ll also like this one here. It’s about a video creation tool that I believe could make you lots of money both from your personal projects and your clients’.

Stay Blessed!

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