What Are Private Label Rights (PLR) Products And Do You Really Need Them?

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Have you ever wondered what are private label rights products?

Also known as, PLR.

And whether you needed them?

If so, then this is your answer post.

I'll explain what PLR digital products are, the different and difference in rights licenses, where you can get them, and if you really need them.

And not only that but also the various ways you can use and turn these PLR products into cash online.

So, are you ready?

Let's do this!

What are Private Label Rights (PLR)?

First off, PLR is an acronym for private label rights. And this is a special license that grants you the rights to re-brand, edit, giveaway, and resell a certain product.

It's the most favored product license by all online marketers and for a good reason.

To best show, let's first see what other product licenses can and can't allow one to do.

Types of Other Product Licenses

Master Resell Rights aka MRR.

This license in default grants you the right to sell its product, and sell or pass its resell rights to your customers while keeping 100% of the profits.

But there are ever limitations with this MRR license such as, forbidding you from changing the product, re-branding, and selling the master resell rights.

Giving it away for free (or in free memberships) and even with a strictly minimum price set.

A workaround to this thought might be to sell it in a bundle, but even so some licenses still put a minimum price on that bundle. (Talk about control.)

An example of a strict Master Resell Rights (MRR) license.

Strict Master Resell Rights License MRR Example

An example of a less strict Master Resell Rights (MRR) license.

Less strict Master Resell Rights License MRR Example

Note: Different providers give different restrictions. Knowing this, always read their licenses.

Resell Rights aka RR.

This license grants its holder the rights to sell a product to his or her customers for a 100% profit. Passing on to the customer Personal Use Rights license.

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And like MRR, an RR holder can resell the product unlimited times but with also some limitations.

Check them in the Resell Rights (RR) license example below.

Resell Rights, RR License example

Personal Use Only/ Personal Use Rights aka PU

This license only allows someone to use the product associated only for personal affairs, such as using (like software, plugin), reading, and teaching.

This means it strictly forbids any attempts or ideas you might have of selling, changing, re-branding, and sharing the product.

Here's an example of a PU license.

Personal Use PU License Example

Giveaway Rights/Give Away Rights aka GAR

As the name suggests, this license gives you the right to give away its product for free and share with whoever wants a free product.

Basically, A GAR product is a MRR or RR product with the rights to share.

Now unlike MRR, RR, PU, GAR product licenses.

Private Label Rights, aka PLR.

Grants you the rights to do JUST about anything you want with its product. Re-brand, modify (you get source files), package it, repackage, bundle it with other products, sell with or without MRR and RR, claim authorship, give it away for free for list building.

An example of a PLR license.

Private Label Rights PLR License Example Image

Literally anything and everything. Be warned though!

Warning! Not all PLR products have All-You-Can-Do licenses. Certain providers put limitations to some. Always read all PLR terms before you buy or modify the product.

Now that you know what are PLR products and what plr means, let's look at the types you can get.

But first.

Where Do PLR Products Come From?

Good question.

a book head man image

See, it's from people like you and me. And here's how.

You create a dope digital product and sell its PLR, MRR, RR licenses to others, for them to sell as their own and keep the profits.

Basically, a license is a short note you write on a text document highlighting what others can and can't do with your product, once they've bought it.

Types of PLR products.

Here are some, but not limited to, common types of plr products you can get from individual PLR providers or membership sites.

  • Articles.
  • E-books.
  • Special reports.
  • Product reviews.
  • Audios.
  • Videos.
  • Software.
  • Scripts.
  • WordPress plugins.
  • Graphics.
  • Training courses.
  • DFY autoresponder emails, ecourses & much more.


Where To Get PLR and Resell Rights Products?

Look, there are so many ways you could go about to buy premium plr products. But the one way I recommend is to go with a plr membership site.

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There are so many of them, but if you have the time, check out PLR Database.

They have free lifetime access as well as 3 premia (VIP) memberships. The free access gets you dozens of free ebooks and hundreds of articles added monthly. And the premium (VIP) memberships get you a lot more products and of better quality.

Register Here For a FREE Lifetime Membership Access.

How To Use and Make Money With PLR.

There are so many ways you could use to make money with plr.

a woman holding couple dollar bills

But let's examine some of them quickly.

You can first re-brand them, then host them on sites like PayHip or Gumroad, drive traffic to them from social media sites, forums, YouTube, your own website or blog, and make sales.

Another thing I talk about is to sell them on freelance sites like Fiverr. You can see exactly how I go about selling plr in this post.

Fiverr has been sending sales my way every single month since 2016. It's not much to retire on, but it fuels my car and pays for things online.

Creating Info-Apps. Google doesn't rank the content inside your app and thus things like plagiarism and penalties aren't a concern.

You simply create your info apps with online tools like Appsgeyser or code it yourself, monetize with AdMob and Bam! Money. Apps work fast, you can see results like tomorrow. (If you do things the right way.) Again, it's passive.

Blogging. How, you use plr ebooks and articles for insights or if you're lazy break ebooks up into posts or join one, two or three articles into one post.

Keep posting and grow your authority while being helpful to your readers. (Personally, I use plr products for research. This helps me generate blog post ideas fast.)

Then once your blog’s grown, monetize your blog with affiliate products or ads. Or flip it on sites like Flippa.

Blogging Tip: You can monetize your blog from day one with affiliate links. Not only does this save time but you can earn as you grow.

PLR Tip: Always rewrite all plr articles and ebooks, where and depending on your usage. But never post a plr article directly as is on your blog. Never!

Another way you can go about using private label rights to make money is as bonuses. Bonuses have been shown to increase conversion rates when positioned correctly.

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Affiliate Lead Magnets. You could use these plr products to create your own lead magnets within them embedding affiliate links. For this to work perfectly, ensure the lead magnets are of high quality because if no one likes it, no one's clicking on nothing.

PLR Bundle Deals. Group a couple high quality related PLRs into one bundle and sell it at a discounted price or the price of one.

Now, this isn't the exhaustive list on how you can make money online selling plr. But Kingged has done a great job on this topic with this post.

Do You Need PLR Products For Your Online Business?

a man between no and yes arrows

No, and Yes. It all depends on you.

Hear me out.

If you want your own products but the thought of creating them overwhelms you. Then what's your solution?

For some this is easy peasy lemon squeezy, so No. But if it isn't for you, and the sound of spending a couple hundred to outsource one brings out, Not Now! Guess what? Rather than procrastinating, buy a premium quality plr and move on from there.

Some PLRs aren't up to par as quality goes, but so are so many blogs, websites, high ticket courses, memberships, you name it.

Nothing online is perfect and what's quality is highly subjective. Rely only on your judgment.

But here's what I can assure you on.

Some of these plr products can offer a lot more value than what you can get in some paid courses.

I've learned things from these plr ebooks that made me stand to let the message sink in. (Literally!)

Blogging Tip: If you want to get insights on a topic fast, go through a couple plr ebooks.

But obviously! Not everything is all rosy with PLRs. So.

What I Don't Like About Private Label Rights Products.

On this one, I will touch on plr articles and ebooks.

  1. It's not exclusive to you only. Meaning a lot of other people bought or got access to it same as you. So if you hate plagiarism as I do, it then becomes a research avenue only.
  2. PLR articles aren't fun to read. The tone is always too professional and so strict IMO to use as a blog post. And most times still short.

What you do is get the title, the ideas, do proper keyword research, bring out your inspiration and write the post in your own style.

In Conclusion.

Thanks a lot for reading through, and It's my hope that your question of what are private label rights (PLR) products has been answered in full, and then some.

Granted, I might have missed one or two things. If so, then kindly share in the comments below for others.

And if you feel PLR products are something to check into. Get a free account here at PLR Database.

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As always, stay blessed!

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