Where To Sell PLR eBooks – 10 Sites


If you’re wondering where to sell PLR ebooks online, this post holds your 10 answers.

Bear in mind these 10 sites aren’t the only places for this but are a good starting point.

And if on the off chance you don’t know where to get high-quality PLRs that you can not only sell on the following sites but also start a profitable PLR site with; check out Giant Ebook Kit.

Now, without wasting money (time). Let’s start checking out these sites and make this money.

Where To Sell PLR eBooks Online (10 Sites).

Below are 10 sites from where to sell your PLR ebooks and be sure to get paid.

If you don’t have quality PLRs you can sell yet, fix it with this.

And now…

  1. Google Play Store.

I know it doesn’t make sense, right?

I mean, Google play is an apps store, but that’s precisely the point.

You see PLRs are simply raw materials with which to create new products.

You can easily turn your PLR ebooks into apps and either sell them on Google play at a fixed price, or give them away for free and earn from Ads.

In either of these cases, you’re sure to be paid.

The advantage of this is that the competition is so low, it’ll feel like sweeping money off the table with a big broom.

  1. Draft2Digital.

If you’ve not yet heard of this site, then it might be worth noting it today.

The awesomeness of Draft2Digital is that rather than you having to publish your ebooks (original or PLR re-edited for uniqueness or as is), to all the available sites and keeping track of sales, they do it for you. 🙂

The advantage with this is that you get paid in a lump sum from them rather than waiting to hit payment thresholds for each site (which might take a while to do for some sites, with high payment thresholds.)

Another advantage is that there are no minimums, so even if you make $2 for any given month, you’ll get your pay.

I’ve discussed this at length and even shown you my own test results.

  1. Audible.

Selling books on Amazon is not a new concept and one that is very well known, because it works.

Another way is to turn those ebooks into audio files and sell them on Audible (Owned by Amazon.)

You can either hire someone on Fiverr to do this for you professionally or employ Text-to-Speech softwares to help you.

In either case, not only will you have two products to sell (ebook and audiobook), but also get to reach a new market you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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It’s all money in your pocket.

  1. YouTube.

YouTube is a monster in making money not only for the company but also for those taking part in the ecosystem.

You see those Audio files you generate either from hiring others or by using text-to-speech softwares? You can easily turn them into nice engaging videos complete with motion pictures using this site.

Afterward, you can publish them in regular intervals on YouTube, accrue the 4k watch hours and 1k subscribers, get monetized and get that Ad revenue coming in.

In addition, you can also sell affiliate offers from within the video or by leaving links to relevant affiliate offers on the video's description box.

  1. Gumroad.

Another site from where to sell PLR ebooks online is Gumroad.

All you have to do is take the copy that comes with these PLR ebooks, host them on Gumroad, send traffic to these product’s pages, make sales, and get paid.

Gumroad helps you avoid the tedious process of having to set up your own website to sell your ebooks.

Making it ideal for testing out different selling ideas without having to incur expensive costs while at it.

Another advantage is that you get all the reports necessary to streamline your marketing and sales processes, to ensure you’re focusing only on what is working.

Lastly, to ease your mind, there are no monthly fees to use the site.

They only take a small percentage cut with every sale, which is understandable for all the advantages and conveniences they bring to the table. Beats the alternative.

  1. WarriorPlus.

WarriorPlus is a digital marketplace from where you can sell your PLR ebooks and actually turn a nice profit.

The only caveat is that you cannot sell PLR as is directly. I mean, you know PLR is only raw material.

So, what you do is revamp any PLR you want; make it relevant and actionable for today, and sell it on there.

The advantage of this method is that you won’t be the only one promoting this PLR product but an army of affiliates you’ll have approved.

Hence the need to make sure you actually revamp your PLR properly. Big money is involved. And if you can’t do it yourself, hire someone for a reasonable price on Fiverr.

Another advantage is that you’ll get to build your own buyers' email list able to bank you even more with subsequent promotions to related affiliate products.

They even have a forum with which you can take advantage of for even more sales.

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Bear in mind you can do this with other digital marketplaces; JVZoo, Clickbank, etc.

  1. GetResponse.

I did mention building your own buyers' email list for even more profits by promoting to it relevant products, and GetResponse helps you do this.

It not only stores your leads, helps you follow up with them, but also gives you the tools to ensure you actually do it; sales pages, opt-in forms, etc.

The disadvantage of sending traffic directly to a product offer (eBook in your case) without first capturing that lead is that most people don’t buy on the spot.

Some need a little more persuasion and exposure to that product an average of 7 times before they decide to buy.

GetResponse helps you actually make sure you aren’t leaving money on the table.

And get this, you can get a Free-forever GetResponse account to try things out.

  1. Udemy.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t like school much or the teachers because you could be leaving money on the table if you don’t open up to being a teacher.

How? By teaching online.

And one of the best places to do this; Udemy.

Simply rearrange your ebook into sections, shoot a video (with or without being on camera), teaching and explaining the ebook.

Host it up on the site with your price and start taking in students and profits.

This goes without saying but since you’re their teacher, to improve your students' learning experience, you may have to log in daily to answer any questions they may have and even see how best to improve the course.

Though a little bit more is going into this, the upside is far greater.

Plus you can also reach out to all your students at any point in time to sell them to any of your new courses.

You can also do this on Skillshare.

  1. Slideshare.

Share your PLR ebooks for free on Slideshare, other free ebook distribution sites (ex. issuu, etc.), and on social media for profits.

At first, it may not make sense how giving away for free what you value to sell, is going to make you money. But this is how…

Value precedes money. Money follows value. By giving away that valuable information for free you’re establishing value beforehand.

Awesome right? But how’s money to follow? Here’s how…

You edit out those PLR ebooks a little bit, adding in call-to-actions to even more valuable products that are relevant to the information they’re reading.

If you’ve given away a valuable ebook on how to drive traffic from Instagram; promote an Instagram automation software affiliate offer in there.

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So even though you’ve told them how to go about getting traffic from Instagram for free. You’ve sweetened the deal by sharing with them a way to make their lives even easier by having the whole process automated for them.

It’s easy to catch more fish with bait.

  1. Build a PLR Membership or eCommerce Site.

Though this last method isn’t a specific site, once built it will be and even of more value; reliable, profitable, etc.

It might require a little more spending on your part to have it up and running, but once done, it’s profiting from there on out.

You can easily start your own WordPress site, and use a membership plugin for this.

If you don’t want to do this yourself, there’s always Fiverr to the rescue.

The genius of this method is that rather than selling one PLR ebook at a time, you sell it as a bundle in a nice package; a website.

You can do this on Flippa for a quick payday, or even slap some ads on it for ongoing revenue.

Alternatively, you can decide to roll up your sleeves and actually grow it with recurring paying members.

With your own PLR ebook site, the potential to turn an income is high. So don’t let the start-up costs scare you out of money.

Plus, if you don’t know where to get a large collection of quality PLR ebooks to build such a site with, do check out Giant Ebook Kit.

In Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

If making money online is something you find worth it, then selling PLR ebooks online is straightforward.

Making money whether online or offline, is all based on the exchange of value for it.

Whichever way you deliver this value doesn’t really matter, just as long as you can receive payments, you’ll make your money.

And PLR ebooks contain so much actionable value that you’ll never be out of value to exchange for the money you want.

Keep in mind, these are only 10 out of the many ways available online.

In fact, I’ve gone ahead to not only include 10 more with your copy of Giant Ebook Kit, but also some other clever ways in video format so that you see everything clearly.


Anyway, I hope you found this post; where to sell PLR ebooks online quite insightful and seen ways you could employ to make this year a super-profitable one.

That’s it from me today, God bless you and until the next post…

Happy Earning!