Working Chronicles Blog For Sale $550.


Hi guys,

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this sale post of this blog.

Currently, I am letting go of this blog currently sitting on domain name.

The blog has a total of 55 blog posts. And 62 restorable review blog posts that I have trashed/unpublished, but can be restored if need be.

Previously, this blog was on but it was too a personalized domain name to sell it, so had to transfer it to the current domain name.

This has its own SEO drawbacks and hence the low selling price, even though, the effectiveness of the content still remains, though the new owner will have to promote the blog, or leave it as is to gather good SEO flow.

In terms of revenue, this blog through its reviews has brought in good affiliate sales; though haven't been active in building it or promoting it. So the new owner can create new reviews, promote, and cash in on the sales.

Note: Just recently I published a review post on this blog as WorkingChronicles and I made a sale(the first sale on the screenshot proof below). This shows, it's a solid project if you invest your time to build it. warriorplus sales proof

This blog will help you avoid starting from scratch or even have to create all the content. You can put in something you want to sell; review page/post and promote it as the site has supporting value content.

If you have any other questions or offer, do let me know. At


Be blessed!